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captain fantastic..
16th Oct 2013 10:33
16th Oct 2013 11:13
"Scouse not English!"
16th Oct 2013 11:26
"I watched the game last night in a hotel bar in Leeds. When that ball hit the back of the net the chorus of "Ste Gerrard Gerrard..." that sparked up was simply awesome. I didn't realise until that point that most of the hotel were reds!"
16th Oct 2013 12:14
" Simply the best of the best, Stevie G. Y.N.W.A."
16th Oct 2013 12:35
"Club and Country`s Captain Fantastic YNWA Stevie G"
16th Oct 2013 12:49
"Double captain fantastic!!! YNWA "
16th Oct 2013 13:18
"Stevie Lad = Legend for club and country. YNWA"
16th Oct 2013 13:33
"Steve-G Mr. England no doubt about that mans commitment to club and country"
16th Oct 2013 13:53
"stevie is the best, he really is, he deserves to be knighted."
LFC Nuuk Greenland
16th Oct 2013 14:01
"Agger scored twice for Denmark. Both on penalties. Sadly Denmark wont go to Brazil."
16th Oct 2013 14:17
"Well done Stevie - amazing! The look on his face when he scored said it all! The pride he shows representing his country is an example to the rest of the team. Well done Roy making him permanent Captain - he should have been given the role years ago. Now bring that confidence back to Liverpool!! "
16th Oct 2013 14:18
"Never lets us down does he !"
16th Oct 2013 14:29
"Stevie had a great game. Brendan should take note of what Gerrard can acheive when pulling all the strings in attack from just outside the area. For me, Stevie was MOM. That Phil McNumpty on the Beeb website only scored him a 6! What a moron."
16th Oct 2013 16:21
"Well done Stevie, that was a good performance and exciting game. Congrats on booking your ticket to Brasil!"
16th Oct 2013 16:27
"Congrats Stevie and the England team as a whole...great team work! Now to Brazil and keep up the good work...I believe this England team with its mix of seniors and youth will be able to go far...and hopefully win the world cup...YNWA boys!"
Dede 7
16th Oct 2013 18:00
"I was impressed. YNWA."
16th Oct 2013 20:30
"I wish Stevie G has another 5 seasons at Liverpool FC..."
17th Oct 2013 8:15
"Congrats England, and good goal from Capt. Marveltastic to kill off the game!! Happy for England and esp Gerro."
17th Oct 2013 10:23
"Well done England, well proud of Stevie and Daniel. Thought they stood out ahead of anyone, not sure how Shrek got man of match, he gave the ball away all the time? infact all Manc players were poor! Brazil should be a great tournament! Hope Hendo gets in the squad too! But now it all focus on keeping the Reds in top 4!! Newcastle usually a great place for us to visit! "