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really beginning to like this lad hope he continues his improvement
16th Oct 2013 8:29
16th Oct 2013 9:23
"Still don't think he is good enough for our midfield. Very average player with no room for improvement "
16th Oct 2013 9:24
"A lot of articles about Hendo so far this season and that is testament to the important cog in the Red Machine that he is becoming."
16th Oct 2013 9:32
"Still a lot to do yes he has improved but needs to impose himself on games as filters I'm and out of games I thing him Lucas and Allen need to impose them selves in games with more aggression bite and creativity!!"
16th Oct 2013 9:33
"He can only get better for us, great signing from King Kenny!!"
16th Oct 2013 9:33
"Hendo gerrard allen should be our mid 3"
Norfolk in Chance
16th Oct 2013 10:02
"eyaqueen: you always make me laugh. Your inability to spot talent or understand footy is second to none. "
16th Oct 2013 10:15
"eyaqueen We have always had a work horse in LFC teams from the days of Crazy Horse Emlyn pardon the pun and Jordan fits that bill. Not everyone in a sucessful team needs to be a star. It is people who do the hard graft that make the team what it is.YNWA"
Red heat
16th Oct 2013 10:21
"Hendo needs to be playing in his right position which is in the midfield. Which part of midfield exactly I'm not sure I think with his versatility he could play any of the 3. But I've always felt CM is his position. Of course he would have to improve his tactical awareness as he mentioned and also shooting accuracy if he wants to play there regularly."
Red heat
16th Oct 2013 10:31
"Taking Stevie's position in the midfield is a tough ask for him or any of our midfielders for that matter. There will always be the huge expectation from fans to emulate Steven and even a small mistake or a one off game would get fans calling for him to be benched or sold. If hendo gets the chance to play there I will support him all the way."
16th Oct 2013 10:41
"Just shows what hard work does he's been are best midfielder so far then again the rest ain't been up to much Gerard will improve and get back to his best now eng are having two weeks in Brazil "
16th Oct 2013 10:56
"justred 16th Oct 2013 10:51 "To what so called Norfolk in Chance. That's right by chance you're a red fan. I'm not a teenage internet supporter. I'm a 47 year old die hard supporter who happens to follow this great club since 1974. So be respectful and try to counter attack our point with a logical and respectful analysis. Try not to be a hooligan for once. " "
16th Oct 2013 12:15
"Goals = 0 Assists = 0 This is where you really need to improve Henderson!!! Gerrard even at 33 would have done so much better in the position you play!!! "
16th Oct 2013 12:16
16th Oct 2013 12:18
"0 goal and 0 assist, i wonder why you are still in the starting line up!"
16th Oct 2013 12:25
"eyaqueen have you ever watched a football match? To say that you don't think he's good enough is your opinion but to say there's no room for a 23 year old to improve is moronic! Hendo has worked tirelessly for us in a number of unfamiliar positions & is giving his all for the shirt. He's always looking to improve & it's testament to his hard work & ability that he's started every prem game so far."
16th Oct 2013 12:27
"Safick, Jordan scored against Notts County is the league cup."
16th Oct 2013 12:33
"I dont know why some fans dont like him.. Jordan works very hard and always give 100% for the team. Which is why BR always started him on every game. "
16th Oct 2013 12:37
"You have to credit the young man for trying to make the best of his limited talents. He is in the mould of Spackman and Biscan, two players who tried very hard in games, but were not quite of sufficient class. Once all the players are fit, he will be on the bench as a useful sub. "
16th Oct 2013 12:41
"Our team when everyone is fit will be Mignolet, Johnson, Toure, Agger, Skrtel/Sakho, Enrique, Lucas, SG, Coutinho, Sturridge and Suarez. Subs, Moses, Hendo, Sterling, Skrtel, Allen, GK, "
16th Oct 2013 12:57
"Agreed, buddha, that's probably the best 3-5-2 line-up when everyone is fit"
16th Oct 2013 13:16
"Spot it. Biscan type talent. Always working hard but biscan style.still improving 23 yrs. Maybe he can be gud when he get his contract extension. by then man u will have 25 le"
16th Oct 2013 13:20
"Agreed, a good looking team too. Missing one sub though. Cissokho."
16th Oct 2013 13:25
"I got great faith in Henderson though! He runs more than anyone and has become more secure on- and smarter off the ball. Passing is also improving, but only time can tell how good of a player he'll end up."
16th Oct 2013 13:28
"Sorry Buddha - I don't normally pick an argument but comparing Henderson to Biscan? Really? I get the point you are making, but I would put him more in the range of players like McMahon (though not as tough) and Sammy Lee. Players who became important cogs in a team without ever getting the full spotlight."
16th Oct 2013 13:32
"there's an old saying, JACK OF ALL TRADES, MASTER OF NONE."
16th Oct 2013 13:43
"VixterK1J, Mcmahon was an infinitely much better player than Hendo. Him and Wheelan was our driving force for many a years. He could pass, shoot, score and tackle. He was an unsung hero, as we were the all conquering team with world class players, but today, he wold walk into our present team and displace Lucas. "
16th Oct 2013 13:47
"Oh yes I forgot we have Cissokho, boy we have a brilliant squad when all is fit. I want Suso to come back as I rate the young man very highly. We now have enough bodies in defence and attack. I would like a defensive midfielder to challenge Lucas. But all in all, I am very happy with what we have. "
16th Oct 2013 13:58
"I woke up today and had this thunderous surge of unmitigated thrill with what is happening at LFC. There is genuine excitement about what we can do this season. It so nice to feel like I have not done for such a long time about us. I muse about the Rafa era, when we were the best team in Europe, and I can see us slowly getting back to those dizzy heights. "
16th Oct 2013 14:29
"He is a man marathon, a duracell battery, an athlete. I love proper hard work and I see a man here who runs absolutely everywhere on the pitch. He never gives up, never stops. I think a lot of it goes unnoticed but sometimes his pace and stamina to get back and keep the teams shape is vital to our play and why he's a starter."
16th Oct 2013 14:35
"Henderson having no assists isn't a concern for me. He has been unluckly hitting the post and getting the GK to make top saves. I find it laughable that any fan judges a players on numbers. I haven't seen distance ran but I am sure Hendo is right up there. We need a strong and pacey athletes in the middle, it isn't always about tiny Tika Taka type players."
16th Oct 2013 14:42
"Hendo like Biscan? Some fans just don't have one inch of football knowledge. When I think of Igor Biscan, I just think of a white us Bramble. He didn't even play defence but he should have. I remember when Lucas got the same stick though. We're talking about young kids here. Hendo's pace, athleticism, desire, aggression - all vital in an EPL team. "
16th Oct 2013 14:53
"20 mill paid off & 3 years already in the team but your best skill is just running like a horse, that's not good enough Hendo. We expect more than a workhorse in midfield area. You're totally not a talent and not fit for LFC's level. "
16th Oct 2013 15:25
"So much love this guy. Even though as fan you might want to get upset when he makes a mistake, you just know within your heart that he's giving his all and he improving everyday. YNWA Hendo"
16th Oct 2013 15:58
"Henderson now > Henderson just signed; you have a far way to go so keep up the good work "
16th Oct 2013 15:58
"Henderson now > Henderson just signed; you have a far way to go so keep up the good work "
16th Oct 2013 16:15
"Surprising how everyone is talking about Hendo's work rate and how he keeps running. But doing WHAT. I agree with Buddha that when all are fit, Hendo will be benched. To compare him McMahon is an insult to Steve"
16th Oct 2013 16:47
"Norfolk lad what talent have u spotted son I suppose u was also the one who spotted Adam downing carall Allen borrini Hendo over 100m of talent that got kk to sack and are yet to turn up for Rodgers by heck lad u don't half know how to spot talent!!"
16th Oct 2013 17:03
"i have got absolutely nothing against the lad but i love lfc more and i still think he is not good enough. we paid £20m for him and we are still wating for our £18m change. And for those of you who think he is better than lucas; becareful what you wish for"
16th Oct 2013 18:16
"kingwillis, I respect you as you are a thoughtful poster, but you have forgotten that Biscan became a hero because of his efforts. Hendo is no better than Biscan and in fact some would say that the latter was an established international. For 20m we should be expecting much much more..."
16th Oct 2013 18:25
"Henderson's importance to the team is in play build up, not scoring goals. He hassles opposing left wingers and forces them to give up the ball, pressing high up the pitch. His energy levels are phenomenal and his tactical sense is improving w/ time. Deserves a call up to England's squad too"
16th Oct 2013 18:28
"The trolls are on again picking on our best midfielder so far this season, no need for defensive midfielders against lesser teams."
16th Oct 2013 19:58
"Enrque is our weak link at LB- cissoko will prove to be bettet-anyway i think when all the team is fit hendo will be on the bench"
16th Oct 2013 19:59
"I do like him as a defensive player but clearly he is so ineffective going forward. We need goals and assists from midfielders to turn draws into wins in tight games! UpTheMightyReds i am talking about the league not the league cup where we are already knocked out."
16th Oct 2013 20:03
"20 me for a man that hassles runs all day hardworking is a quality but that is the basic basic requirement of any player surez works hard but also has an end product how long are we going to give Hendo before we see an end product ? We have to admit that players like him Lucas Allen will only d we he hardworking grafters do lets not pretend by persevering they will become anything else!!"
16th Oct 2013 20:05
"Everyone has their place. Even people such as Buddha/Eyaqueen/5starkock/habeshaKrap et al. They may seem a waste of sperm and egg but there permanent amaurosis is mildly entertaining. Jordan - You've proved to be a vital cog in our machine - If any of you would like to see 11 tippy tappy individuals I suggest turning your attentions to the Royal Ballet and not the premier league. "
16th Oct 2013 20:08
"Redfopium who gives u the right go be lfc 's spokesperson everyone is enled to there view I bet You was the one who thought spending 100m on carall downing Hendo and Adam was justified where they now?? Back to where they belong mid table mediocricy if your happy with that fine go support someone else the rest of us want and demand better from a 20m player other than just hardwork!!"
16th Oct 2013 20:09
"I think Rodgers will invest in proper midfield reinforcements which will mean Lucas n Hendo n Allen will be useful squad players by the summer!!"
16th Oct 2013 20:13
"Redahendo what were u a science experiment that went wrong go support the s you pathetic little man!!"
16th Oct 2013 20:15
"5Star - Get back to your Xbox/PS. You've done nothing but slate the lad continuously. He will prove you all wrong."
16th Oct 2013 20:16
"There is clearly slot if fans who still think spending £100 on mid table mediicricy was justified and cannot hear the fact kenny got it badly badly wrong we all love the Man but he got it so wrong and cost us ££££ and set us back a season or two and Rodgers is slowly but surely farming out the trash that kk left behind with maybe one or two still left to be farmed out before he can say job done!!"
16th Oct 2013 20:20
"I've said he is a good squad player but too our midfield has been overun in games too many times this season for it to be a coincidence - I hope I am Proven wrong nothing will give me more pleasure cause the success of lfc is what matters in the grander scheme of things!!"
16th Oct 2013 20:24
"5star- are you for real lad? What planet are you on? Your calling our fans opinions c**p - go back to where you came from lad,its past your bedtime mummys calling you in"
16th Oct 2013 20:29
"Centre circle I havnt said anyone opinion is crap I said the opposite in that everyone is enled to there opinion so I suggest you check your facts mate before you accuse anyone "
16th Oct 2013 20:47
"5star- youve had a go at redahendo and redopium so check for your self il bid you good bye as youve been on here all day long so,as ive said its your bed time"
16th Oct 2013 20:53
"5STARKOP. You seem to be making a lot of sense except for the insults. Totally unnecessary."
16th Oct 2013 21:09
"CentreCircle - No use knocking when there's nobody in lad! There's nothing wrong in criticising - I've made my feelings clear about SG and LS at times(Sorry Norfolk & LFC THRU)but it's not relentless. Give credit where credit is due.If someone's playing badly then they may need a kick up the backside but not continuous sniping regardless of their performance.(cont)"
16th Oct 2013 21:11
" Hendo's never played badly - even in his 1st season he created countless chances and rarely puts a foot wrong.Does he need to score goals?Or provide assists No not really - he just needs to help his team win. If that means running the legs off the opposing left back all match (cont)"
16th Oct 2013 21:11
"so Suarez can take advantage then so be it. Even if he didn't touch the ball in the whole match he could help us win the game. "
16th Oct 2013 21:12
"2 is greater than 1.The economic principle of prosperity : more is better than less, lends itself perfectly. If Lucas provides to a greater extent - defense (fact) - while JH offers BOTH attack & defense (fact) stands to reason that JH should be the new DM General. We will get MORE from JH in the DM role. "
16th Oct 2013 21:16
"Redo- just watching out for the usual posters!!!! Catch lata"
16th Oct 2013 21:21
"Thats not to say that I don't have faith in him being a capable goal scoring midfielder like Stevie. We may not see magnificent 40 yard balls on a sixpence like SG but simple 10yard through balls for our strikers to latch on to. He's not the next Gerrard - He's Hendo. "
16th Oct 2013 21:34
"Think Hendo should start in Lucas' spot again this weekend at the Toon. Lucas traveling from Beijing and no good reason to drop Hendo anyway... That being said I'm Lucas' biggest fan and don't want him out long!"
16th Oct 2013 21:37
"Catch U later CentreCircle. If you're going round Mushrooms house for nibbles and a couple of tinnies I may join U:) "
16th Oct 2013 21:46
"Haven't been here in a while but a bit shocked that some are still slating Henderson. If you can't see his quality you are missing a bit if footy knowledge. If he completes 92% of passes, has several through balls, wins all his duels and we win's ok that he didn't score. He positively affects the game. End of."
16th Oct 2013 21:51
"Anybody think we cud get toure in to a holding mid position Mignolet Johnson Sakho agger Enrique Mosses toure Gerry cautionio Surez sturridge Subs Lucas Hendo cissoko aspas skrtel Stirling Kelly "
16th Oct 2013 22:21
"There's a key detail that the vast majority of you are missing. Hendo's good and he's 23. Most times he's been through on goal he puts it away. The same can be said for Allen too. These guys have firepower but need the right position. Hendo could well be a great attacking mid but he still hasn't had the chance. He will be great."
16th Oct 2013 22:23
"One thing i've noticed about Hendo is that his tackling is getting better. He's very young too, and this is the coaching side of Brendan coming out. Fine tuning - That's his forte and we'll see it get better yet."
16th Oct 2013 22:34
"5Starkop...I am of the opinion that 'interchangeability' has it's limitations. To me the best defensive combination to date, has been GJ, KT,DA & LE. The demands placed on a DM'r -across the time frame of the entire season - such as distance covered, could find KT shortchanged. He's 32, best to not test his limitations, but rather maximise on his experience as a seasoned cb. IMO."
16th Oct 2013 23:02
"Lfcalpha good call yeah maybe in certain games then ?? Only reason I say it is due to the way we've been overpowered in certain games in the middle of the park we don't have the power or pace in that part of the pitch"
17th Oct 2013 0:35
"I heard of being blind and fanatical but redhendo uncomfortable and misplaced fawnings over a player who in his mad opinion has never put a foot wrong but is no way near a class player. Jeez I have heard about idiotic appraisals but this nonsensical untruths about a mediocre player is laughable.. "
17th Oct 2013 1:11
"Not good enough for top 4 or LFC. If only he could handle a football the way he can a tennis ball. THAT SAID - he works hard, is unselfish and covers a lot of ground. It just a shame he can't cross or take people on."
17th Oct 2013 3:28
"Hendo needs to pressure more aggresively - press the ball and win the ball back early by sticking his foot in. Too often, he just watches a pass to completion and then gets behind the ball."
17th Oct 2013 4:08
"Redahendo- could go round to mushy but i wont be carrying tinnies !!!!"
17th Oct 2013 8:16
"Buddha3333 13:38 - I assume the thunderous surge you experienced in bed was actually nothing to do with your feelings re LFC and more in line with the make-up rumpy pumpy with your old lover LDW. I used to have fun reading your comebacks but your standards have slipped considerably over the last few months.(cont) "
17th Oct 2013 8:20
"I beleive Hendo's form is your kryptonite. And I dont expect you to return to form within the next decade. I suggest a refresher course at one-upmanship college or sourcing an alternative game such more suited to your condition! Pin the tail on the donkey? In fact scrap that - Place the donkey on the mountain. Could easily suit your budget as you wouldnt even need to buy a blindfold:)"
17th Oct 2013 8:44
"if we are all honest for all hendos hard work and energy he is a not quite good enough to be a regular in our starting 11. however a very good squad player preferred over allen. BR needs to get better quality then lucas in as stevie can be a excellent dm "
17th Oct 2013 10:03
"See the debate continues unabated: Comparison. Lucas has been so bad this season he gets called into the BRAZILIAN team. Hendo has been so good he can't even make the England U-21 team as an overage player. Like I said before, be really careful what you wish for."