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Scousers eh, where would we be without them eh mushroom , well done lads,
15th Oct 2013 22:08
15th Oct 2013 22:11
"what a legend."
15th Oct 2013 22:13
15th Oct 2013 22:13
Top 4 for sure
15th Oct 2013 22:15
"Great win glad we are through. Gerrard was back to his best but what about the rest. Dagger scored 2 and lucas played 90 for brazil."
Top 4 for sure
15th Oct 2013 22:15
"Also good luck to suarez agaisnt argentina tonight."
15th Oct 2013 22:16
"Watched the match, really thought Stevie showed more of the real self today and was always bumping forward compared to what we have seen him do so far this season. So is it the coach's instruction or what?..... Anyways nice game today and congrat to the 3lions.... YNWA Captain Fantastic and Danny Boy"
Red heat
15th Oct 2013 22:17
"Scousers!!! Cheers to them all"
Red heat
15th Oct 2013 22:26
"My worry is Stevie will be so tired come Newcastle game on Saturday. Hope it doesn't affect us. "
15th Oct 2013 22:35
"Great goal for SG. He did it on his own after the great little flip pass. He just stuck with it and willed it into the net. I only watched the second half. Please tell me I missed Townsend play well, because I thought he stunk up the field in the second half."
15th Oct 2013 22:35
"I don't want to wake up on Thursday morning to play UEFA cup, that was Gerrard in 2004 and he was the man that made the difference against Olympiakos, still, I am not thinking of play off in 2013 and he made it, hero for both club and country, congratulation fantastic captain"
15th Oct 2013 22:57
"A Scouser crosses, a Scouser heads it in to take the lead 1-0, then to put the icing on the cake another Scouser scores with a lovely deft flick in the closing minutes to seal our ticket to Rio, The Three Amigos take us to Brazil World Cup finals 2014. Capitano Fantastico will lead them, who knows he could lift the World Cup, nice dream."
15th Oct 2013 23:01
"Baines to Rooney 1-0. Stevie G is through 2-0. Bring on the Scousers. "
15th Oct 2013 23:09
"Yes, it was a great goal. However, Stevie should be more discipline if and when used as a holding midfielder. Many times tonight and with liverpool he goes foreword and forgets his defensive duties. Many times he's been caught and seen oppositions play behind him which could prove costly. Rafa recently said that Stevie not tactically discipline."
Red heat
15th Oct 2013 23:16
"While agree wth just red about Stevie I think tonight we should just be happy for the man. He really had the drive to win this game. But I agree he is slightly tactically in disciplined. "
15th Oct 2013 23:22
"Congratulations to the England team and its Supporters. If you don't win the WC. Just enjoy for what it is and it's an achievement of getting to Brazil 2014. Legendary Stevie does it again for you :D"
15th Oct 2013 23:31
"Well done lads - That was a brilliant game. We await the" GET TOWNSEND!" requests in the coming months:)"
15th Oct 2013 23:54
"Captain Fantastic! he truly can still play till next five years."
15th Oct 2013 23:56
"Scousers rule the World! But believe you me the rest of England would forget this in a while and start their banter on Liverpool scousers again! YNWA!"
16th Oct 2013 0:22
"get stevie where he belongs,attacking mid let hendo and lucas defend,good game for the liverpool boys,still wont catch me cheering any of the other england players though,although i did think townsend was MOTM credit where its due"
16th Oct 2013 1:07
"Just a complete an utter superstar, I'm so chuffed for you Stevie lad, you deserve it"
16th Oct 2013 1:20
"funny thing is I was criticised on here by the "Mr know it all's" when I said get Townsend when the transfer window was open in the summer, he's a quality RW and still young! "
16th Oct 2013 1:45
"Imagine Stevie G wins premier league le with Liverpool and Wins the WC with England the same year!!"
Billy B girl
16th Oct 2013 2:31
"Well done our beloved Stevie and well done Wayne. Them Scousers get the boys to the World cup, absolutely thrilled to bits for you !"
16th Oct 2013 2:34
"well done steven gerrard. saving some for this sat eh.. good. we need it. anybody know which lfc player has the most international goals. ynwa."
16th Oct 2013 3:29
"Red heat & justred are TACTICALLY FLAWED. Steven Gerrard is a Liverpool legend and Outstanding end of. YNWA "
16th Oct 2013 4:47
"Captain Steve G does the job. Wonderful strike. Now for the Premier League. Lead on Captain. "
Vosta Lee
16th Oct 2013 5:41
"The armband to Stevie G is what spinach is to Popeye. Well done captain fantastic (again)!"
16th Oct 2013 7:31
"agree with justred, stevie is not a tactical player, he plays with his heart. should try lucas/hendo or hendo/allen or allen/lucas let let stevie play his heart out infront of them, he myt not be up to speed, but his still got a killer pass to him, disappointed he doesn't take much long ranges anymore, but then again, since he stopped that, his groin hasn't given any issues"
16th Oct 2013 7:57
"Let's hope Roy can find some more Scousers to draft into the squad, before we head to Brazil. #proudtobescouseproudtobeenglish"
16th Oct 2013 8:16
"Steven Gerrard - The GREATEST LFC PLAYER EVER!!! Full stop. "
16th Oct 2013 8:34
"go stevie g what a legend with any luck we'll see lucas, stevie, coutinho,luis,johnno and Fabio all doing the samba in brazil oops forgot mignolet and hendo moses and Dagger and studge wow theres gonna be a big scouse samba over there"
16th Oct 2013 8:35
"oops forgot about raheem joining the samba party"
16th Oct 2013 9:11
"Well done Stevie,congratulations and good luck in Brasil!!!"
16th Oct 2013 9:19
"i didnt get to watch this game, in oz, but happy for stevie n england. stevie's body language for lfc has seemed not quite right this season other than when goals are hit. could it be he worried for wc qualification. hope now shackles are off."
16th Oct 2013 9:59
"He's no Lucas Leiva tho is he ? Divvies"
Norfolk in Chance
16th Oct 2013 10:17
"Hilarious that we've got teenage internet experts telling England and Liverpool captain Steven Gerrard that he's 'not tactical' and giving him tips on how he can play better. The levels of delusion continue to rise on this site day after day... It's really annoying reading comments here most of the time, there are so many clueless types calling themselves reds. Makes the rest of us look bad.."
16th Oct 2013 10:51
"To what so called Norfolk in Chance. That's right by chance you're a red fan. I'm not a teenage internet supporter. I'm a 47 year old die hard supporter who happens to follow this great club since 1974. So be respectful and try to counter attack our point with a logical and respectful analysis. Try not to be a hooligan for once. "
Reds 96
16th Oct 2013 15:26
"Steven Gerrard is the best attacking midfielder in the world and should be playing in the hole in front of the midfield in between Suarez and Sturridge. When Phil comes back he can play on the left wing and Ibe or Sterling on the right wing. Play Hendo and Lucas as defensive midfielders behind Steven. Get Steven forward in an attacking role. That's his game. "