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Everybody in Corwen/Llangollen is proud of your Wales debut , well done Harry !
15th Oct 2013 22:20
15th Oct 2013 22:21
"congrats Wilson. Please keep improving and fulfil your potential. YNWA"
Red heat
15th Oct 2013 22:21
"Absolutely delighted for the lad, though I suspect he's early debut was due to the fact that the English fa came calling for him. Hope he becomes a great player for liverpool"
15th Oct 2013 22:29
"Congrats in order Wilson, hope to see you a great player for us not too far away.YNWA"
15th Oct 2013 22:59
"Very cool. Way to go young Harry! Congratulations."
15th Oct 2013 23:00
"incredible....well done chris coleman"
15th Oct 2013 23:05
"Awesome, give that man a squad number ! Well done Harry !"
15th Oct 2013 23:59
"He has broken Gareth Bale's record.....will we have another Gareth Bale in the making? Who knows.....we will have to make sure that we keep him to find out! YNWA!"
16th Oct 2013 0:05
"Says a lot about Wales when an unheard of makes it into the 1st team I live Lfc and wouldn't have said he was 1st team yet and wales give him a shout, happy for him tho"
16th Oct 2013 0:55
"Thats canny stuff from Coleman. Very much a star in the making. He could have chosen England so I understand but now is tied to Wales. Good luck to him and congratulations."
Vosta Lee
16th Oct 2013 5:43
"Well done! This is only the beginning though."
16th Oct 2013 7:38
"Are you saying we have a bale replacement, lol ooo this could be interesting"
Norfolk in Chance
16th Oct 2013 10:07
"Great for the lad, but he should have declared himself for England.. Wales aren't going to any tournaments any time soon.. "
16th Oct 2013 17:29
"well done,lets hope its not to far away representing the greatest team in the world YNWA"
16th Oct 2013 22:12
"Congrats harry, but let's not put too much pressure on the lad, no-ones comparing him to bale guys apart from you, he's beaten a numerical record that's all. Brilliant stuff tho, hopefully he''ll go on to be a Liverpool regular for many years to come, or we''ll get a big fee for him. "
Buckie LFC Supporter
17th Oct 2013 0:00
"Congratulations lad, made his grandfather a very very happy guy! I'm sure he would buy you a drink if you were old enough ;) "