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I believe it when I see it, Defo needs to work on all elements of his game, attacking defending and needs to bulk up as gets brushed off the ball far too easily yet another player we paid way over the odds for!!
16th Oct 2013 9:30
16th Oct 2013 9:32
"Id like to see you more advanced too joe but phillipe currently occupies that position"
16th Oct 2013 9:33
"He's a team player no doubt about it! And size is never a prob, jus look at our previous 35mil player, what have he offer to the team!"
16th Oct 2013 9:43
"The team plays better and is stronger without Allen in it.I think bringing Allen and Borini to Liverpool was a mistake that needs to be sorted out sooner rather than later."
16th Oct 2013 9:46
"What a waste of 15M:((add to 12M borini+3M assaidi +2M loan fee of sahin and most probably 8M illori, who was never required at all) Thats totally 40M wasted by rodgers.I dont understand why rodgers didn't buy a cretaive midfield player and a winger and an out and out striker for that 40M!!!instead of these dead woods.Lets hope he doesn't waste another 40M down the drain:("
16th Oct 2013 9:47
"good atude! skillful little player. played well vs olympiakos. not sure why he was brought here though to be honest! we have better, stronger mids, sorry"
16th Oct 2013 9:53
"Is it just me or anyone else thinks that if allen returns to our starting 11 our play will become less creative and we start playing too defensively??? passing ball sidewrads, backwards.....!!!lest hope brendan will not make same mistake as previous season and brings back allen to team and rather sells him in january or in summer along with his other transfer mistakes/dead woods--borini,assaidi."
16th Oct 2013 10:00
"Nothing against allen but he is not a player who can cut at LFC as he is not as energitic,enthusiastic, commited as henderson or as creative as coutinho.So i hope he will be sold in Jan along with borini and assaidi and we can get fees of around 10M+8M+2M=20M for all of them and should buy a creative midfield player and a winger/striker. (Koke/Tello/Muriel).Agree??"
Norfolk in Chance
16th Oct 2013 10:13
"Allen's had a difficult time due to injury at Liverpool, which means he needs the backing of our supporters. He won't get the backing of the internet hangers on who call themselves fans, but all hardcore reds want him to succeed. As for the silly football manager 'could have signed X' comments, thats just kids, being kids."
16th Oct 2013 10:20
"WHY YOU PATHETIC DUMBS CALL YOURSELF SUPPORTERS, IF YOU CAN'T SUPPORT YOUR OWN PLAYERS? then don't be a piers morgan and say 'thank god i stood by him and saw his talent last year' if allen is going to be a top player for us!"
16th Oct 2013 10:24
"BrthkmrLFC89: Are u on LSD?Ilori cost less than 7m and he is only 20 and hasnt played a single game for us.How can you judge him?He was outstanding in the U21s game that he played.He will be right up there.Regarding borini,strikers bloom late.Borini vl come gud.If not for us,some other team."
16th Oct 2013 10:30
"sorry mate you are just too flimsy. You need too much time on the ball to pick a decent pass, and you wont get it in this league. Big, Big mistake paying 15m for him. We'd be lucky to get 5m for him. Perhaps a loan spell in he Championship to build him up might help"
16th Oct 2013 10:33
"Bringing in Ilori was brilliant business. He's going to develop into an international standout."
16th Oct 2013 10:35
"BRTH- Ilori will be better than Aggar or Skirtel if hegets a chance.Lightening quick, good tackler, comfortable on the ball and a brain. Down to earth with a good atude. How can u write him off when he hasnt played a minutes first team football yet? "
16th Oct 2013 10:49
"kophero and xxrussx:Dont get too much upset guys... I didnt say Illori signing was waste nor am writing him off already,ijust said that he wasn't required at all as we already had three very good defenders with two of them still had 5-6 prime yrs left in them and also we bought sakho and moreover we had kelly and wisdom who can both play as CB's.(contd)"
16th Oct 2013 10:49
"(contd)Thats why i mentioned Illori was not required and we could have used that 7M for buying other winger/striker which was priority position and every LFC fan knows that we DESPERATELY need a top class winger!!!!"
16th Oct 2013 10:54
"justred 16th Oct 2013 10:51 "To what so called Norfolk in Chance. That's right by chance you're a red fan. I'm not a teenage internet supporter. I'm a 47 year old die hard supporter who happens to follow this great club since 1974. So be respectful and try to counter attack our point with a logical and respectful analysis. Try not to be a hooligan for once. " "
16th Oct 2013 11:04
"Unfortunately for Allen, Coutinho and Moses are better than him in those positions. Further back, Stevie, Hendo and Lucas are better than him too. It is unfortunate but I think we need to move Joe on, maybe in January, so that we can make room for the likes of Rossiter who is a much better prospect than Allen will ever be."
16th Oct 2013 11:04
"justred 16th Oct 2013 10:54- Im sorry but that is how it sounds. Evry1 having a go at allen, where is the respect for him? IMO hendo might edge him in being energitic,enthusiastic, but allen is by far a better player than hendo, might not be as versatile, but has better quality and end product,cont."
16th Oct 2013 11:04
"justred 16th Oct 2013 10:54 Well said mate!!!!"
Red heat
16th Oct 2013 11:26
"Well look we paid 15mil for him we might as well give him a chance to prove his worth the money BR spent on him. No point in selling him in jan for a loss which is becoming frequent in recent years. just support him let the gaffer do the choosing of who's suppose to be in the starting 11. Having Allen as another midfield option should be welcomed since we' have a shortage in the squad"
16th Oct 2013 12:31
"Allen is suited to the style of play BR hankers for but unfortunately he started as a defensive midfielder where is failings were exposed. I am not sure how much his shoulder injury played a part in his wayward form, but now the jury is out on him. "
16th Oct 2013 12:34
"With Coutinho near to fitness and other players improving Allen needs to get another gear if he really wants to establish himself and convince he is worth 15 millions although I agree this transfer tag not his fault however I am sure Swansea happy with his transfer business."
16th Oct 2013 13:01
"Joe, I feel LIVERPOOL is too big for you. Try out crystal palace, Sunderland etc"
16th Oct 2013 13:07
"He should have to prove himself in the academy games first. He has been out of form and injured, i dont see why he should just be thrown into action be it against newcastle or west brom or even worse against arsenal. "
16th Oct 2013 13:24
"To me this is all about competition for places and if Allen is not good enough he will not get in. It should be the spur to better himself. Just look at what happened to Skrtel when he was left out. We need a couple of players to cover every position in case of injury. We don't want to be short in a long season."
16th Oct 2013 13:26
"On another note BR has been ruthless when needs be. He has got rid of Downing, Carroll, Reina, Borini, all players who were not performing. Hendo has upped his game and that is why he is still here."
16th Oct 2013 13:52
"It augers well for us that a player who not too long ago was coveted by many is now fighting for a place in our team. He will have to displace Lucas if he wants a starting berth, as he won't remove Coutinho or SG. It shows the progress we have made that a player dubbed the Wales Xavi is struggling to get in. "
16th Oct 2013 14:04
"Joe Allen & Borini who cost 25m. have been a complete flop , & sorry to have to say it but Aspas seems to be going down the same path , All 3 are too small for the prem . I very much doubt Laudrup at Swansea would have Allen on a free . Lets hope Rodgers has given up his obsession with small tricky players"
16th Oct 2013 14:05
"The best thing Allen could do is go forward and get a few goals and set some up. I'm sure a lot of fans would forget all about his poor form then. He needs to look as though he's going to score some at the very least, to show he's putting the effort in. His work is going unnoticed, or being noticed for the wrong reasons."
16th Oct 2013 14:10
"joecos, I get what you say about height being pivotal in the league, and that is why giants like Coutinho, Silva, Eriksen, Mata, Hazard etc are revelling in the premiership. I do sometimes people would proof read what they read before pressing add comment. "
16th Oct 2013 14:11
"At the moment, the opposition must rub their hands when they see Allen on the Liverpool teamsheet. I doubt if he's perceived as much of a danger. More like, they think 'Let's get the ball off him'."
16th Oct 2013 14:12
"I meant to say proof read what they write, lol "
16th Oct 2013 14:31
"Sorry Joecos you're argument (too small for Prem)doesn't hold water. Small is not the issue, quality IS. Borini is the same size as Sturridge & Suarez! Aspas has shown he can be a useful squad member and links intelligently. Coutinho is very small and slight = Allen? Quality would have been a much stronger argument."
16th Oct 2013 15:17
"Allen has shown he can score, it just needs a bit of time injury free. He is good in central mid. just behind coutinio. He is also good at breaking attacks and doesnt give ball cheaply. I think he will come good and will shine."
16th Oct 2013 15:25
"Buddha: all them small players you named have skills and are very intelligent, can get themselves outta sticky situations etc, but allen doesn't he just gets knocked straight off the ball, coutinho is tiny but does he get bullied all over? no he doesn't. "
16th Oct 2013 15:26
"personally think allen is a complete waste of money and we should get rid asap, we need more quality in the midfield as it is and he will not add too that! "
16th Oct 2013 15:28
"This boy was very good at the begging of last season and then the injuries took his form away. Hopefully he could recover & find his best soon. Otherwise just sell him, we have enough average players already: Lucas, Hendo ... all need to clear out & replace by the likes of Pastore, Koke, Matic etc..."
16th Oct 2013 15:31
"Really loved Allen in his first three months deputising for Lucas but he just all of a sudden went dry. I believe though that he has alot to offer if he can up his confidence. YNWA Joe"
16th Oct 2013 16:44
"I hate it when we discourage our players like this, we did the same with Lucas, Hendo and now Allen, Borini, our players are our players, encourage them, look at Lucas and Hendo now. Are you really one of us????? YNWA"
16th Oct 2013 17:47
"Buddha : you can name all the big money signings you want, for me , our lightweight midfield is our weakest area . I would play Toure & Hendo & Stevie as our midfield trio . "
Dede 7
16th Oct 2013 18:00
"Allen & Aspas will prove many critics wrong if given chances and time. YNWA."
16th Oct 2013 18:20
"joecos, I was merely pointing out the folly of your strategically challenged slurs. Height has nothing to do with football as proven by Barca who have the smallest team in the world and yet rule. I am just suggesting you ponder before you write. "
16th Oct 2013 18:52
"I don't think Br did him any favours when he was trying to buy him- the welsh xabi - one that will excite the fans,then played him while injured, let's hope when he shakes off his latest injury he will live up to the price tag and hype and prove many fans wrong."
17th Oct 2013 5:52
"we are playing better without u in the team .perhaps we sell u to Everton and get Baines in return ???"
17th Oct 2013 8:35
"what a waste of money!!"
17th Oct 2013 8:35
"Sorry Buddha u have missed the point. It is not about height Its about strength. Mascherano and Teves are short but have the solidity to ride tackles Allen can't."
17th Oct 2013 8:56
"allen came into a struggling side and played out of position due to lucas injury and br trying to fit sahin in. witht the current sqd palying more confidently and closer to style he is use to he may thrive however we have several better options then him in the advance role, with all our players fit he stands no chance I'd take 8 mill for him in jan "
17th Oct 2013 16:37
"u need 2be, without Cout!"