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buy christian tello and sell allen
15th Oct 2013 8:50
15th Oct 2013 9:02
"A workhorse"
15th Oct 2013 9:06
"joe allen a couple of games in the under 21s.i agree with your comments on henderson but didn't think we would have to wait so long at 20 mil. he has been lucky to have had all the game time, shelvey would have liked."
15th Oct 2013 10:14
"need to find him a settled position where he can really focus on specialising in a particular set of skills, otherwise he'll end up another utility player. a case of quality over quany"
15th Oct 2013 10:25
"Henderson still not good enough to play to Liverpool club if we looking to the top 4."
15th Oct 2013 10:28
"We desperately looking to have a midfield player who can score goals easily and give support to forwarders."
15th Oct 2013 10:29
"his atude and energy levels are 2nd to none.His technical and tactical qualities are in doubt's good that he is so versatile and can put in a shift anywhere in the park,but it's clear for everyone to see that his best position is central midfield.he should be fighting for a spot with Lucas and Gerrard.if we are going to progress we need to play the players in their right positions "
15th Oct 2013 10:55
"he reminds me of a spanish type midfield genius we had a few seasons ago... future captain of our great club. hes a role model."
15th Oct 2013 11:01
"be_real_lfc Amen to that^ The guy works hard abit raw but does have plenty of skill and a winner. I'm sure we all love his goal celebrations too! Hoping Joe Allen gets to settle in too. YNWA"
15th Oct 2013 11:03
"I would've liked certain Spanish fella back (anytime) but he had his critics early on too (ppl saying he was slow etc but he learnt to work around the EPL with developing finesse)"
15th Oct 2013 11:05
"update on Coutinho please?"
15th Oct 2013 11:42
"you can improve by scoring more goal for LFC."
15th Oct 2013 12:45
"Hendo well good enough to play for LFC. Hes proving it despite all the doomsters. Give credit where credit is due"
15th Oct 2013 13:04
"Hardworking yes but quality lacking we have loads of hardworking players but we need the quality Hendo jack of all trades master in none but that's expected of all players who earn ££££ do lets not be suprised by his hardwork where's the quality?? Surez works hardest than most but he all has the end product the likes of Lucas Hendo Allen are what they r average players"
15th Oct 2013 13:13
"How long Hendo Allen Lucas need before we see the best of them?class players blend in quick wherever they go like surez sturridge etc cautionio who was a kid like Hendo from a foreign country n settled in well whilst We still waiting on Hendo do lets not make excuses Hendo is and will be ts best a mid table player lets not kid ourselves by continuing to play him will Make him a world beater "
15th Oct 2013 13:17
"WhelanR how has he proved the doubters wrong !! What's he achieved still goes AWOL in large parts of games i don't think he had never had an assist or created a chance hardwork alone isn't a sign of quality surez dorks really hard but has an end product which sadly has not!!"
15th Oct 2013 14:36
"Why do everybody underrate hardworking? Certainly Hendo has his own skills, but this is 11 players game, skill alone mean nothing. Hendo does not have magic feet, but so do many players which so call main players in many clubs. He will improve, certainly, hardworking will gain the quality"
15th Oct 2013 14:36
"Why do everybody underrate hardworking? Certainly Hendo has his own skills, but this is 11 players game, skill alone mean nothing. Hendo does not have magic feet, but so do many players which so call main players in many clubs. He will improve, certainly, hardworking will gain the quality"
15th Oct 2013 14:44
"Play Allen in the box!! He got the brain to operate there, just need a bit of patience and luck. "
15th Oct 2013 14:57
"It's all about CONTRIBUTION. We got 200-250 games of a defensive contribution from Lucas and from JH - with 100 games of attacking experience, industry + the energy to defend like a man possessed. Point - we will get more from JH in the DM role than the one dimensional (current) offering from Lucas."
15th Oct 2013 15:25
"Hendo has improved so much, he works and gives his guts every game. It was due to his pressure he imposed that Sturridge got his goal vs Swansea. Also he is still young and going to get better."
15th Oct 2013 15:36
"be_real_lfc - Be real. "
15th Oct 2013 15:38
"Is this guy serious of what he is talking. Does he want lfc to finish 8th position. All passionate fans can see that Henderson is not a winger. he cannot cross a single ball, cannot dribble any player. Every fans around the world know that his best position is in the middle where he excel against c palace. Mike marsh you stay at home and watch the game on tv then you talk"
15th Oct 2013 15:56
"Usual Marmite comments regarding Hendo.Maybe people are forgetting how versatile Gerrard and Carra were before becoming mainstays in there respective centre back and attacking midfield roles. Hendo is absolute class and is getting better and better with every few games."
15th Oct 2013 16:13
"I love this great club and the talented youth we have, so excited, we will be like belgium is in a couple years once the likes of suso, coutinho, hendo, sakho, sterling and sturridge mature. The talent is frightening. We will win the league in the next 20 years mark my word."
15th Oct 2013 16:16
"trust in rodgers fsg, please give him money to spend, we could have had erikssen instead of aspas and then we could have been talking les and wouldn't have been so reliant on yound Philipe. Put some genuine investment, the fans deserve it, you americans need to make up for how you treated rafa. prove yourselves."
15th Oct 2013 16:30
"Hendo,Lucas, Allen are average players, Gerrard has already passed his best. That's reason why we've had less control in the 2nd half recently. If we don't add some quality midfielders in the winter transfer then no point to talk about top 4 this season. Our midfield is the weakest link now. "
15th Oct 2013 18:21
"5StarKop? - 5Star+ C-O-C-K. "
15th Oct 2013 21:47
"We have been reading about Hendo's "improvement" for long although we couldn't see it on the pitch.Besides talent is not some thing that you acquire at this age.The media and the England manager don't know any thing about his talent because he has none."
15th Oct 2013 22:19
"I love him in that holding midfield position. Gives something a bit more than Lucas."
Buckie LFC Supporter
15th Oct 2013 22:41
"habeshakop - spoken like a true armchair fan! You rely on what Sky tell him. 18to19too - spot on. You don't win the Le with having 11 SGs unless you're on a computer game"
16th Oct 2013 9:35
"stop critising him. He is still young, believe in him."