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barca in for hughes? hahahahahahahahaahaha
13th Oct 2013 12:19
13th Oct 2013 14:47
"Yes but look which paper its in, enough said."
13th Oct 2013 17:42
"Can't believe we don't keep our targets to ourselves?"
Bajan Billy
13th Oct 2013 21:33
"Hahahahaha........nice try Express. Barca have players of this quality and better coming off the factory line by the dozens.......8 mil and not a cent more or let Moyes have him for 10 mil or"
14th Oct 2013 22:52
"Come on Reds 8Million Euros is too small for such a player like him? He's worth more than that, buy him at a sightly high price"
14th Oct 2013 22:58
"We all know that we need him more than Manchester United and Barcelona so why don't we go for him?"