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Steve g is the king of liverpool. The best player ever to wear the liverpool shirt. Any 1 agree?
11th Oct 2013 13:49
11th Oct 2013 14:01
"Stevie G is a Legend in his own life time,No one needs to tell LFC fans that.!!"
11th Oct 2013 14:12
"Gerrard's a great example of how leaders can inspire people. Well done Stevie."
11th Oct 2013 14:14
"Mir28- i 100% agree, solely as i wasnt born to see kenny play, ive seen videos ya, but for me stevie is the all time greatest. my 1 and only hero, the greatest man to ever live. what a legend, hes more than worthy of that t.i.tle(legend). the day he retires il cry...."
11th Oct 2013 14:16
"what hes done for the club, what he does for the fans, the charity work, hes given me some of the best memories. in the words of andy gray... YOUUU BEAUTTYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!"
11th Oct 2013 14:19
"Is Stevie G the best player to have ever worn the Liverpool shirt? Maybe this answer should be properly counted. I agree. Even better than John Barnes. Only just!"
11th Oct 2013 14:25
"True icon of the club."
11th Oct 2013 14:34
"Steven Gerrard. The NAME, The Icon, the Greatest LFC player and i respect him for the fact that he does all that with Loyality which is a dead word in today's football. What makes him special is keep is FAITH to only LFC. LONG LIVE CAPTAIN FANTASTIC."
11th Oct 2013 15:21
"He's truly a living legend. If Owen, Torres and Alonso had stayed from either the day they broke into the first team or the day they signed, they would have been legends by now too..."
11th Oct 2013 15:53
"Thank you Steven Gerrard. We love you."
11th Oct 2013 15:55
"He gave his all, his life to LFC."
11th Oct 2013 15:56
"Steven Gerrard is a Liverpool Living Legend. A One in a Trillion, when Steven was Born they Broke the Mould and said He'll be a One Off Guy. The Best thing about it is that He is a Liverpool FC player............YNWA REDS. "
11th Oct 2013 16:24
"One in a million player, Loyalty, ability, leadership, helps the community, Legend on and off the field. YNWA!! Grateful to be able to be Liverpool fan and watch so many games with him as our captain. Hope this is a great year for him and his team."
11th Oct 2013 16:33
"My late father thought Billy Liddel was the best, during my time I have been privileged to have seen Roger Hunt, Keegan, Hansen, Souness, and king Kenny, recently its been Torres and Suarez, but none of them come close to the skill, commitment and devotion to LFC than Steven Gerrard."
11th Oct 2013 16:54
"Nobody would ever disagree that SG was one of the best and committed player for LFC. The only thing missing for him is the EPL le, he still got 2-3 years in him but with our current team performance and the player's quality and loyalty (except SG and DA) to the club, well if BR doesn't change during January transfer then it'll be hard for him to resign with EPL le in his resume."
11th Oct 2013 17:08
11th Oct 2013 17:59
"Jordan14HENDERSON..WHERE ARE YOU??You are the fan that babbles on about BR not being 'man enough' to drop Gerrard for your name sake!! As I stated once before..Gerrard is the leader of a club - with a fanbase of 200 million MINUS you!! All YOU will ever lead is your (own) pathetic shadow!! All hail, a neanderthal of note - Jordan14Henderson!!"
11th Oct 2013 18:02
"Mir28...that's an excellent call..I agree, wholeheartedly!!YNWA"
11th Oct 2013 18:06
"i agree with you, Mir28. there isn't a player out there who can compare to SG8 in ability, loyalty, and class."
11th Oct 2013 18:07
"Mir28, I AGREE "
11th Oct 2013 18:17
"Please dont get injured in the international games. And please lift the PL Cup next May and World Cup in July."
11th Oct 2013 19:26
"Stevie G is the man that's for sure."
11th Oct 2013 19:44
"This guy deserves to be knighted as he is an outstanding captain both for Liverpool and England. He is the best of his generation by a mile and probably the greatest Liverpool player ever. He is a true gentleman and a living legend and most importantly a down to earth decent human being."
11th Oct 2013 20:12
"we've had some fantastic players at our club who have achieved everything IMO gerrard is up there with the best 2nd to the King."
11th Oct 2013 20:41
"No. Dalglish, Barnes, Rush, etc better."
11th Oct 2013 20:44
"No doubt he is great and has been a great servanbut time to bow out or at least play from the bench. He's clearly past it as is evident from the last three years. This should be his last year. Unfair to constantly ask for 90 minutes every game. Leaving us very weak in ths middle."
11th Oct 2013 20:47
"Last two years I meant!"
11th Oct 2013 20:52
"Migraine...for my benefit, please explain how Gerrard weakens the midfield. "
11th Oct 2013 21:22
"He is 1 of the best 2 pull on the red shirt of Liverpool and he was not the only player 2 get use through the champion league final aka Carra was outstanding that night and Mir28 i can think of 1 or 2 maybe 3 players as good or not better than Stevie G 2 pull on the red shirt "
11th Oct 2013 22:14
"SG without doubt the best all round LFC player for me. Carragher most committed, Rush the best finisher (Aldridge close), Barnes & Beardsley with the skills, Rob Jones "unfortunate with injury but class" the best RB of his time, Nicol the terrier with skills, Alonso long range can add many to the list, but SG still the best."
11th Oct 2013 22:23
"Actually, while we're at it, name a better all-round footballer than SG over the last 20 years. i'm struggling."
11th Oct 2013 22:57
"kingy27 spot on.... He`s Stevie G what else is there to say.... YNWA Captain"
12th Oct 2013 0:57
"Hay spuddy dont cry when stevie retires,think of it from his side "now he can sit down and rest his legs,and celabrate the greatest shift a football could of put in,and he can also know that he is known as the humblest sportman ever,in he religon of football hes a saint"
12th Oct 2013 1:07
12th Oct 2013 2:31
"15 years ago I was describing to a Scouser friend the latest new "boy wonder". We debated over the next five years his best position. We concluded that if he wanted to practice goalkeeping then LFC should invest in cloning research. Ten copies for the field and eight for the bench.'nuff said!"
12th Oct 2013 7:49
"MigraineBhoy. Luis Suarez has only played with SG for the last two years and last week described him as the greatest player he has ever played with at club or international level, clearly disagreeing with you!"
12th Oct 2013 8:11
"I'm 65 and I've seen the lot. Billy Liddell, Chris Lawler, Sir Roger and the Saint. Cally, Keegan and Tosh, Souie, King Kenny, and Jamie Carra and many more besides. And I've met most of 'em too. For me Steven Gerrard is the one. He's the kiddie. He's the Golden Boy.. He is LFCs Mohamed Ali. "
12th Oct 2013 9:21
"In terms of the best player on the field, hard to say exactly. But overall, Stevie G and King Kenny are the best. Difficult to pick between the two as well. I believe Stevie will continue to achieve greater things for LFC on and off the field. YNWA."
12th Oct 2013 9:25
"Can see the young Stevie G in Henderson. Hopefully he will follow Stevie footsteps with similar atude and become the next captain fantastic."
12th Oct 2013 12:17
"Stevie G probably needs a Prem t.i.t.l.e or 2 to be truly classed as the best player Liverpool have ever had. That is the only thing missing. Hopefully this will be the year. "
13th Oct 2013 1:18
"mir28 - No! Very talented but not the greatest player IMO, but that is it, it's all about opinions. It's the usual thing, the latest is always the best, no it isn't! SG is so good he can play anywhere, sadly people don't actually know his best position, which is why Rafa built a team around him to accommodate him, yet still didn't win the le"