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15m? Naaaahahahaha
11th Oct 2013 9:52
11th Oct 2013 10:43
"Ha HA another Daily Mail load of bull---- he may well be a target for Brendon but is still a teenager and no way would be the top target in January top targets should be a top class player to play wide a creative midfield player and a another top striker as we are still a bit short in depth. "
11th Oct 2013 11:07
"UTD on the decline with Gollum in charge or LFC on their way back to the top - you decide young man!"
11th Oct 2013 11:10
"Eh... Steep price. Excellent player with a sparkling future, though. Would like an experienced mid or two in Jan as well."
11th Oct 2013 11:27
"On the other hand, it's unfair for big clubs to snatch the best young players from clubs like Derby and not compensate fairly, especially when the player has the potential to become an international hit, like Hughes. So maybe 15m is fair for Derby but obviously risky for Liverpool. Derby has invested a lot in him, of course, and 5-8m is not going to get them a player of similar ability and age."
11th Oct 2013 12:26
"sometimes honesty is not the best policy, we have an unerring habit of telegraphing our intended targets, while others jump on the band wagon and not only become contenders for their signature but also up the price. come on lads!"
Bajan Billy
11th Oct 2013 15:17
"Hughes is young yes but his maturity on the ball and level of comfort in tight spaces makes him a welcomed addition to the Liverpool midfield. What he needs is plenty gym work to strengthen up but that would take a dedicated summer training which is easy. "
11th Oct 2013 15:41
"get him rodgers whatever price we should to be paid.he has the potential.."
11th Oct 2013 16:57
"another fool's errand perhaps?"
11th Oct 2013 17:30
"dont waste many good players in the u21's waiting to be given a chance.look at what happened to joe allen.cost 11m but has not performed well."
Natural Poolie
11th Oct 2013 19:56
"An excellent young player BUT very expensive for a kid! Would rather focus on players that could help the first team and strengthen our push on through the final few months."
12th Oct 2013 15:21
"Overrated and overpriced as Carroll, Hendo, Downing & Allen..... "