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would love us too get him but he made it clear in the summer when we were linked that he wanted to stay there!
10th Oct 2013 12:05
10th Oct 2013 12:31
"How many names that we were "linked with" during the summer actually signed? This section is a waste of time."
Red heat
10th Oct 2013 13:05
"If we have the same success this time as we had last jan transfer window when we bought couts n sturr we will surely get top 4. Also if we keep Suarez until next summer than that will just make top 4 more likely."
10th Oct 2013 13:19
"no we need attacking midfielders"
10th Oct 2013 13:39
"He's 27 already??? Love to have him here"
10th Oct 2013 14:04
"get andre ayew or patrick herrmann"
10th Oct 2013 16:05
"Let's get Chicharito"
10th Oct 2013 16:52
"Good addition to our beloved club."
10th Oct 2013 23:23
"Would love it if we get Chicharito Henandez or Dede Ayew from Marseille, or Shaqiri instead of Blaszcykowski "
Bajan Billy
11th Oct 2013 0:02
"If we looking for a quality winger to make an immediate impact then it screams Yarmonlenko "
11th Oct 2013 0:18
"Only want him if he agrees to wear Jakub on his shirt"
11th Oct 2013 6:32
"Yes hes good but I don't think the transfer fee is affordable for us, also the EPL is not finish yet, so difficult to attract great player until we sealed the top four spot."
11th Oct 2013 10:24
"Besides the obvious strides in LFC's football, what's really excited me is the calibre of player we've been linked with since BR took over. From Sneijder, Coutinho, Studge,Mkhitaryan, Pastore, Balotelli, Menez, Koke and now Kuba, it's just impressive. Keep 'em coming. And what a statement it'd be to sign Kuba! He's a cult hero at BVB & they'd be nuts to sell him, but we'd be nuts not to try!"
11th Oct 2013 10:25
"JDATA deserves a LOL ;) I think Warrior Sports would agree with you! Class player. Would be amazing if he winds up here."
13th Oct 2013 10:58
"Does his name fit onto the back of a Jersey???"