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Another complete waste of time loan for a talented lad who is not being given at least a chance to show his worth. Other waste of time loans so far are Borini at Mackems; Suso; and Assaidi. Very poor decisions to mess these lads around.
9th Oct 2013 18:29
"good to have him back, shame it didn't work out for him. send him on loan to spl?"
9th Oct 2013 18:36
"What is going on with these loans? Surely some planning goes into them to avoid early finishes like this one and the one for Tex"
9th Oct 2013 20:50
"drop sturridge an bang him in only kiddin,not a bad player,different style,kanu type "
9th Oct 2013 21:18
"maybe they are talented but lazy to train. It could be luck too, but if you are a quality you will get gaming time..."
9th Oct 2013 21:26
" justanotheerred I beg to differ on the loan waste when it comes to Suso he's doing brilliant at the moment he got an assist last week for his team he has already score a goal from mid."
9th Oct 2013 21:50
"I think suso could have filled Coutinho role in his absence.... Should be given a chance soon in the first team or we will lose him just like Pacheco."
9th Oct 2013 23:02
"Good decision to bring these guys back. If they aren't going to get the playing time on loan then bring them home as its going to do them no good training with strangers."
9th Oct 2013 23:47
"give him a chance on the bench its another kind of option to have up front, maybe some gametime when were winning comfortably by a few goals"
10th Oct 2013 0:54
"hmmm, if he can't crack it at yeovil, he's not exactly a shoe in at LFC is he, let's be honest. surely TRFC would benefit from a free striker?!"
10th Oct 2013 1:00
"No disrespect, but this lad won't make it to the big stage. Not even a regular starter at Yoevil and he's already 20 years old."
10th Oct 2013 5:00
"It does not work for Ngoo, so release him. Should keep Texeira, it seems Suarez-mold type of striker with proper training and more game times."
10th Oct 2013 8:19
"some are late bloomers, but I agree if you can´t get into the Yeovil team at 20 it´´s very unlikely he will make it here. Look at all the players people on here has said they were definitly going to make it : Pacheco, Nemeth, welsh, dalla valle etc etc"
10th Oct 2013 9:38
"Anybody who says that the Suso loan in particular is a waste of time is a fool. He is playing week in, week out in Spain and is developing his game in a way he never could by playing in our U21's. All loans are worthwhile though. Do you not think that by going to Yeovil and Brentford and not succeeding will inspire Ngoo and Teixeira to improve? "
10th Oct 2013 9:58
"I understand Suso is performing well at Almeria so good on him. Disappointed with Ngoo as the lad is talented. If the others are not getting games it is because they aren't doing it on the training field. If they can't prove themselves at their loan clubs they definitely won't at Liverpool."
10th Oct 2013 10:24
"Just shows that the youngsters we have at the club arent that good afterall. If they havent got the atude to do well at a loan club then they dont deserve to come back and play for LFC."
10th Oct 2013 12:05
"justanotheerred - Suso is doing brilliant at Almería, he's playing regular football, he has scored and has had more successful dribbles than anyone else in La Liga. "
10th Oct 2013 12:22
"Suso in my opinion is a class player who just needs to beef up a bit for the Bpl.As for Michael it appears he may have been sent back as opposed to being brought back.???"
10th Oct 2013 20:44
"Have LFC fell out with Tranmere ? Let them go there,That way they can come home every night and see their Mates.They won't feel isolated."