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Monarchy is an outmoded and corrupt travesty - a stain on civilisation. The Windsors' real name is Saxe Coburg Gotha. They changed it in 1916 when British working class men were dying in their hundreds of thousands in a war of imperialist aggression between the English King and his cousin Kaiser Wilhelm and cousin Tsar Nicky and other royals.
9th Oct 2013 18:03
9th Oct 2013 18:23
"The patronage of charities by the outmoded, parasitical, tax evading Saxe Coburg Windsor Hannoverian Dark Nobility aristocratic oligarchs is done purely for PR purposes. All power to the charities themselves but, sadly, they are being used to paint the royal warmongers in a bad light. "
9th Oct 2013 18:26
"In private, the aristocratic elites such as the Saxe Coburg Windsors call the common people debt slaves and "chattel". Fact. They also promote illegal cluster munitions, depleted uranium, criminal bankers and weapons manufacturing in general, thriving on illegal wars of aggression. "
9th Oct 2013 18:28
"Humanitarian, you are fully enled to your views about the monarchy. Indeed there are a lot of people who share your opinion. However, this is not a forum for you to express such views. This article is to celebrate the wonderful work put into helping others who are less fortunate in some ways than others. We'll done Jake and Kathryn."
9th Oct 2013 18:40
"Humanitarian - live up to your name. Kathryn and Jake deserve recognition for all their help to those less fortunate. They will be thrilled to receive the award from Prince William. RedTez"
9th Oct 2013 18:47
"I fully commend the ordinary people involved in charity work. This is an LFC story featuring the Saxe Coburg Gotha Windsors so therefore it is entirely appropriate to express views about them that do not paint them in the glossy light they wish to be depicted in. "
9th Oct 2013 18:51
"If the mass of ordinary people actually realised the true nature of the aristocratic elites as war profiteers; hoarders of huge swathes of land; tax avoiders; occultists and bankster criminal patrons, they would demand the royals be stripped of all their privileges and never be allowed near truly noble people such as Jake and Kathryn."