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Welcome back King Kenny... You will always have a good place at LFC, we love you...
Bang Ucup
9th Oct 2013 17:09
9th Oct 2013 17:53
"The unnecessary hate for Ayre has to stop NOW. Its unsubstantiated & unnecessary. Unless ur on the board your not privy to any decisions or non-decisions taken by Ayre. One club mentality means we respect ev'yone at the club. First & foremost. "
9th Oct 2013 17:54
"one word for king Kenny LEGENDARY"
A d red
9th Oct 2013 18:21
"Welcome home KING YNWA "
"Ayre loves the sound of his own voice, doesn't he? Shameless self-promoter and egomaniac. The complete opposite of King Kenny, who will always be a welcome presence at Anfield."
9th Oct 2013 19:39
"Kenny Dalglish is Liverpool Football Club."
9th Oct 2013 20:28
"Welcome home King Kenny. Liverpool FC would seem a little empty without you here. "
9th Oct 2013 20:40
"Watch your back Ayre!! What comes round goes round..great to have Kenny back, a Liverpool legend, he will be remembered fondly long after we are all gone. YNWA"
9th Oct 2013 20:55
"great to have a true legend back where he belongs long may you stay"
9th Oct 2013 20:59
"I cant begin to explain just how happy I am at the news of Kennys return. Absolute living legend. YNWA Kenny"
9th Oct 2013 21:05
"Why should Ayre watch his back again? at the end of the day even King Kenny knows that it is a business, even the king sometimes have to give up the throne for the good of the kingdom. Sometimes I wonder about the intellect of 'fans'"
9th Oct 2013 21:32
"Glad someone said it, ColliC, because I was about ready too."
9th Oct 2013 21:35
"Exactly justanotherred whereas Ayre has something useful to say... You dribble! "
9th Oct 2013 22:03
"CLASS and NO CLASS.King Kenny and Fenway.Dig deep guys its going to be a long season. KK YOU NEVER LEFT."
"zonkretin - You made a senile comment that had nothing good to say about King intent were you on a little bit of Ian Ayre a#s-licking. What a cr#tin you are."
10th Oct 2013 0:04
"justanotheerred What is your point and why are you abusive (Reported!) You are the one who has an issue siunshine. I would suggest you learn to read and write first then when you can string a few words together make decent comment. Now go forth and multiply! "
10th Oct 2013 0:34
"Should have been left alone to run the team his way but hope Brendan does well.My idol since I was 7 when he joined from the Celts.A living legend who should've been Knighted but I suppose that would only make him a sir and he's already a king!"
10th Oct 2013 0:44
"WELCOME BACK KK... but whats the role of non executive director if I may ask.. Am worried this may indirectly affect BR's duties and decisions especially knowing that the man he replaced is up there in the club's hierarchy and probably watching his moves, critically."
10th Oct 2013 0:53
10th Oct 2013 1:22
"Well said Luie05 - totally agree. What the hell is a "Non-executive Director" anyway?"
10th Oct 2013 5:59
"Welcome Home King Kenny... we missed you! You were my hero as a kid and I still love you! Youre the greatest!!!!!!!"
10th Oct 2013 10:08
"Welcome back KK. To those who dont know what a non exc is and then it off. Use google and read about it. The anti FSG on here is quite mindless. Watch out Ayre, why the owners sacked KK becuase he and commoli blew 100 million pounds on poor players. Sacking him was the right decission for the club. Now br has a small war chest due to the downings, carolls, adams etc"
10th Oct 2013 10:33
"Round up the FSG fanboy clowns who love to slate King Kenny and make them walk the plank (very apt, as they are all planks). Tick tock tick tock."
10th Oct 2013 10:37
"It wasn't right Kenny not being in the stands, on the touchline or in a directors box. I always love to see a flash of him in the TV games. I like to know that he approves of what we are doing. Nobody knows LFC like Kenny"
10th Oct 2013 16:16
"You are not called King for nothing,YOU EMBODY EVERYTHING THAT IS RIGHT FOR THIS CLUB,AND HATS OFF TO BRENDAN AS WELL AS HE CLEARLY KNOWS THAT THIS IS THE RIGHT THING TO DO.Kenny put the heart back into this club and Brendan has put the soul back. Well done both of you.True gentlemen and ambassadors for the sport of football."