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That was a great season, at least till the cup final!
10th Oct 2013 9:58
10th Oct 2013 10:29
"Good to see a reminder of how great King Kenny was, as a manager and tactician, and that his skills are timeless. It's a reminder for the fools on here who slate him at every opportunity. YNWA King Kenny. "
10th Oct 2013 12:24
"OfficerWibble 10th Oct 2013 10:29 Thank you, KK should be respected at all times, he had bled for this club and often. I remember a game against United when he had his face smashed apart. YNWA"
10th Oct 2013 12:25
"Oh and that looks like a good read, I shall have to buy that one. That truly was a great side. YNWA"
10th Oct 2013 13:42
"Cheers ozyred. Unfortunately it seems that the people on here who are FSG's biggest fans are also the worst King Kenny haters. Says it all really. "
A Red In My Bed
11th Oct 2013 0:57
"The difference between the great Liverpool teams and the great Man UTD teams was that the Liverpool players Enjoyed the game. It was never 'them and us' with the outside world like it was at UTD. And that can only be put down to the management! Let's see if UTD can deliver a Paisley like we did after Shanks retired. Then a Fagan. "
Vosta Lee
11th Oct 2013 3:03
""Listen, lad, we play 11 players here - just to make sure we aren't disadvantaged. In midfield, when we get the ball we try to kick it to somebody dressed the same colour as us. As a forward, Michael, kick it in the net, and if you can't, kick it to somebody who can. Then at the back, we're gonna try our best to make sure the oppo don't score." BRILLIANT!"
11th Oct 2013 6:18
"Back in the 87-88 I was 11 years old - the PROUDEST boy on the planet (and the silliest too!! lol) I would walk through the hallways at school as proud as a pea - Kenny's LFC was my team!! They were like the Jedi Knights of the universe!!I felt invincible!! I would smash the idiots who had a bad word about my beloved LFC - was having NONE of it!!..O those-were -the-days..(sigh)"