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A tough period, 3 very difficult away games in a short space. Cardiff won't be easy either.
9th Oct 2013 12:58
9th Oct 2013 13:56
"Can't wait - top games for top of the league teams will make christmas really special..."
9th Oct 2013 14:32
"That's a tough string of fixtures. "
9th Oct 2013 15:16
"At least we get one more day of preparation between City and Chelsea, much needed"
9th Oct 2013 15:26
"we'll know where we are after December... man city and chelsea in 3 days... and both away?! surely one of those games should have been at Anfield."
9th Oct 2013 15:47
"I know christmas is a busy period, but City away on the 26th and Chelsea away on the 28th? That can't be right? Can it?"
9th Oct 2013 16:02
"nm133775, Thats a good point! stuff Moyes whinging about the start the computer gave him how about the xmas period tv given us!!! but, just noticed its the 29th for the Chelski game lol apologies still i big trip though! "
9th Oct 2013 18:06
"What a tough December for us but we cannot moan like the others do ,we just have to get on with it and do our best.Just as it is going to be tough for us it is also going to be tough for the others. "
9th Oct 2013 18:44
"Be prepared. It will give all our injured players time to recover and be fit. survive the cluster of tight and strong features, romp on to cl, as simple as that. "
10th Oct 2013 8:31
"Spare a thought for fans who have already made their travel arrangements to go at the originally scheduled times. No consideration at all. TV companies should have to make their call for matches up to Christmas before the start of the season."
10th Oct 2013 12:08
"man i shudder thinking abt Dec'13! back to back matches,ALL with the top 6teams,ALL AWAY GAMES! n here i was thinkin whre r all d top 6 games! i always felt we hav had it easy till now,not playd any1 except Manu,sure we hav made d best of it by being at d top of d table! but Dec wil b our biggest test!"
10th Oct 2013 12:10
"theres good n bad about the fixtures. good- coz we will have all d top6 away games done except Mnau by dec. bad- we need to be in d top 4 come d new year so dat we can push on,but wid all these tough games, dat might be difficult! YNWA!"