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How I wish Ilori,Ibe and Seyi Ojo opted to play for Nigeria instead of England that'll just commit them and dump them.....As usual. Agbonlahor and others are good examples..... Go Super Eagles!!!
9th Oct 2013 12:46
9th Oct 2013 16:27
"true talk broda, but the thing is they are brain washed to a level were they make them look useful but in d end dump them."
Innocent man
9th Oct 2013 20:01
"All the best of luck the Eagles of Nigeria."
9th Oct 2013 21:30
"Yea I totally agree though one needs to point out that the silly treatment meted out to the ones playing for most African countries possibly put these mentioned players off! But their expertise can sure be polled in. "
10th Oct 2013 15:04
"SUPER EAGLES don't really care much about thier players either after major competitions but i hope our beloved Nation will change many of its short-comings.. Sooner"