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lets fire in some goals to take us to CL
9th Oct 2013 12:25
9th Oct 2013 12:56
"Can't say I always bother watching England live (and those no disrespect to Glen, Stevie and others) I just care about Liverpool and always dread injuries while away with England. But I'l be tuning in to see Danial in the side I can't wait, good luck DS and all the other England lads. We won't win the WC, but it's still better to be there"
9th Oct 2013 13:03
"I hope England qualify. But I'll repeat what I have said before, the main thing is the likes of Sturridge come back fully fit and are available for the Newcastle game!"
9th Oct 2013 13:20
"Tbh, the British national teams in my opinion are a complete waste of time. England never do anything and the chances of them winning anything are slim, the likes of Argentina & Spain are just too good. The two week break is just a stumbling block for an in-from Liverpool, lets not forget the drew and lost their first two games when they came back from the last break."
RedNeve 2
9th Oct 2013 13:33
"I absolutely dread international breaks! With a squad as thin as ours a couple of injuries could be disastrous. Let's hope everyone returns in good nick"
9th Oct 2013 13:56
"LEts win the league, ynwas"
9th Oct 2013 14:16
"It is weird, but I used to love our players playing for England, but not anymore, and I don't know why I have changed. "
9th Oct 2013 18:18
"hope our players play well but hope england lose,they have no chance of winning anyway,and if u think im gona sit an cheer for that fat oaf down the road rooney,u can think again,"
9th Oct 2013 18:21
"well all i want to say is good luck guys but pleaseeee come back in one piece we need u all in the PLC games we need another win against NC."
9th Oct 2013 19:46
"It is weird, but I used to love our players playing for England, but not anymore, and I don't know why I have changed. "