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From £2.2 million to £30 million? Nah,sorry. He may have improved a lot since he came to the premiership but not to that extent.
9th Oct 2013 13:31
9th Oct 2013 13:33
"I've heard that Koke is the real thing."
9th Oct 2013 13:46
"Forget michu , we already got a flop michu like on aspas but koke is classss"
9th Oct 2013 13:49
"not a hope is michu a 30 million pound player, 15-20 max. what an ansolute joke the way things are going. kokes about 12 million, good player, worth a bid in january. that said anything over 15 and its not worth it."
9th Oct 2013 14:58
"Koke looks the business, very interesting. Michu. 30 mil. Pull the other one Suarez must be worth 300 million then!! "
9th Oct 2013 16:45
"We need some quality in jan or forget top 4,our small squad will end up being are downfall.Koke would be a good signing but michu no thanks and not for that price."
9th Oct 2013 18:41
"michu is quality but 30m is too much, would need to be a special player for that and he isn't. Just a very good one. 20 at most. Koke doing brilliantly at a CL club who are pushing the big 2 in the spanish league. Try him but can't see him wanting to move now"
9th Oct 2013 21:25
"Costa 21m, Mkhitaryan 21m both alot better than Michu. "
9th Oct 2013 21:35
"carrol far better than michu. I watched koke closely athletico vrs Madrid. he is a gem. even better than PC"
10th Oct 2013 0:12
"koke would be a quality signing!!! and try a swap deal allen and some money for michu"
10th Oct 2013 2:28
"ladder2...haha Carroll better than Michu? that is a good one. Michu is not worth 30m but he does actually know how to kick a ball. Not if Carroll was free would i have him back. His Physio bill would be millions anyway. Michu for around 15m bit more maybe would be ok. "
10th Oct 2013 3:14
"not very good business 2.2 to 30 mill , taking the .ynwa "
10th Oct 2013 7:00
"KD & Comolli made LFC a sitting duck in transfer market, now you can see the sequela."
10th Oct 2013 12:54
"agreed turrethead50 our forward line is the best in the country/world at the minute lol i think only ronaldo and maybe messi have better goal scoring ratio than DS athough i havnt checked just a gestimate! I think the money would be better served looking at experienced wing men although im no expert. "
11th Oct 2013 0:14
"It'll be the Koke option for us.Rodgers only wants players he can develop and rightly so seeing what he's done with Sturridge and Coutinho.30 million? Swansea getting carried away with the crazy market but Arsenal will pay it."