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good looking kid, he will tap the indian market, make sure he makes it lfc, lots of money if you do.
9th Oct 2013 14:59
9th Oct 2013 15:04
"the lad seems pretty cool for 14! man, when i was 14 i was useless!"
9th Oct 2013 15:21
"How did Dr Zaf Iqbal do as he was also nominated?"
9th Oct 2013 16:11
"Congratulations Yan on receiving the Award for The Best Up and Coming Player. Keep up the Good work and the Future is in Your Hands, Best of Luck in the Future and I Hope you make it to the BIG Time. YNWA REDS."
9th Oct 2013 16:45
"imagine what this can do for football in India!!an Indian Scouser. It will inspire millions of kids to get rid of that cricket bat and start kicking a ball around."
9th Oct 2013 17:37
"Congrat Dhanda all the best to ure future with Liv´pool son."
9th Oct 2013 18:11
9th Oct 2013 18:21
"Well done. We are always very proud of our players at all ages. Keep up the good work and who knows! YNWA"
9th Oct 2013 20:39
"Great work LFC. They have already started marketing him! A two part interview of his was presented specially for Indian fans on FB and twitter, nice read... And ya as be_real_lfc says if this guy can make it in the next 4-5 years, believe me his merchandise is gonna sell like crazy here!! "
9th Oct 2013 22:33
"What a great name he has. Hope he can go all the way and make the first team in the not too distant future."
9th Oct 2013 23:16
"14 and he is already being viewed and utilised as a commodity to monetise. Delightful."
10th Oct 2013 8:14
"So proud to be an Indian....he is living the dream thousands of Reds here in India have! His surname 'Dhanda' in Hindi means 'business'. That's right - this kid means business :)"
10th Oct 2013 11:43
"Well done with the Award,I hope it's just the start of many things to come your way."