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If We want top 4 we need to add depth to the squad. December will be tough and the players will feel tired after. Still we don't have a proper right winger.I don't know how in our plan we didn't notice that!!! the owners must back rodgers with at least 2 gud players and then we can talk of at least top 4
9th Oct 2013 10:09
9th Oct 2013 10:12
"One of the best moves Rodgers has made is bringing this guy to LFC. He's a breath of fresh air. Can't wait for him to score his first goal. He deserves it. Good player, and obviously a great guy."
9th Oct 2013 10:17
"take us to CL...."
9th Oct 2013 10:43
"good comments from a natural leader with a bbc"
9th Oct 2013 10:46
"If we are still in the top 4 come january I would love to see a quality proven attacking mid bought to play behind the 2 strikers. Someone with the vision of Coutinho but with more of a goal threat about them too. I think Coutinho is far better playing in a deeper role in midfield where he can get bit more room to turn & run at teams or split teams open with his great vision & passing range."
9th Oct 2013 10:56
"gotta love kolo!!!!!!!"
9th Oct 2013 10:59
"Great to see kolo enjoying life at Liverpool FC, he has been terrific so far and is looking like he really wants to prove himself here. That kind of strong mental atude will be a good example to others."
9th Oct 2013 11:11
"Regardless of formation Kolo must always be in the side. great mentality, intensity and quality. We need him! "
9th Oct 2013 11:13
"Kolo has been immense since joining us. We have a lot of good defenders and decent young ones coming through and with an excellent keeper behind them I expect us to concede few goals this season. The big test will come when we play City, Chelsea, Arsenal and Spurs away. Utd and Everton should be easy wins ;)"
9th Oct 2013 11:15
"This guy is proving to be a gem. He is better than our great Carra and brings leadership qualities. Its weird, but he should be the first name on team sheet when it comes to defenders. "
9th Oct 2013 11:36
"I love Kolo, his enthusiasm must be so infectious through the squad. He's been there and done that so the youngsters will trust his judgement when he says we're good enough. Kolo, you ROCK! YNWA"
9th Oct 2013 11:43
"You just have to love Kolo's mentality. YNWA"
9th Oct 2013 13:14
"I really like this man, there's a good moral backbone through this side and i believe it will get it's due rewards"
9th Oct 2013 13:33
"'Simmy 73' Utd & Everton should be easy wins? Lets not get ahead of ourselves, Everton were the only unbeaten team in the prem until last weekend & we've won and lost to Utd already this season. Kolo's approach of take 1 game at a time is what us fans should be doing at this stage. We should have beaten Southampton but an off day cost us points, we're looking good but there's a long way to go."
Bang Ucup
9th Oct 2013 13:48
"Buy Loic Remy please..."
9th Oct 2013 14:08
"All the Kolo, doubters before he signed need to hang there heads in disgust and Sturridge. Great signings by Brenda and cheap, unlike Dalglish !!! Now please sign a top notch defensive midfielder. Lucas is clearly not good enough and Hendo needs to fight for his place so he improves"
9th Oct 2013 14:46
"BR will be changing the team formation to 4-3-3 next half as most teams will be wore out by then! Just my guessing"
9th Oct 2013 16:20
"I just love this guy, He seems to be what we are all about. I have been a mad fan since Kenny was in his playing pomp and Kolo fits right in there. Seems to be a really humble guy that puts the team first and has a fantastic atude. No wonder Brendan wants him in the team..."
9th Oct 2013 17:58
"Toure - I have confidence in you lad. You are the epitome of passion. I just can't believe you have come back to still be controlled monster. What a proper signing that was and testament to how Kolo is the fact BR got it done instantly. He could prove the difference to top 4 or not."
9th Oct 2013 18:01
"It isn;t about him being 'better' or 'worse' than Carra. What matters is Carra isn't here and we now have Kolo. We all know wat he can do and there is no point even bringing Cara into it. We bought 3 CB's this year so you can argue we got three to replace Carra. Pointless."
9th Oct 2013 18:02
"dj-greg,Kotch agree with u no game is a easy win what Kolo in his interview said is true one game at a time and what we need now is good mid felders.Keep up the good sprit Kolo YNWA."
9th Oct 2013 18:32
"Geat comments. I might get a tattoo"
9th Oct 2013 18:37
"Apart from ready interviews and stories on the site, I also take time to read comments by fans on this site. I found some contributions interesting to read. Buddha3333 comment on carra is uncalled for. Carra has done his bit and Kolo is here to do his. The comment is unlike buddha. "
10th Oct 2013 1:08
"Best signing of summer and defence was perfect until Sacho upset the rythem of the back line. "