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So what's Coutinho worth??
9th Oct 2013 9:05
9th Oct 2013 9:19
"Looks like they are trying to offload him its a bit rich when your own execs talk about what your worth so early in the season why cant they say he is world class or something"
9th Oct 2013 9:47
"Offer them £15 million pus joe Allen :-)"
9th Oct 2013 10:37
"michuu 30 m no pls gor for roma striker lajic (serbia)roma just bought him in august give them borini+ few millions 30 m we can get ( mata or reus) or gundogen( b .dortmun) + lajic"
9th Oct 2013 10:42
"guess he will stay at Swansea then ynwa"
9th Oct 2013 11:18
"Swap Aspas with Michu, they used to play in same status, Swans picked michu and us Aspas"
9th Oct 2013 11:21
"Perhaps 12m...nothing more,but do we need him..i think we dont."
Natural Poolie
9th Oct 2013 11:24
"Not sure if Michu is the way to go. Yes he's a good player, but is he happy to sit on the bench, if he plays up front, Suarez or Sturridge will be forced wide. Is Michu gonna score more than LS or DS? Lucina Traore is not Michu quality but he would offer us something different from the bench if strategy A isn't working, he'd be a strong target man for us.m"
9th Oct 2013 13:25
"No no no. For £30mil we can get Benteke. Powerful, skillful, fast, good head and can shoot well. And quite young too... Or the cheaper version of that is Lucina Traore. But not as powerful and fast of course."
9th Oct 2013 13:30
"If that's the case that He's worth £30 million then what I ask is Luis Suarez worth £75 million at least if NOT more especially with Gareth Bale being sold for something like £85 m, then Luis has got to be worth at least that I'd say. YNWA REDS."
9th Oct 2013 13:42
"Hj and ml are both very deluded then, sturridge is worth 60m then"
9th Oct 2013 17:23
"Hahahaha. Yeh I'll send you the money through now shall I mate? Worth every penny NOT"
9th Oct 2013 22:14
"Coutinho must be worth 40m. Michuu not in same category maybe around 18m. offer 10m and J.Allan (3m) and Lucas (5m) thats about what I think they are worth. =18m"
10th Oct 2013 0:10
"please offer allen and some money for him!"
10th Oct 2013 5:56
"in 6 years when Coutinho is 27 maybe 65mil? if he continues at pressent rate? but Michu would make a wonderful partner in crime now we are talking a step UP not sideways. Yes please Mr Henry......."
10th Oct 2013 13:55
"Michu is a top player but not worth the kind of money they want for him. Suarez must be up in the 70m range if he is marketed against the Michu."