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When is Alcohol advertising going to be banned in sport? Alcohol is much more dangerous than Tobacco and takes more lives, destroys families, causes road fatalities, takes food from childen's mouths and causes liver disease etc. A curse in our society.
14th Oct 2013 15:55
14th Oct 2013 17:02
"Revenue has no morals.Stop alcohol adverts and clubs will close down. "
Red David
14th Oct 2013 17:18
"At least Carlsberg 'only' produces beer, which has a low per cent of alcohol and is less damaging than other kinds of alcohol. But I agree though and I don't drink any kind of alcohol or use drugs. But it is (sadly) a capitalistic world we're living in. Still. Money makes the world go round..(not true though.)"
15th Oct 2013 10:57
"i cant, i dont speak to the fattys"
15th Oct 2013 19:41
" are a faggot of note, indeed. Actually you're a moffie. Verstaan jy....naai!!"
15th Oct 2013 20:04
"Lozz99...noble indeed.The seas are rough. The wave of unemployment faced by the young and talented was not a pretty site.Nobody would listen when I suggested that a significant portion of the debtors book was dangerously reliant on the second largest brewer's business. Then your suggestion became a reality. Luckily growth from Lexus & Unilever has kept the boat sailing."