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cant wait for coutinho to come back
6th Oct 2013 15:37
6th Oct 2013 15:46
"They are the SAS. The best thing about them is that they play for Liverpool Football Club thankfully. YNWA REDS."
6th Oct 2013 16:50
"Simply the best better than all the rest your the best,"
6th Oct 2013 17:33
"They can even top what they are doing if they can work for each other more often and reduce that selfish element in them"
6th Oct 2013 17:45
"To have this opinion of Kolo Toure like this is a big thing for the lads and is nothing but a confidence booster to the front two! cheers KT!"
Gerrard 08
6th Oct 2013 18:37
"Works so well together! Can be so dangerous! just hope they do it against big teams, be so dangerous when counthino is back! YNWA"
6th Oct 2013 19:00
"I thot if arsenal draw the game we will still b on top... But..."
6th Oct 2013 19:41
"prefect just perfect we just need more determination and believe then we can make it. "
6th Oct 2013 20:01
"Great results today. Spurs big time loss and Arsenal got only one point. It almost looked like Chelsea would drop points too."
6th Oct 2013 20:01
"Not bad for a novice manager, eh? "
6th Oct 2013 20:09
"Baceg: You've got the answer to push for the le. Just make sure they understand your feeling."
6th Oct 2013 20:26
"All we need now is Coutinho and Johnson back, and we could really challenge. And if Suarez stay's of course or we get as much as we can for him and buy someone equally as special."
6th Oct 2013 20:36
"Very Impressive"
6th Oct 2013 20:43
6th Oct 2013 21:29
"Wonderful Pairs Keep it up"
6th Oct 2013 22:35
"coutinho and glen johnson to be back..!!!!"
6th Oct 2013 22:36
"coutinho and glen johnson to be back..!!!!"
6th Oct 2013 22:42
"If we can learn to beat the City's, Arsenal's, Chelsea's, Tottenham's, Manu's and even Everton's, regularly then we will really be taken seriously and will become serious contenders, those tests will come around soon and we shall see if this is a false dawn, if we overcome these challenges we will be in business. "
6th Oct 2013 23:04
"Loz99 that has never been our problem, our problem has been staying consistent and getting wins against the teams lower down the league. With the signings we have made so far to bulk up the squad we only need signings that will now go straight into the first team. "
6th Oct 2013 23:07
"Baceg and krteg, don't know what you are watching, they aren't selfish at all when they play together, they were always looking for each other when they got the ball. However i do agree that they are a bit selfish when one of them arent playing. However it isn't shown as much with Suarez as he can usually do something with his selfishness."
7th Oct 2013 0:41
"WouzerLFC, totally agree with you mate. In that season with Rafa we drew against stoke twice (for example), that's what cost us. We always fire up against the big boys. "
7th Oct 2013 0:43
"I know Sturridge and Suarez can be slated for being selfish but I think you need an element of that to be a great striker. Look at Sturridge's goal, he could have passed, the angle was also really tight but on his left he backs himself no matter what. I don't mind that. Toon will be a great test, looking foward to it."
7th Oct 2013 0:45
"buddha, not bad at all. and remember, he's done it on a moderate budget and slashed the wage bill. I'm sure when we lose a few people will want his head but I'll back BR for the long term. Clearly, he knows what he's doing."
Natural Poolie
7th Oct 2013 3:09
"I agree Rivaldo as long as BR don't make anymore stupid tactical mistakes like playing so defensively with flat back 4 at home to Southampton, to win the PL we cannot afford too many of them."
7th Oct 2013 9:41
"Do your thing Sturridge and Suarez, surely with a winner like Toure at the back what can go wrong. About time the fans enjoy watching their team not cursing at players and demanding manager dismissals every week. We doing something right this season its not by chance"
7th Oct 2013 10:26
"BR, Remember Stay Humble When We Win?????"
7th Oct 2013 10:40
"Yes...lets get to greater heights ...we need to win & put in strong performances."
Norfolk in Chance
7th Oct 2013 12:46
"Lets see how the season pans out. Suarez may well leave in January if the Real bid materialises. He's made his position clear about Madrid, who are talking about offloading Benzema, which would pave the way for him. They're doing well, but Kenny signed Suarez and BR turned down signing DS last summer, which cost us Europe. Rookie mistake.."