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Lucas got 5 yellow I think...
6th Oct 2013 14:49
6th Oct 2013 15:06
"So many posters were eager to criticize DS when he was signed for 12mill, claiming he was greedy, he was moody, he was selfish. In the absence of LS, he was our saviour; just gets on with the job banging them goals in & getting on with the team. In the game vs Palace it was clear to see the bond DS & LS have, their mutual appreciation & comeradery was a delight to see. DS is our jewel."
6th Oct 2013 15:26
"Sturridge has performed a lot better now he has Suarez with him, before Suarez came back I couldn't see Sturridge getting an assist because he never looked for a team mate if he got it near to oppositions box. But now he's always looking for Suarez which is great."
6th Oct 2013 16:09
"This only includes Lucas's Premier league cards. "
6th Oct 2013 17:17
"Aspas 3 yellow?????"
6th Oct 2013 20:26
"....Sturridge got 2 assists?...why not registered ???"
6th Oct 2013 20:47
"Rickie Lambert is suppose to be Daniel Sturridge's fellow international team mate and not just fellow forward. ALAYBIR - YNWA"
6th Oct 2013 21:15
"Luis Suarez will leap frog every body very soon."
6th Oct 2013 22:42
"the saves stat for Mignolet does not give me confidence in our future. While its fantastic he makes so many, its worrying he has to."
6th Oct 2013 23:19
"simez - there's too many players with 2 assists to list all of them"
6th Oct 2013 23:44
"and don't forget lucas has top yellow carsd lol"
7th Oct 2013 3:15
"The only reason simon is making so many saves(and thank GOD he does) is because of the relentless pressure that's put on him in the second half of games! Not complaining though..............well, maybe a little........"
7th Oct 2013 6:36
" Savilleo, you took the words out of my mouth mate. It is very worrying that Mignolet has to make so many"
7th Oct 2013 6:50
"Jeeeezz still need to pinch myself,.we got Sturridge... what an awesum buy.. has to go to the records as one of the best."
7th Oct 2013 10:04
"Suarezx 10x better"
8th Oct 2013 8:13
"Adam I said that's a name for January. Baffling as to how he ended up at Sunderland. "