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I say get him..... Has pace for big guy, power, him to aspas who is complete dong
6th Oct 2013 13:55
6th Oct 2013 15:04
"Hopefully a smokescreen to land Honda or Hernandez instead. "
6th Oct 2013 16:37
"should get sidney sam,herrmann and susaeta in january.if suarez does leave for real then get szalai"
6th Oct 2013 16:47
"Too tall"
6th Oct 2013 18:27
"forget him over-rated money grabber that's why he was at Anzi!tell you what though Graziano Pelle of Feyernoord would be fabulous for me "The Real McCoy" before anyone else hears ie Spurs get him at all costs!!!!!"
6th Oct 2013 19:40
"would give us a different kind of option, we cant always buy these small pushover players e.g. borini/aspas"
Top 4 for sure
6th Oct 2013 21:36
"Erm why did we sell carrol again?"
6th Oct 2013 22:51
"seems to me like he'd be a replacement for suarez. If it were decision, I'd spend more for more class but if we can get him cheap off Anzhi then perhaps he's worth a punt. What about Munian?"
6th Oct 2013 23:33
"hope it is a smoke sceen what we need desperatly is a class midfielder thats are only weakness at the moment"
Natural Poolie
7th Oct 2013 2:57
"I absolutely agree binomial both about punt on Traore and Aspas being absolute pants. BUT i got slated for saying it, cannot believe nobody even said anything lol"
7th Oct 2013 10:58
"Like Willian.Dont want overpaid ex Russian mercenaries playing in softer league."
7th Oct 2013 11:31
"do any1 realy think suarez will really leave in january"
7th Oct 2013 13:00
"Really??? Why Traore?"
7th Oct 2013 15:02
"ibesevic from Stuttgart thanks ..or mossiyvan from spartak moscow"
7th Oct 2013 15:10
"Buy Lacina Traore to partner Michael Ngoo. We shall be untouchabled. Besides, we also have Sturridge, Yesil and Morgan.If possible, get Honda and Ben Arfa."
7th Oct 2013 17:32
"We actually need 2 strikers not 1. A 3rd choice striker who can do the business like defoe at spurs, hernandez+ wellbeck at utd. Costa would have been great. Afraid aspas isn't a threat"
7th Oct 2013 19:14
"Top 4 for sure----- Because he is injury prone at other things."
7th Oct 2013 19:18
"meant injury prone at other things."
7th Oct 2013 19:20
"Oh forget it certain things here don't come out as it should."
8th Oct 2013 14:08
"The smart move would be for Michu.Already proved in the prem,experienced,and the potential to do a Ray Kennedy when he slows down.30mil is not too much to ask we were going to pay that for Willian remember."
8th Oct 2013 20:32
"Just been seen coming out of Villas Boas hairdresser's shop."
Clark Kent
9th Oct 2013 7:39
"I know he's tall, but showing up on on our 'radar' wow that is tall, ;) "
9th Oct 2013 10:44
"suares will stay if we get in to top 4 would put money onit"