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would be nice for him to play for italy
6th Oct 2013 10:50
6th Oct 2013 12:03
"cant make sunderland . what a waste of money"
6th Oct 2013 15:01
"He's not even good enough to make the Sunderland starting 11. Please sell and sign either Honda or Hernandez. Pains me to see how weak our bench looks. Ibe, Sterling, Alberto all young and inexperienced. Aspas an unproven striker who would be lucky to even get to 8 league goals."
6th Oct 2013 20:15
"Blimey Italy MUST be desperate!"
6th Oct 2013 22:31
"I hope he gets the call. He has the tallent just needs the confidence. As for the nice fans ging him of. You are truly a pathetic bunch. Try giving encouragement instead of bile. Sickening."
7th Oct 2013 10:24
"Rodgers treatment of Borini baffles me. We paid £11m for him, he was injured most of last season, then Rodgers loans him to Sunderland and buys Aspas, an older player, who can't hit a barn door. No logic."
7th Oct 2013 15:59
"RiffRaff500 - Get your head out of your backside kid. Borini is not playing for Liverpool right now is he so we can say whatever we want about him. Hes not good enough and it was a mistake signing him. Same applies for Aspas and even Alberto, players that were never needed especially when we have youngsters who are better! "
7th Oct 2013 18:58
" Coutinho10?11 You can say what you like its a free country but you still spout negative bile about anyone you dont personally fancy the look of. Personally I like to support and encourage my team not put them down. Oh and I'm 47 you demeaning, arrogant moron. Just my opinion and like you say free speach is fine."