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Borini is not getting games, PDCs sack really wasn't a good thing for him as i'm sure he would have gotten playing time. Keep an eye out for Adjoran and Suso, talented youngsters who are getting regular playing time and will come good...same for Robinson
6th Oct 2013 9:30
6th Oct 2013 9:37
"It is a worry Borini isn't getting in a bottom side team which needs goals!"
6th Oct 2013 9:40
"suso will once agajn for the 8th time be the best on loan plAyer"
6th Oct 2013 10:10
"Hard to believe borini can't even get on as a sub for the bottom team, 11m?"
6th Oct 2013 10:12
"Well done pepe"
6th Oct 2013 10:16
"Pepe Reina still prosuting to Barca! He got a big mouth, think this guy isn't trustworthy could leak out our secret to opponents! By the way, since he was gone our luck seem to come back slowly.... BR keep up the good work getting rid those s in this team! "
6th Oct 2013 12:24
"Robinson has been really impressive at Blackpool this season! Feel sorry for Borini he needs game time, I don't think he's cut for the premier league, but would do well in Italy or Spain. Suso coming in next year will be great :D"
6th Oct 2013 13:30
"Borini has got to force his way into that sunderland team or his liv career is over. He will not come back a better player after a demoralizing season on the bench of a poor team. The rest of the lads seem to be doing fine and hopefully one or two can make the step up."
7th Oct 2013 4:53
"Suso magical pass couldn't rescue Almeria."
7th Oct 2013 6:31
"I wish Robbo well and all, but the person making the most of their loan is Suso. He's looked every bit of Coutinho for Almeria. Provided he doesn't get any major, career hindering injuries, he's going to come back ready to go straight into the first team, and will give us good rotation for the Champions League games we'll be playing in."
7th Oct 2013 12:11
"Suso and Robinson are the only ones getting regular game time ... Borini not getting a game at bottom club, assaidi just finding his feet at stoke ... Pepe Reina wont be coming back so no need to lookout for his performance .. Borini will be sold next season .. just hoping suso, robinson and assaidi to make the grade at liverpool "
7th Oct 2013 13:01
"What about Ngoo, did we sell him? not sure bout him, but he scores and could end up being similar to that striker we are being linked with. Suso and Alberto both play with that Spanish controlled relaxed swag, they just need a bit of fight in them when not on the ball and they will be brilliant 1st team players."