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great stuff luis.. thank you and all involved for making us smile and believe again.. and congrats on the birth of your first son. YNWA
5th Oct 2013 18:49
5th Oct 2013 18:54
"Yes if we keep playing the way we r we will get into the top 4 no problem "
5th Oct 2013 18:57
"Oh ho ho... Thats a great comment to hear from suarez... Compete for the shirt of liverpool... These two r awesome twosome..."
5th Oct 2013 19:07
"all 11 on the pitch and the subs please,YNWA."
5th Oct 2013 19:30
"3 of the league...we are back???"
5th Oct 2013 19:31
"spectacular performance from the entire team today. It will amount to a great disservice to the other 9 players to always sing the praises of our two marksmen. I believe Gerrard, Moses, sakho, Hendo and the others all had a good game. Kudos to the entire players on the field today, though they were a little bit relaxed in the 2nd half. "
5th Oct 2013 19:33
"Sturridge is very determined to remain the top marksman for us, but I think that brings the beast called selfishness out of him. Simple square passes today, and it would easily have been 5-1. That said, I'm wondering if one of them will end up being highest goals scorer this season."
5th Oct 2013 19:37
"Surely King Louis will make a fantastic captain for us? I don't think Stevie G would mind in the least handing him the armband in the near future. If Luis would only sign a new long contract and pledge his future to Liverpool F.C."
5th Oct 2013 19:51
"We can compete for the league, maintain our current form and a couple more attacking additions in Jan. We are playing as good as anyone in the league."
5th Oct 2013 19:57
"Yes I have pinned the 3 points on the log. It looks good. Bring on the next victim. I am loving it"
5th Oct 2013 20:26
"I hope this is the beginning on something big. Although Liverpool are gonna need at least 1 top class midfielder to provide competition for Steven Gerrard"
5th Oct 2013 21:05
"As I said last season in Brendon we have Bob Paisley."
5th Oct 2013 21:21
"u are just fantastic "
5th Oct 2013 21:25
jibbs lfc
5th Oct 2013 21:32
"English getting good lad keep banging them goals YNWA. Congratulations on your son. Sign him up br One 4 the future lol "
5th Oct 2013 21:49
"I am extremely happy with the victory. especially since in recent years we allow many of these games to trip us up. still early but i hope this continues against the sides that SHOULD be beaten. only one sore point though, we need to be careful with all these set piece goals we're letting in YNWA"
5th Oct 2013 21:50
"Proof, if ever any was needed, we need Luis Saurez."
5th Oct 2013 21:55
"can't imagine what it'd be like when PC10 is back ... surely the LS7/PC10/DS15 is the best attacking trio in BPL? "
robbo kop
5th Oct 2013 22:09
"Great result, we must continue and believe and get that top 4, well done to the BR and the mighty reds, top of the table.... "
5th Oct 2013 22:18
"THANK YOU SAUREZ, i always wished that you just prove your self on the football pitch and you are just doing that. YNWA."
5th Oct 2013 22:19
"The Dynamic Duo strike again! Forget Top 4, let's just win the whole enchilada! :-)"
5th Oct 2013 22:42
"Thank you Suarez...and congrats on the birth of your first son. "
5th Oct 2013 22:56
""We play for the shirt?" He has changed his mind. Until January. "
6th Oct 2013 0:05
"Well done 2 all the boys it was a wonderful performance all-round . Sahko was great 2day. Suarez u're still the man! I've forgiven u. YNWA"
6th Oct 2013 0:27
"Luis Suarez, is there was something I wanted it was for you to stay with us!! You're awesome and your goal is a proof that you NEVER give up! And cobracommander, why not wait and see what happens, instead of being so negative? No matter what people say, I'm sure he's proud of wearing the Red shirt"
Top 4 for sure
6th Oct 2013 0:51
"Not only top 4 suarez we can win the league. "
6th Oct 2013 0:53
"You have made up for whatever you have done before. Let's keep it that way and maintain it till the end of the season so that you will have your Champions League debut with us! Congratulations and thank you for bringing your son Benjamin...that was a nice surprise! YNWA! "
6th Oct 2013 1:50
"Seriously? Who will be our top goalscorer?"
6th Oct 2013 1:54
"This win is excellent, a little more clinical at times as well as second half performance needs to be improved, I felt Moses was the COUTINHO equivalent, Sterling should have been replaced, instead of Moses!"
6th Oct 2013 4:48
""He Made The People Smile......" "
6th Oct 2013 5:58
"Great result, but I do worry somewhat about the momentum getting lost a bit in the 2nd half in a lot of games, we need to keep the killer instinct going for 90mins plus stoppage time, I seem to remember back in the 70s our fitness was geared to 120mins as a benchmark.. Keep up the good work SaS and the rest of the team... Y N W A "
Luis Vnthn
6th Oct 2013 7:17
"Keep the confidence high luis, we need it. YNWA!"
6th Oct 2013 7:32
"Great partnership, YNWA"
6th Oct 2013 7:55
"I've rarely seen Suarez speak English ...he is learning well !! "
6th Oct 2013 9:11
"totally agree, we all know sturridge is a great forward. but mate dont let it get to your head and pass the ball some more. dont look or act selfish be a team player. Thank your for all u done already and dont waste it with selfisness YNWA"
Dede 7
6th Oct 2013 9:54
"Impressive. YNWA."
6th Oct 2013 10:52
"Good work and effort from Luis and Daniel. Keep it up. Hope later with Phillipe back in the team (schmuck ashley williams...), the duo become more deadly. "
Gerrard o ya beauty
6th Oct 2013 11:08
"Sturridge and Suarez are exceptional together, they are on fire! Both can score at anytime. Come on u reds!!! YNWA"
7th Oct 2013 6:54
"Nice one Luis. Thank you."