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Welcome back King Kenny :D
5th Oct 2013 14:06
5th Oct 2013 14:10
"Brilliant news, the king is back, another piece in the jigsaw puzzle. Well done LFC. YNWA"
5th Oct 2013 14:11
"And we are very proud to have you back "
5th Oct 2013 14:15
"Welcome back to the King"
5th Oct 2013 14:15
"Welcome Home Kenny back where you should be YNWA"
5th Oct 2013 14:27
"Thats a good new! Good luck king Kenny! Y.N.W.A."
5th Oct 2013 14:28
"Good to see him back where he belongs... should never have gone the way he did, what a man?"
5th Oct 2013 14:28
"Mr Dalglish, you have always and will always be a legend. Only if someday I get the opportunity to just shake your hand with my kids next to me and say thank you. Thank you."
5th Oct 2013 14:33
"Welcome home King Kenny YNWA."
5th Oct 2013 14:35
"Anyone claiming that Dalglish isn't the best player to ever pull on the liverpool shirt obviously never saw him play.YNWA"
5th Oct 2013 14:36
"Absolute legend, so glad he is an active part of the club again, great move by fsg. Can only be good for all concerned"
5th Oct 2013 14:40
"Great to have you back King. The place just ain't the same without you. "
5th Oct 2013 14:42
"Great News to have Kenny back where he belongs with his beloved LFC. THE NEWS JUST KEEPS GETTING BETTER AND BETTER, It is like having all your family round for Xmas every week !"
5th Oct 2013 14:44
"Delighted to see you back Kenny, missed your comments the sight and a big bonus to the team and backroom staff at home at last."
Norfolk in Chance
5th Oct 2013 15:42
"We're proud to have you back. The club needs more football brains in the management structure, at the moment it's all business people (and Ian Ayre).."
5th Oct 2013 17:02
"Great to have you back King Kenny! YNWA!"
5th Oct 2013 17:02
"The greatest day of my life was seeing King Kenny play his first game at Anfield YNWA "
5th Oct 2013 17:13
"Welcome back king Kenny. "
5th Oct 2013 17:38
"class act"
5th Oct 2013 17:41
"Welcome home Kenny, back were you belong YNWA"
5th Oct 2013 17:49
"Welcome back king Kenny. Hope your support and contribution will help the team to be at the place it deserves.i.e at the top! "
5th Oct 2013 17:50
"Kenny's a winner and our talisman. We need him to inspire the others and of course, to defend the club's interests. It's a great move to bring him back. "
5th Oct 2013 18:11
"Good news, Good to have a king. but what is non-executive director... strange position being a director but not executive, its like non-plumbing plumber.. should be honorary director or something. he is supporter no 1 so maybe he could be our man on the board.. "
5th Oct 2013 18:11
"so glad to see you back Kenny!"
5th Oct 2013 18:15
"Never the less.. Kenny is our man and is the best player ever to play for us and one of the most decorated managers.. this club is Kenny.. thats why he is the king its just that he is such a big part of it. Having him here still is just a way of keeping the whole thing together. YNWA KD7"
5th Oct 2013 18:31
"I love your smile, Kenny (of course Suarez also). Welcome! YNWA!"
5th Oct 2013 18:42
"i like this a lot.. good on you fsg for thinking of those that mean so much to the club and supporters. YNWA."
5th Oct 2013 18:58
"Welcome back home King Kenny its always good to have you here "
5th Oct 2013 19:41
"very happy to see Kenny back to Liverpool. What he has done is so important for this club. I don't care what other would say. But he helped our club when we were in danger, and protected our player when everybody else was against him. I am sure that's one of the reasons why Suarez stayed over the summer. He knows people are behind him when he really needs. This is called a team. "
5th Oct 2013 20:09
"Welcome back kenny, please let BR pick your brains!!!!"
5th Oct 2013 20:15
"one heart , one sole .one voice all together in one world (lfc) ynwa (BRING IT ON)ONWARDS AND UPWARDS "
5th Oct 2013 20:55
"Welcome Home KD.And if you could please have a word with a certain Mr Hansen to come back and help with the Kids.Life will soon be perfect.Tell him to click his heels and say there is no place like Home."
5th Oct 2013 21:22
"In My opinion, he has Never been away. The King!"
5th Oct 2013 21:29
"LEGEND !!!"
5th Oct 2013 22:09
"Thank you Kenny, for once again reminding everyone that superstardom and humility are NOT mutually exclusive. Today's players should take note."
5th Oct 2013 22:17
"NON-EXCUTIVE DIRECTOR? I don't even know what it means... Welcome back the King. Please enjoy your stay as we climb to the top."
6th Oct 2013 1:23
"Anything that will help get us bk in the top 4 I'm all for,good to see kenny back just keep him away from our January transfer kitty lol."
6th Oct 2013 1:37
"we're up in that 1 spot higher for now atleast"
6th Oct 2013 1:54
"Glad to have you back! But, what are non-executive Director job roles?"
6th Oct 2013 3:10
"Another stroke of genius from FSG. Welcome back home, Kenny!!!!!"
6th Oct 2013 3:46
"KK says "Support BR and the team. The greater the support, the more successful we will be..." Great message from a true gentleman. YNWA KK! =)"
6th Oct 2013 6:28
"You have and always will make us all proud KK YNWA."
6th Oct 2013 8:00
"Great words from the King"
6th Oct 2013 8:04
"How lucky are we to have our very own King ? Kenny you were a legend as a player, a manager but most importantly, as a man. You are, and will always be adored and loved by all LFC fans forever. Welcome back to where you belong YBWA"
7th Oct 2013 8:48
"So glad that King Kenny is back. FSG have made two GREAT appointments since they have been in charge. No 1, made King Kenny the manager, No 2 make King Kenny a board member :)"