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Good first half.. we want to see more goals..
5th Oct 2013 15:53
5th Oct 2013 16:16
"need more goals, go reds, go for the jugular please"
Norfolk in Chance
5th Oct 2013 16:28
"Standing ovation for Sakho. He's a beast of a defender. Would like to see Ibe come on for Sterling and have a run against this defence... Much better to blood young players against the weaker teams imo.. "
5th Oct 2013 16:53
"im happy we won and im not 1 to complain but Pool have such lapses in concentration its going to end up costing us. especially the senior players, im dissapointed with all of them. if we kept the high tempo Palace would have never scored. im putting most of this to Gerrard cause he's captain and did a few sloppy passes. maybe he's tired/injured i dont know but he seems slow."
5th Oct 2013 16:56
"E z win, but please get a grip on corners and free kicks... cheap cheap goal to concede. Top of the league! YNWA!"
5th Oct 2013 16:59
"Give the track record Liverpool have of being Lazy in the 2nd half, I'm not surprised at all they didn't score any and ended up conceding one."
5th Oct 2013 17:03
"OK 3 points is good but what was that second half all about - again !? Far too much passing about at the back (some of it shockingly inaccurate) and not enough direct attacking play. Come on, we have two of the top strikers in the country, get the ball to them and let them have a go !"
5th Oct 2013 17:13
"I really dun understand why Liverpool have this mindset to slack every game in 2nd half. They should scored more goals and keep the clear sheet. I agreed LucasTHEBEASTleivA's comment. Really a disappointed 2nd half. SAD!"
5th Oct 2013 17:14
"Back to defending in the second half again! We don't want this! There was no passion and urgency to score more goals! To be in the top 4 you need the passion to win by as many goals as we can! BR have to stop this trend! Thoroughly disappointing 2nd half!"
5th Oct 2013 17:16
"a win is a win. yes, but should have been more. 5-0 at half time and a much better 2nd half is required against better teams"
5th Oct 2013 17:20
"I am really worried to see our team in the second half.Very poor second half. Gerrard looked really tired.I suggest that BR to bring back Conor Coady and Suso to the 1st team. Play him and rest Gerrard. Sterling was really poor with his crosses.Play Ibe instead of Sterling. Henderson played well.Enrique was wasteful.Should be at least 5 to 6 goals."
5th Oct 2013 17:22
"Agreed with NigelM and Gemboy."
5th Oct 2013 17:29
"I am sick and tired of watching our second half football looking so poor its like a mental break down for them or its a managers decision for the team to play that way, but if we have ambition to finish in 4th spot them we need to play 90 mins of football...Take not Brendon."
5th Oct 2013 17:43
"glad to see we are winning with different formulas..questioned Sterling at the start but he played his role as well as expected...midfield was a little more mobile and quicker with the passes.. Victor dwells on the ball a little. He's effective but Alberto might offer a little more given a run of games in my opinion...What can you say about Sakho, what a great game from him..SAS..SUPERB"
5th Oct 2013 17:47
"I just don't enjoy sterling for now. Hope he settles himself fast. Gosh Newcastle next. YNWA"
5th Oct 2013 17:54
"Provide width and was an ever present outlet from defence...his defending wasnt great but thats understandable, he still put in a good shift until Holloway started to exploit him with the bigger stronger winger"
5th Oct 2013 17:57
"Good enough. LFC - YNWA!!!!! From Belgrade, Serbia!!!!!"
5th Oct 2013 18:17
"Well done boys, good game. Congratulations LUIS, lovely family, welcome Benjamin to Anfield :))))"
5th Oct 2013 18:37
"Again poor central midfielders. "
5th Oct 2013 18:59
"First half was very good in parts, second was horrific to watch. Also, that was one of the worst atmospheres at a Liverpool game in a very, very long time, and we won 3-1! Cont..."
5th Oct 2013 19:00
"Cont... Walked past Coutinho while leaving the stadium. Good P"
5th Oct 2013 19:02
"Cont... Walked past Phillipe Coutinho while leaving the ground. Good Point: His shoulder seems fine. Bad Point: After passing him a steward told me to go and get his autograph (I'm 15), so I sprinted a good 80 or so metres back to him, to be told to go away by very arrogant steward as Countinho marched off. Did he think I was going to stab him with the pen or something?! Gutted!"
5th Oct 2013 19:32
"i love you Liverpool!!!"
5th Oct 2013 20:09
"The atmospohere was v subdued.It was like everyone wanted a 10-0 drubbing and werent happy when we slacked off in the 2nd half.."
5th Oct 2013 20:18
"Would have liked to se young Ilori who they say possesses pace to spare deployed as the right wing back. Still missing Coutinho and as such getting a similar type player in January is important"
5th Oct 2013 20:23
"Days like this, I surf our site for every information available. These pics make me smile. More of such result. YNWA"
5th Oct 2013 21:07
"Anfield sounds empty, all I heard are Palace fans. Too many neutral tourists at Anfield and about 1000 long time loyal supporters embarrassing "
5th Oct 2013 22:10
"this game we had the chance to better our GOAL difference. ALL IN ALL, a win is a WIN. STERLING needs some confidence. "
6th Oct 2013 0:13
"I guess the criticism that the team is getting right now on our second half performance is a sign of the lofty expectation from the fans. The fans expect great things from the team this season and think that for those targets to be met our team have to play both halves well and kill off teams. Critics know the team has progressed and expect better performances."
6th Oct 2013 4:19
"Like I said, Rodgers, please while still hv time KILL them. If we do this against MU, MC, or Chelsea, we are doomed. We lead 2 goals and they will strike us with 3 goals. Slow the tempo when 10 minutes remaining and at least 2 goals leading. Otherwise, KILL them with more goals"