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Saw that video, he was asking for that pass! Think he had noticed goalie was out of the line! Nice one kid
6th Oct 2013 10:10
6th Oct 2013 11:33
"Zxcv Ditto that."
6th Oct 2013 11:39
"How anyone can suggest that was a "lucky hit" is beyond me. Great goal Adam."
6th Oct 2013 12:14
"Cracking goal Adam "
6th Oct 2013 12:17
"I hope Morgan gets a chance in the first team,he reminds me a lot of David villa.And remember villa never really became a first team regular till he was 22."
6th Oct 2013 13:28
"We will see him up soon I hope. Love the academy talent working their way up. It's the way it should be done. That was an amazing goal. No luck involved at all. Just skill and field awareness. "