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Last time I saw Palace at Anfield we won 9-0. Couple of weeks later they dumped us out of the cup at Villa Park - was there for that also. Up and at 'em Redmen Y N W A :-)
5th Oct 2013 9:21
5th Oct 2013 10:05
"GOd i remember that cup night! was 4-3 wasnt it with Ian Wright scoring? was virtually in tears after that one thought it was a given to win.remember watching the 9-0 on teletext too! was great was 8 different scorers if i remember right and i think still a record! "
5th Oct 2013 11:10
"if dwight gayle is our biggest threat... skrtel,sakho and toure will murder him"
5th Oct 2013 11:15
"This game is one we should be winning,if we,re to keep up this "natural progression" BR expects from us."
5th Oct 2013 11:37
"4-0 YNWA"
5th Oct 2013 11:52
"Any win will do but I feel we are going to go on a bit of a rampage, with kenny back on board the atmosphere will be electric and if we get 2-0 by halftime we will have some cat and mouse fun in the second half."
5th Oct 2013 13:11
"A steady professional win will be good enough. Everyone knows it's exactly the sort of game we should dispose of clinically without being y. Not too much messing about with it around our box making problems for ourselves. Good luck lads."
5th Oct 2013 13:48
"nice early goal then we will win 4-0! "
Norfolk in Chance
5th Oct 2013 15:53
"Half way to a complete smashing.. I really don't like Holloway, he was always up Fergie's jacksy and doesn't half come out with drivel.. He's just a mouthy country bumpkin Worzel Gummage. Loved it when his player dived and got caught last week, now he can't do his hysterical whining about other teams.. I'd love it if he lost every game and was down and gone by xmas."