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Hopefully bring Alonso home!! Play 4-3-1-2 Mingolet Johnson Agger Toure Enrique Gerrard Henderson Alonso Coutinho Suarez Sturridge Subs - jones Kelly Sakho Moses Allen Lucas menez Hopefully that should help us get top 4 but if looks hard with arsenal playing class spurs getting ready to gel with Erikson pulling the strings
Ben #JFT96
3rd Oct 2013 15:56
3rd Oct 2013 16:19
"3-5-2 or 4-1-4-1 is the way"
Norfolk in Chance
3rd Oct 2013 16:35
"Very skillful and quick, but clearly has a suspect temperament if he storms off and goes home during a win. Not for me, thanks.. Personally would far prefer Pastore if we are taking one of their cast o.. We've been linked, but it's too good to be true... (please be true!! ) lol "
3rd Oct 2013 17:54
"Should we be looking at a player who regularly spits his dummy out? On the cheap, fair enough but no big outlay for a player with an iffy temperament."
3rd Oct 2013 18:13
"whats wrong with an atude of wanting to play, hes a quality player and very quick too! its better than being over the moon to sit on the bench getting paid"
3rd Oct 2013 18:43
"Not sure what compelled him to leave early, but it sounds like his frustration at not playing boiled over. Once upon a time (last World Cup) the world frowned on Samir Nasri (and the French squad, in general) and I don't think any of you would say no to a Jan transfer for him!"
3rd Oct 2013 18:52
"5m?????? id pick him up myself"
3rd Oct 2013 18:53
"menez is the type of class we need for le contenders imho"
3rd Oct 2013 20:14
"Has an atude, storming home in protest and now wants out, would we be happy with our player doing that? Big ??????"
3rd Oct 2013 22:11
"can't be any worse than Allen Borini Aspas & assaidi what a waste and their wages."
3rd Oct 2013 22:29
"hester...there's nothing wrong with a player that's hungry for playing's the professionalism and respect he must show for the team he plays for"
4th Oct 2013 3:16
"LFC-16.. why, just why did you have to slate those players? couldnt just comment on the player in the article no? Allen and Borini will still come good, very young and the other 2 hardly cost us a lot, Aspas is a good clever player and back up that was needed. Menez would be a good buy, he was unhappy at not playing thats good. Him, Pastore Honda, Ben Arfa all seem good option we could get"
4th Oct 2013 6:05
"Quany not Quality? How many wingers should we have? Our weakest position is midfield, not the flank."
4th Oct 2013 9:33
4th Oct 2013 16:17
"Oh my god! Can't believe this! Go for him BR pleaaaaaaase! His really what we need. He plays comfortably at right, left and as a n'10. I remember him playing under Claudio Ranieri with As Roma as a N'10 when they got 24 or 25 matches unbeaten. His a cracking attacking player with just little temperament problem "
5th Oct 2013 6:12
"Would love him in a red shirt!"