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Roy, make sure you look after our lads.
3rd Oct 2013 14:30
3rd Oct 2013 14:38
"Mixed feeling but I'm glad your effort is crowned with the call up. Go and show Roy that you are the only and best striker but please be careful and come back stronger. Wish all LFC players injury free games. YNWA."
"Good way to get him injured again. off Hodsgob you relic!"
3rd Oct 2013 15:42
"I'm beginning to dread internationals! Maybe Brendan should to a fergie? "Giggs can't play he's injured.....oh he's ok now!""
3rd Oct 2013 15:50
"Agree with others -great news for players but worrying for us - we don't want injuries to SG or DS at this critical time.Got to be in top 4 at Xmas to attract more talent in window. And sorry-Hendo nor Sterling would be in Arsenal,MU,MC,Chel 1st team squads!Future maybe but not currently."
3rd Oct 2013 16:05
"Howmor, I absolutely agree. The fact the Moses couldn't get in Chelsea and he's better than both hendo and sterling? But, they're our players and I'll support them to the hilt. "
3rd Oct 2013 18:07
"just hope he comes back injury free, excited to see him as englands main striker though he deserves it"
3rd Oct 2013 18:26
""Howmor" I'm not having a go like but, If Cleverly and Welbeck can get into the United squad both Sterling and Henderson could considering they scored more and assisted more! "
3rd Oct 2013 21:30
"Get lost roy"
4th Oct 2013 6:27
"OH NO!!! Hope he does not return injured..."
4th Oct 2013 8:54
"does this mean that ds is fully and 100% fit. can someone confirm pls. ds have been saying he is still not 100%. btw all the best danny. ynwa."