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3rd Oct 2013 13:53
3rd Oct 2013 13:57
"must admit i don't know much about this guy but surely we have to be looking at MIDFIELDERS in the window... anyone know what happened to the 'pass teams to death' style that we were playing last year??? Our midfield looks unable this year, even when PC was fit and playing."
Norfolk in Chance
3rd Oct 2013 16:44
"Decent, but Lukaku is the one imo. We could have signed him before but I don't think BR fancies big lads up front so it won't happen now. BR's into his nippy little hardworkers: Aspas/Borini types but we need an alternative imo. Who would defender rather play against? Borini/Aspas or Lukaku? No contest.. "
3rd Oct 2013 18:46
"He's 6 foot 8 inches and, over the length of his career, he scores better than a goal every three games. Not sure he fits into Rodgers' pass and move strategy, but he'd be one hell of an alternative! Then again, we saw how well Carroll worked in that system!"
3rd Oct 2013 18:48
"how much is he worth"
3rd Oct 2013 20:15
4th Oct 2013 3:29
"Redarn, your right our passing hasnt been as crisp last year but i think PC wasnt playing well and the changes and injuries have disrupted the fluid play. One player the quality of PC in there would improve the team so much too. Cant see BR wanting this lad he has got his forwards and defense and knows exactly what is needed in midfield. imagine alonso/Menez/Pastore in our squad "