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I believe in your dream mate cos you are close to your top form. Pls try to get forward and get goals and assists once in a while. You are the most decent DM a team can have.... YNWA
3rd Oct 2013 10:33
3rd Oct 2013 10:37
"Good luck Lucas! Just don't get injured playing for Brazil, coz we need you fighting fit for our CL push. YNWA."
3rd Oct 2013 10:40
"I believe in you mate, it's just a matter of time when you'll hit your top form. I will say you are the most decent DM a team can have and I see your dream coming through. YNWA"
3rd Oct 2013 11:24
"That dream will come true, Brazil needs you"
3rd Oct 2013 11:29
"Great player but needs to watch the bookings, we can't afford having him suspended for too many games."
3rd Oct 2013 12:08
"LUCAS!!! You don't score. You make Gerrard look like a bad player cause he has to track back & do your donkey work. I'd prefer Hendo-Gerro Combo."
3rd Oct 2013 12:14
"Does anyone believe that Gerrard would make a better DM than Lucas? He is better in all aspects of the game and it would prolong his career. Yes you loose a little going forward at the moment but that could be addrssed."
3rd Oct 2013 12:14
"Really guys! Is LUCAS the best DM a team can have? Really!! The guy doesn't offer anything in attack & defensively he's not even that great"
3rd Oct 2013 12:32
"Going to be a tough ask for lucas, he was playing his best football when he got injured under kenny. Probably going to have to get liverpool cl football or win the league to be considered for the wc squad as other's have moved ahead in his absense."
3rd Oct 2013 12:45
"Got a feeling Coutinho would have been called if we was fit. but am sure he will be in the squad if he can stay fit."
3rd Oct 2013 13:06
"Anyone who slates Lucas needs to remember to things. When you slated him before and he made you eat your words. And secondly, the games he was missing and we were dominated in Midfield!"
3rd Oct 2013 15:01
"Stats shows that we missed Lucas' Absensce more than Suarez's one...!!! That says it all!!!"
3rd Oct 2013 15:22
"Stats shows that we missed Lucas' Absensce more than Suarez's one...!!! That says it all!!!"
Norfolk in Chance
3rd Oct 2013 16:09
"Hope he does, it must be amazing to play in a home World Cup. That said, I hope Alonso (and Pastore) joins us in January. We need someone like Xabi's wise head to balance out our talented, but youthful and inexperienced players. Kolo has closed the debate on only signing u25s. "