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Hope its a positive one like Henderson and Sterling will play for the reserves , and I am giving IBE Alberto and Aspas a chance Lets get the 3 points we could be top of PL come Monday
3rd Oct 2013 9:09
3rd Oct 2013 9:13
"lets hope its good news , Henderson and Sterling dropped to the reserves and Alberto , IBE and Aspas going to get a chance , lets get the 3 points and we will be top of the PL on Monday"
3rd Oct 2013 10:35
"I agree, jordan Ibe should deffo play. Think he's better than sterling "
3rd Oct 2013 11:09
"JUST HORRENDIOUS must be sold but the problem is who will buy apart from R-E-D-A-H-E-N-D-O, who has already encounter a dum and the only dweeb who is still trap in the closet. I hope angel Gabriel will take care of your case."
3rd Oct 2013 11:15
"Ibe is twice Henderson, that Horrendous spirit must be removed from LFC, either by hook or crook. Ah the devil is liar, "
RedNeve 2
3rd Oct 2013 11:38
"I think the loss of Lucas may just be the opportunity to start Ibe? Henderson will start I have no doubt but, it would be nice to give Alberto some game time too? "
3rd Oct 2013 12:53
"Alberto shud play, Henderson should be at the bench. "
3rd Oct 2013 13:00
"Agree with the positive comments for Ibe but he is still very young, his impact is better as a sub vs tired defenders when he can use his pace. Against Palace we should be playing 3 up front in Suarez, Sturridge, Aspas instead of 3 at the back to annihilate them. Them 3 up front should easily be enough along with Moses."
3rd Oct 2013 13:35
"tobtv You should have applied for the job when it was vacant. but I must say you would have been fired by now with the choices you want to make. The first team is a winning team you don't break that up in so many ways as you suggest. I hope he goes with the team but to be honest the right back position is still open IMO."
3rd Oct 2013 19:04
"where the hell are the forums ? this is becoming a joke the time its takeing to be back ?"