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I'd vote if it wasn't solely by twitter. :( I get that the club wants to get LFC trending on twitter, and that presumably it's a good marketing strategy, but why isolate those fans that are not (and don't want to be) on twitter?
2nd Oct 2013 12:44
2nd Oct 2013 12:59
2nd Oct 2013 13:14
"Seriously, how hard is it to have a poll on here and twitter and add the two together. Is getting new fans worth isolating some of your existing ones? Not the Liverpool way."
2nd Oct 2013 13:42
"I'd also vote if it wasn't on twitter...."
2nd Oct 2013 13:49
"I think I'd go along with Skrtel also, absolutely 110%"
2nd Oct 2013 14:41
"Afterthought 2nd Oct 2013 12:44 Well said, thank you and ditto. Some of us NO NOT WANT FACEBOOK or TWITTER! Very tough call but my vote would have gone to Mignolet, very close call thou. YNWA"
2nd Oct 2013 15:13
"Can only echo what other people have said, why is it just on Twitter it's very strange, if I was on Twitter and were to vote on this I'd probably go for Skrtel. It's him or Mignolet I think Skrtel edges it. Sturridge hasn't done that well overall this month got a few goals but been reasonably quiet."
2nd Oct 2013 16:46
"Agreed with Afterthought 2nd Oct 2013 12:44 . very strange to vote via Tweeter!! my vote would have gone to Mignolet he's been brilliant. YNWA" "
2nd Oct 2013 17:09
"I am one of the band of brothers and sisters not voting because it is on Twitter. If I could vote on here I would pick Skrtel as he has been outstanding since his return to the first team. "
2nd Oct 2013 17:14
"Its funny how you can pick your goal of the month on a poll on the website, but to vote for your player of the month, it has to be on twitter..."
2nd Oct 2013 17:21
"I agree with all. Why vote via Twitter? We always voted for player/goals, etc. right here, so I don't see the reason to change it. Anyway, I will go for Skrtel."
2nd Oct 2013 19:37
"Rubbish.! Get the damn vote on this site.!!!! We pay for membership for this club site not for damn twitter.! Get the vote here and add twitter votes if its that important.! uurgh..."
2nd Oct 2013 19:55
"non-twitter members are second class members so either reduce our subscription or put a premium on the 1st class tweeters fee. Would have gone with Dan Sturridge. Cout and Johnson were in line before injuries."
2nd Oct 2013 20:15
2nd Oct 2013 20:49
"This season we became the first Barclays Premier League club to p!ss off our paying customers by preventing them from interatcing with the club, by moving our official Man of the Match poll to Twitter - and now we're doing the same with our Standard Chartered Player of the Month.' Great, thanks. "
2nd Oct 2013 20:50
"I like giving feedback to the club in my own small way by voting. And now I can't, even though I pay good money to join this site. Family club? If my brother told me I could only contact him via Twitter, he wouldn't be getting a Christmas card from me ever again! "
2nd Oct 2013 21:46
2nd Oct 2013 22:44
"How riDICulous is this twitter-my-tle-tattle nonsense!! I pay for LFC tv to do stuff like this and I DONT want to be using twitter. As Jim Royle would say, "Twitter? My AR$E!!" "
2nd Oct 2013 22:54
"So because I don't "tweet" because I'm not a bird, I can't vote. So much for paying to have an LFC web account to do this and that but NOT vote for Player of the month! Come on!!!!!!"
3rd Oct 2013 3:22
"As the original poster says, there are a lot of us who are not on Twitter and don't want to be it on it either. Splitting up the fan base like this is ridiculous and potentially harmful. Sort yourselves out! "
3rd Oct 2013 4:20
"Have to agree with most of the comments about twitter here. If the club insists on running it there, then don't mention the POTM contest here at all. "
3rd Oct 2013 5:33
""We became the first club to move its official Man of the Match poll to Twitter" Well maybe there's a reason we are the only club doing so! I have to join those who have already commented saying they are isolated because we don't use Twitter! Change it back or put the two together!"
3rd Oct 2013 7:30
"Yes, I don't have twitter account, and I give up to vote..."
3rd Oct 2013 8:07
"It is definitely mignolet"
3rd Oct 2013 8:43
"i will vote here .>Mignolet "
3rd Oct 2013 8:45
"Would have liked to vote but do not hold a twitter account and have no desire to tweet."
3rd Oct 2013 9:25
"How do we complain about being forced to create Twitter accounts to vote?"
3rd Oct 2013 9:36
"I think votes should be confidential and now on twitter everyone can see who you voted for. Also this is not good for those who don't have twitter accounts. I personally prefer to vote here than on twitter"
3rd Oct 2013 13:40
"Liverpool FC blasted over Twitter vote controversy."
3rd Oct 2013 14:49
"Its a bit if TWIT idea to make people use twitter to vote... it should be on line , agree with most its between Skrtel and Mignolet"