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this polgar lad, not doing great for the defence is he
2nd Oct 2013 13:30
2nd Oct 2013 14:40
"something not right here that's 9 goals conceded in 2 games whats going on ynwa"
2nd Oct 2013 15:34
"Get in there Rob Jones!"
Norfolk in Chance
2nd Oct 2013 16:01
"Inconsistent is the story of our season so far at u18 level. Perhaps Steve Cooper's unexplained departure from the set up has something to do with it? 4th place and FA Cup semi final obviously wasn't good enough? Yet this is?! Players and coaches need to buck up their ideas if they want to progress at our club.. "
2nd Oct 2013 19:27
"We are not as good as we like to think we are. End of. NO LFC side should concede 4 goals at home, or 5 away. Our facilities are miles ahead of anything West Ham or Fulham have, but I just wonder if some of these kids (by already having a contract at LFC) think they have made it? Frankly this result, and the previous one, worries me and I hope it will also concern BR."
2nd Oct 2013 19:50
"its becoming a bit of a habit,"
2nd Oct 2013 23:00
"For the second year running LFC academy have seen a lot of changes Sep Segura has left so Steve Cooper as for Rudolph Borell given a technical director role so in reality I do not know if it is for the best or the worse in the long run because I thought Benitez tried to build a good foundation for LFC."
3rd Oct 2013 3:36
"Polgar no good? Give him a chance , he,s only 16 FGS,"