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Still looks a bit rusty and his passes look like theregoing awol half time, a bit of a risk taker but I think he will grow into a Legend for us at the back, nice to have someone with some steel along with Toure they are going to be immense.
2nd Oct 2013 13:12
2nd Oct 2013 13:45
"We have four top class centerbacks in Agger, Skrtel, Toure and Sakho. It's a tough decision who to start, so tough that we play Toure at RB! Looking forward to all of our defenders being fit, and we'll take off!"
2nd Oct 2013 13:47
"I can't wait to see Llori, this lad has got talent, like a race horse, a very untypical center-back lots of pace and a good passer of the ball."
2nd Oct 2013 14:12
"good to have more non-white players, helps the clubs racist image"
2nd Oct 2013 14:31
"I agree KopKing that he looks a little off the pace for the Prem League. Agger and Toure for me as first choice this season. Toure has been awesome."
2nd Oct 2013 14:40
"His first two games, I thought 'Oh dear we've got another Djimi Traore!' Thankfully his last two performances have been very good. He's got an awkward-looking gangly style but he is becoming assured and dependable. Good signing!"
Norfolk in Chance
2nd Oct 2013 15:38
"It's incredible reading people's comments writing Sakho off already.. In reality it's laughable really, but the scary thing is these people are being sincere.. they think they're one step away from managing a Premier League team. I just hope they're kids and don't have jobs that involve public safety...."
2nd Oct 2013 15:55
"He presence ensures that teams like west ham nd stoke cant bully us"
2nd Oct 2013 16:44
"exactly what i thought Yellowmersey, same turn, control and half-baked passes like djimi. i think he is improving though"
2nd Oct 2013 16:54
"Kopking100,I sincerely hope he comes good for us. He looks shaking and desperate to impress when simple things are needed. hope he settles down and do the basics, which is defend with composure."
2nd Oct 2013 17:56
"errr was you watching the match against Sunderland, he had a pass rate of 95.9 percent and did not put a foot wrong despite being under pressure. The Swansea game he was rusty but hell who wouldnt against Michu. The guy will only get better and is in the BBC top 11 last week."
2nd Oct 2013 17:59
"I think the people writing Sakho off need to look at the real weaknesses in Lfc right now and that is Lucas and Henderson. I cant remember a game where Lucas actually contributed more than ten passes. and also always gives away stupid free kicks in dangerous areas. Hendo, squad player at best. We need a defensive midfield player to take pressure away from our defense and a box to box player"
2nd Oct 2013 18:10
"Kolo Toure has brought in some real good stuff here though never like him before, but now a fan"
Thisis d1
2nd Oct 2013 18:19
"I think in time Sahko will in time become a Great, also Lucas is still a very good player. Y.N.W.A "
Thisis d1
2nd Oct 2013 18:21
"Sorry meant Sakho."
Dede 7
2nd Oct 2013 20:24
"indeed he will. what a signing" he is a very good center back. am waiting for Ilori ,Alberto and Aspas to step in. it will be interesting."
RedNeve 2
2nd Oct 2013 22:42
"I think Sakho has all the tools to be a world beater. A new country, a new league and a new team! Give the boy a chance mun?"
2nd Oct 2013 22:53
"dj-greg, you can't remember Lucas contributing more than 10 passes? That's an odd statement. Lucas has made an average of 59 passes per game with a success rate of 89%"
2nd Oct 2013 23:08
"To whoever not sure of Lucas I just wish to remind them that Lucas has recently been included in the Brazil squad after an absence of nearly two years due to his cruciate knee ligaments injury."
Buckie LFC Supporter
2nd Oct 2013 23:39
"Norfolk - Totally agree! Yellowmersy & blacksus - Djimi won a champ le medal, if Sakho can do the same whilst wearing a LFC shirt, I for one will be delighted!"
3rd Oct 2013 4:13
"No need to be sarcastic, Norfolk. Everyone is enled to their opinion, even you. But do it in a mature way. "
3rd Oct 2013 6:00
"Very impressed with his positioning in defensive headers against long balls - reminds me of Gerard Pique. Just give this lad a bit more time. "
3rd Oct 2013 11:14
"Class players sakho and Ilori,but why buy the 2 when Ilori is not yet ready that money would have been better of spent on getting Eriksen to sign I can't look at a spurs game now as I feel so sad to see him play at W.H.L. when we could heave had him...YNWA"
3rd Oct 2013 14:34
"Thanks Norfolk. Lol"