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until the next crazy incident or he will tell everyone he hates us and wants to leave. what a joke.
2nd Oct 2013 8:48
2nd Oct 2013 8:52
"im glad luis ddnt leave, we have an opportunity to make top 4. man u, man city and chelsea havent found their feet yet, may this continue...SUAREZ IS MAGIC..TOP GOAL SCORER THS SEASON."
2nd Oct 2013 9:06
"I'm sure his return is a real boost for every LFC players, stuff & fans. Can't wait to see GERRARD back in great form, Glen & Coutinho coming back. I'm so excited to see how we'll do and where we'll be :) "
2nd Oct 2013 9:12
"He won the game for us against Sunderland! idiot. Just take one game at a time and hope he keeps scoring. Incase ya didnt realise that wins games bide da way:) "
2nd Oct 2013 9:13
"Honestly I can't blame Luis for what he did in the summer. He's a great player in great form in his career & moving for another club would makes him earning more money & playing in CL. Our owners didnt showed enough ambition last year. U can't hope top4 with only 1 striker in Suarez. Even this year they couldn't buy players because of their fees. To be on top u have to buy top players"
2nd Oct 2013 9:18
"And let's remember that he refused Juventus a year ago. A club which offered better salary and les hopes. Juve wanted him just after winning SERIE A. So he gave us another year but unfortunately owners left him dow. And not only him but BR too, cos they told him to loan Carroll if he doesn't fit his plan but they did left him with only 1striked and couldn't get him any of his targets"
2nd Oct 2013 9:28
"Saurez just needs to score goals. It was only a few weeks ago he disrespected club and city."
2nd Oct 2013 9:38
"lets be honest we have to realise that there is no certainty with any player and no certianty with winning anything but allwe can do is continue to support our club and in turn any player that repersents it no matter what. I hope he does great this season along with all the other lads in the team, Hopefully CL footy and we might just build a stronger squad go for that elusive le."
2nd Oct 2013 9:39
"Had the right offer come in FSG would have sold Saurez. Even to Arsenal. "
2nd Oct 2013 9:50
"If Wayne Rooney can wear that mad helmet to keep his hair attached to his scalp, maybe Saurez could wear a face mask to stop him biting people? Like "hannibal lecter" in "silence of the lambs"...we would then have a chance of getting a full season out of him."
2nd Oct 2013 9:57
"Let's face it, we cannot achieve our ambitions without world class players and Luis Suarez is one! We must stay behind ALL of the team and support them throughout. We need Luis and personally I'm very glad he's here. YNWA"
2nd Oct 2013 10:01
"It's big time either Agger or Sakho play as LB. Enrique is inconsistent. GK - Mignolet RB - Kelly/Glen LB - Sakho CB - Agger & Skrtel/Toure CDM - Lucas CM - Gerrard & Henderson AM - Coutinho CF - Suarez ST - Sturridge This team is perfect"
2nd Oct 2013 10:07
"Sakho is not a LB, he's not attack minded enough! Enrique is the best we have atm. Other option would be to play Glen at LB and have Kelly at RB. Cissokho gives competition to Enrique when he's back again!"
2nd Oct 2013 10:08
"We can play in a diamond formation when coutinho returns. With two strikers, attack minded wing backs, Henderson preferring to play in the middle - a diamond midfield of Lucas,Henderson, Gerrard, Coutinho would be perfect. Only concern is Hendo & Gerrard must be very aware in their defensive duties."
2nd Oct 2013 10:12
"maybe when we think of the summer we should also remember that luis has a short career as a footballer and with his talent it is natural that he wants to achieve great things and of course make as much money as he can for his family. I feel luis needs support not only from us fans but also someone to guide him hopefully lucas br and the boys can be a positive influence and we can help too!"
2nd Oct 2013 10:20
"Kidofkop88, you have left moses out of your team. Would you feel he has not played well or is coutinho suarez and sturridge the the combo that will work best."
2nd Oct 2013 10:30
"Moses was instrumental against Sunderland and when he is settled will prove why chelsea only put him out on loan."
2nd Oct 2013 10:31
"I agree kid, but you have missed the point! Sakho is NOT attack minded therefore is not the person to fill the left wing back position! It must be someone who can get forward effectively. As for Moses, well he would be better coming off the bench for me. Coutinho, Suarez and Sturridge are all better than he is."
2nd Oct 2013 10:33
"cordoso, Moses works well when we have someone in the right wing also. Otherwise there won't be balance in the team. Hendo is not preferring to cut inside and attack or cross the ball... So it will be better with coutinho behind SaS. Or else, BR has to deploy someone like Ibe/Raheem in RW and play 4-2-3-1 with coutinho in the middle"
2nd Oct 2013 10:40
"Enrique is a top quality left back but lacks the pace and trickery of jonno so is not really suitable for a wingback role. Sissoko will no doubt be favoured as a wingback and enrique as a leftback. Br has done well in his defensive transfer dealings we now have more flexibility and are less predictable."
2nd Oct 2013 10:44
"There is definitely quality with enrique but never consistency. Remember, defenders can't make too many mistakes compared to the attackers. By the way we have another guy - cissokho on loan. May be when he comes out of injury, enrique may realise competition and play consistently.."
2nd Oct 2013 11:08
"Nothing against Hendo but he should be dropped to bench when courtinho returns. Guys I think the team picks itself - a 4-2-1-3 formation SM (gk) GJ (rb) KT(cb) MS (cb) JE (lb) SG & LL PC (am) VM (lf) DS (cf) LS (rf) Centre backs is difficult but based on form. Hendo to come on 2nd half "
2nd Oct 2013 11:09
"I think playing a diamond in midfield with coutinho as 10 would leave us very narrow and thr other problem with that formation is most teams will play a dm making that central area more congested. I would like to see us go back to the 4 3 3 system with suarez central and coutinho left and sturridge right"
2nd Oct 2013 11:14
"He has played two games so far, and even though the opposition fans keep booing him shamelessly, he was managed to avoid any yellow cards. You can also see players trying to be tough with him, but he looks calmer than ever. Hope this new Suarez is what we'll see this season."
2nd Oct 2013 11:38
"Just do your talking on the pitch suarez and the boo boys will shut up"
2nd Oct 2013 11:48
"Suarez wont stay so we need to start planning for life without him. For me if you get 45m for him you spent the lot on new quality players in. Hopefully we can keep him for a year and get into top 4"
2nd Oct 2013 12:03
"The owners have said they will not sell to another pl club and no one else has shown any intrest. Luis has a bad rep and he will have to prove over the course of a season that he has reformed, by then we could be chamoions and the rest will be history."
2nd Oct 2013 12:12
"Should be playing 3-5-2 like in the last game. Drop Henderson for Johnson and Moses for Coutihno when they are fit again. As Moses is only on laon, should only be used as an impact sub over similarly talented Liverpool players."
2nd Oct 2013 12:29
"Excellent fantastic and great footballer but very ungreatful and unpredictable as a human being, owes us a lot with the misery he caused us over the summer. Hope he pays us back by behaving both on and off the field. I n the meantime YWNA"
2nd Oct 2013 12:53
""be_real_lfc" please go support your real team wich is MANURE UNITEED.....leave this page...only LFC fans wanted here..."
2nd Oct 2013 13:07
"Suarez remains the best striker in Epl, top 3striker in the world I donnt care WHATEVER he does and as a red fan I would love to see him double his tally of last season because he is a winner. And wish him well with his new born child; anyone who wants him gone must wear polio"
2nd Oct 2013 13:15
"If he does score more goals than last season, as well as bag a few in the world cup, he will be worth more than Bale - let us hope we qualify for cl in the process so that we can afford to hold on to such assets..."
2nd Oct 2013 13:21
"Nobodys been more crtical of me than him but if the lad can contain his emotions and play football then he's a great asset. The last couple of games I haven't felt nervy about him. Very very early days and I wouldnt put a great deal of trust in him staying with us but I should improve us in the coming months."
2nd Oct 2013 13:22
"I meant him than me:)"
2nd Oct 2013 13:29
"Redhendo - Agreed... Pedosa - didn't mean any offence on other thread - I actually really enjoy reading your comments, though I do find some of them a bit deep... Please don't make me wear polio!!"
2nd Oct 2013 13:29
"I love the footballer Luis Suarez, but im having a hard time convincing myself that he is gonna stay after january. Dont see how we can replace him with anyone being around his level tbh. "
2nd Oct 2013 13:30
2nd Oct 2013 13:41
"Fiqi - its incredible, just like your beautiful country that I miss like no other..."
2nd Oct 2013 13:42
"To the guy who said sell Suarez at 45 million pounds... you're kidding, right? He's worth 60 million and I wouldn't be surprised if we're in the CL next summer and he stays and then goes on to win the Golden Boot in the WC! He's THAT good."
2nd Oct 2013 14:03
"Many has tried an argumentative or have a fallacy by trying to borders on the gen of fallacy, peio principii pegging the question in an anchorage in another fallacious gen of post orb echo Procter hoc. "
2nd Oct 2013 14:14
"Pedosa1 - agreed...."
2nd Oct 2013 14:15
"ahh thats great hey our beutiful country needs to get our beutiful team down here for couple of friendlies bru "
2nd Oct 2013 14:19
"I am sure SA will be part of the tour next year - need to include Soccer City in the trip as LFC could sell it out 5 times for sure plus the alude training will do us good to get us fit for the charity shield..."
2nd Oct 2013 14:19
"Kingmat 13:29I find it tongue-in-cheek that after you have deciphered (let say some of my comments) in a concise manner, not to mention your etymological excursion of some of the words, you now conclude that some are virtuous and some you do nt understand why deep. how so? Your post indicates that you clearly understand what I have said previously."
2nd Oct 2013 14:25
"Pedosa, I just can see that your heart is in the right place, and that you have an enjoyment of life, as well as LFC, on many different levels. It is fans like you that make our club fantastic not only in its foundations, but also in its diversity. YNWA..."
2nd Oct 2013 14:39
"Kingmat.. I pray for continued clarity of purpose be it clear or cloudy skies and that we may rediate and infect others with our positive atude. infact God bless you YNWA"
2nd Oct 2013 14:47
"Knuckle Head.Spot on mate but I think be_real_lfc is from the South and not a Manc.He needs to perdosa-off ASAP"
2nd Oct 2013 14:53
"sturridge song 0 seven nation army- stu oh oh oh ridge , stu oh oh oh ridge, hes gonna shut them up, its just what he will do, hes gonna shut them up one by one danny sturridge is coming for you, stu oh oh oh ridge"
2nd Oct 2013 14:55
"Its great to have Suarez back in the side but I do wish some of our players would stop a--e licking him as LFC we should have belief in every game and the stats show we don't miss him when he has been missing every time he has been suspended, want him to stay here but I havnt forgotten his outbursts every time he goes on international duty. "
2nd Oct 2013 15:08
"KINGY27 2nd Oct 2013 14:47,you have chosen to wear polio shirt that fits you best. We do not need any more H*mo sapiens on here, may disgraced kiss you. Is not a prayer its a promise"
2nd Oct 2013 15:09
"KINGY27 2nd Oct 2013 14:47,you have chosen to wear polio shirt that fits you best. We do not need any more H*mo sapiens on here, may disgraced kiss you. Is not a prayer its a promise"
2nd Oct 2013 15:12
"cont,I hope he does stay and continues to play the type of football that makes him one of the best in the world and the best in this country in his position but if we do sell him I would expect comparison with the fee Madrid payed for Bale"
2nd Oct 2013 15:24
"I think Suarez needs to be incentivised to help the team to get into the top 4. If he's been told he can leave if the team doesn't reach the top 4, then he might be helping the team to reach just 5th. That is, if his true intention is to leave."
Norfolk in Chance
2nd Oct 2013 15:27
"Suarez let the club down, no one can deny that, but he has the opportunity to make it right, which he wouldn't have done if he'd left. Now he's back, he'll work his socks off to help the team (and himself). Will he leave Jan/ summer? Who knows, but if we have him until May we'll get into Champions League & can then get a replacement anyway."
2nd Oct 2013 15:42
"I think Luis's ban was good for both him and Dan because it gave Dan time to prove himself to Luis, I thought at first Luis didn't rate Dan that much now they both respect each others talent which works out for everyone including the fans"
2nd Oct 2013 16:06
"Compare him nd torres who was sulking while playing thatz y suarez is much much better ,its stupid that some fans r still stuck in the past"
2nd Oct 2013 16:08
"Yeah bt we need another ball winning midfielder and a pacy right winger"
Norfolk in Chance
2nd Oct 2013 16:21
"Pedosa1: are your comments translated from another language using a web-translator? No offence intended, but they don't make sense mate. Write/think what you want of course, but if you are trying to discuss footy you need to be less convoluted as your points appear to be lost in translation.. "
2nd Oct 2013 16:24
"I cant blame Suarez for wanting to leave, he's a big player who deserves to be playing with Europe's elite BUT the way he did it was disappointing AND he does owe the players, the club and US the millions of fans who stuck by him through the times HE was involved in those incidents. "
2nd Oct 2013 16:35
"Actions speak louder than words and especially where LS is concerned. He owes us big time here and if he gives anything less than 100% i wont be slow to have a go. He will be gone soon anyway if not in January then definitely at the end of the season so we had better start planning to cover that now."
2nd Oct 2013 16:45
"Shame our midfield doesn't give us the same belief if Hendo n Lucas talk a good game now lets see it on the pitch now yes the work hard but very little end product. "
2nd Oct 2013 16:58
"Norfolk in Chance 2nd Oct 2013 16:21 are you certain you knew what you are looking for in those comments? Why n0t go back to school sir, as my vocabulary is obviously well above yours and 4 dats reason, you can just read and enjoy it. "
2nd Oct 2013 17:08
"be real, mate, or not, the things is that the squad improves,and that is what we all do want"
2nd Oct 2013 17:08
"be real, mate, or not, the things is that the squad improves,and that is what we all do want"
2nd Oct 2013 17:10
" We need to be in the CL this season, or LS is out and no one should blame him. Simple as that. If we dont buy (reinforce) midfield, that has been so obviously needed, then kiss it bye bye. Class players belong in top competitions and deserve to play with other top players."
2nd Oct 2013 17:21
"We shudnt just be relying on surez n sturridge to score Lucas Hendo Gerry need to chip in with 20 goals between them."
2nd Oct 2013 17:28
"Luis doesn't owe us anything he only wants to better himself and at his age he wants to be playing champs league and we havnt been anywhere near that, signingse having really inspired him we need better quality and if we bit big that will show surez we mean business aspas Allen Hendo don't inspire anyone "
2nd Oct 2013 18:02
"I rekon our goalkeeper defence and attack is as good as anything in the prem, we we lack is a quality wide player and a defensive midfielder with pace and bite to win the ball quicker and maybe a long term replacement for Gerry and if we can stay there or there abouts til January then go again in the transfer window."
2nd Oct 2013 18:09
" I think if we can get in to champions lge and buy more quality and show to suarez we can genuinly compete i think he will stay but IF we dont then he will leave end of"
2nd Oct 2013 18:53
"use him to get top 4, then sell him to whoever gets 5th. filthy rat."
2nd Oct 2013 19:32
"Improving the way we are playing which at the moment doesn't look great, buying at least a quality mid in jan and finish in the top 4 maybe he'll consider staying....."
2nd Oct 2013 19:45
"best player in prem, if we cant give him champions league he cant be blamed for wanting to leave he is reaching his peak and wants to play at the top,if we don't make top4 its our own fault hope he's with us for a very long time."
2nd Oct 2013 20:36
"hope he just gets his head down and plays football"
2nd Oct 2013 20:46
""what.a.hit.son 18:53", calling "filthy rat" to a player who's wearing the Red shirt is a disgrace, maybe you should take a look at your flawless person first? Suarez is a top quality player, so finishing the season in a 7th place team must be frustrating, don't you think??"
RedNeve 2
2nd Oct 2013 21:19
"After what he said or supposed to have said early this summer is history now. Yes it was disrespectful, yes it was ungrateful and yes it was uncalled for. But, he's our "
RedNeve 2
2nd Oct 2013 21:21
"Player! He wears our shirt and because we are Liverpool we will support him through hell and high water. It's what we do "
2nd Oct 2013 21:22
"I'm just glad hes back with us.Fantastic player for liverpool last year,I just hope he can do it again."
Norfolk in Chance
2nd Oct 2013 22:20
"pedosa1: to be honest mate I don't really enjoy it and don't find it funny either, really sorry. I was trying to be polite, but it's just disjoined rambling. I've translated stuff online before & it came out the same way; with poor grammar & doesn't make sense, hence my question. Your vocabulary is not better than mine though at least not in English. You can't even write a simple sentence mate. "
2nd Oct 2013 22:39
"pedosa1 2nd Oct 2013 16:58.....Are you Ken Dodd?.....Knotty Ash?"
2nd Oct 2013 22:50
"great to have him back, but he's not enough to stay top 4. we need more creative power in the midfield. j. mata would fit perfect. "
2nd Oct 2013 23:28
"I just want to say how racist the FA is against southamericans luisito suarez got 10 games ban fernando torres 0 games ban racists the FA 100% racist it make me sick and not newspapers or sky tv say anything about it so its true what I just wrote "
2nd Oct 2013 23:36
"Everybody knows that, that's why I give Suarez double credit for his success and I won't blame him if he wants to leave in Jan."
3rd Oct 2013 0:01
"Pedosa u is bing bang of monkey typing google in2 google, Strange ramblings from your keyboard masters wat wat. Take light to explanation so it can compartmentalise your fingers. Me thinking you have apeereance of Luis's do dar."
3rd Oct 2013 0:12
"Pedosa - Very sorry about my last comment. I used a language translator & typed what I wanted to say in english and then translated in2 irdu and then back to english - what I actually said was (cont)"
3rd Oct 2013 0:16
"You are far more knowledgeable than google and I can understand everything you type. Your enlightenment reaches from your fingers to your toes. I trust you're a handsome soul and have a magnificent set of front teeth like our Luis."
3rd Oct 2013 0:16
"be real lfc...I learned a thing or two from the beautiful women on the Cape Flats..'ek ken jou taal, en jy, is a FERGIE -MOFFIE - verstaan jy'!Oh..he's a RAT, all right..."
3rd Oct 2013 0:26
"Norfolk - He's copied and pasted verses from religious clippings and then tags somebodies name on the start or end to make his point - a bit like Buddha with his works of shakespeare/woordsworth or in recent months Noddy:)"
3rd Oct 2013 0:34
"A nearby policeman is not interested in the Glory and Fabulous Famousness of Pedosa. He confronts him and demands to know whether he is a real pedosa because if he's not he must clear out! Pedosa is pretty sure he's a Pedosa. He knows he's not a fairy. The policeman suggests that he might be an ornament (cont)"
3rd Oct 2013 0:35
3rd Oct 2013 0:35
"like a china pig is but as heâ"
3rd Oct 2013 0:37
"like a china pig is but as he's never been stood on a mantlepiece and hasn't been played with by children there are grave doubts as to Pedosa's authenticity and this will have to be ruled upon:) See Pedosa - Redahendo can play your game."
3rd Oct 2013 1:00
"We are lucky to have gotten him to sign a contract extension when we did. He has a contract and JWHenry aims to make him honor it, unless of course, someone offers stupid money for him. Enjoy him while he's here. He is the best striker in the prem."
3rd Oct 2013 4:43
"How do u define TOP and CLASS Players? By spending lots and lots of money on these players? Does they really promised in Success in return? I rather used that money on our academy. And btw lots of ppl missed out, our best signing all these years was Brendan Rodgers. A good manager will def promised success."
3rd Oct 2013 6:04
"Guys after watching 2 nights of CL football and seeing the level of some teams ---- my my are we light years behind!"
3rd Oct 2013 6:17
"carodp; you are nothing more then a blind follower of the masses. youre probably the same type of fello who would defend giggs for his personal life just because he wears a united jersey. dumb loyalty is no loyalty at all. we stand up for LFC, not rats who disgrace LFC's name. big difference"
3rd Oct 2013 7:49
"He is one crazy superstar but I luv him, with him or without him we have to win the next game and thats the main point (LFC players stay focus on the next three points and turn up please)"
3rd Oct 2013 8:49
"To compete in "modern football" then you need the best mercenaries and they don't come cheap. If loyalty can't be bought. Liverpool has rich veins if footy talent that needs to be nurtured and invested in. In fact Liverpool has rich veins of talent period which needs to be invested in period...all hail the Scouse Republic!"
3rd Oct 2013 9:39
"One of the problems I have with you Redehando is when he speaks English, It is like taking great pains to sound out every little/syllables as it were, with all the force in his jaw and neck. You can just imagine that if he is speaking to you at the end of the day, you will have a face full of SPITS and partial business of people be damned! You need your own soapbox son!"
3rd Oct 2013 9:41
"32ACP, you sound like a world class paniski, what is Billy the Kane doing in the cop ark?"
3rd Oct 2013 9:44
"Norfolk in Chance, your sentiments and actions has actually bring under vocal triceps and biceps stress such as â"
3rd Oct 2013 9:46
"Norfolk in Chance, your sentiments and actions has actually brought you under vocal triceps and biceps stress such as; truncated KINDLY go and research these word and see if they donnt make sense or if you need to expand the horizons of your vocabulary. Even if you verbalise words that are contrarily to the impression that I have about you, contâ"
3rd Oct 2013 9:47
"cont..) I already know you by experience experimentally and inspirimentally."
3rd Oct 2013 9:53
"A reserve apologia if anyone find it difficult to comprehend my observation, I did not intend to obfuscate anyone reading my comment."
3rd Oct 2013 10:43
"R-E-D-A-H-E-N-D-O 3rd Oct 2013 0:37, See Pedosa - Redahendo can play your game." Lololololololo you really sounds there like someone who does not know what a baby oil is made from. You are finish, finito"