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I don't really understand how anyone has voted for anything other than Morgans goal, absolute stunner. Unless you're saying it doesn't count as its not first team.
2nd Oct 2013 13:32
2nd Oct 2013 14:02
"ollyw3, Sorry mate, that happemds maybee cauz manny of us live now overseas, and we do not see all the games,.i voted for daniel s goal against the mancs, because it is our " ennemy",."
2nd Oct 2013 14:20
" WILLEM52 - there's a video with all the contenders. "
2nd Oct 2013 14:57
"nly first team apply please"
2nd Oct 2013 15:21
"Has to be Morgan's indeed, good to be able to vote on it without having to make a twitter account."
Vosta Lee
2nd Oct 2013 16:04
"Every goal has it's own beauty Ollyw3. Mignolet-Suarez-Sturridge-Suarez-Goal! (with Henderson's run opening the red sea basically). Luis Alberto's sneaky side of foot reverse pass to Sterling, a bit of chaos, Sterling to Alberto, pass to the back of the net. Freekick right at the 90 degrees. Clever movement in the box by Studge to evade Man U and score. Any goal can be a winner here."
2nd Oct 2013 16:42
"Vosta lee great observation by the way not everyone would of noticed the big part Henderson played in the 3rd goal against sunderland. Without his bursting run & movement to pull the defenders out of position there wouldn't of been the room for Sturridge to play that pass to Suarez who also had space to finish due to Henderson's movement."
2nd Oct 2013 16:54
"I like Suarez's 1st goal against Sunderland because it consists of a Stevie G laser accurate long pass, Daniel's feather touch, smart run down the line and a neat pass, and Suarez being in the right place at the right time. It's a beauty!"
2nd Oct 2013 17:18
2nd Oct 2013 17:58
"Now I know, initially I thought the goals count for first team only. Now I know it extend to other teams even the ladies!"
2nd Oct 2013 17:58
"Has to be Morgan vs City, but close behind is the 2nd from Suarez vs Sunderland. Counter-attacking play at its best."
2nd Oct 2013 18:28
"StevieG played unbelievable ball to Sturridge, who took a nice touch, then set up Suarez's first goal vs Sunderland. Best goal because of Gerrard's ball."
2nd Oct 2013 22:50
"Actually thought all non-first teams were better than first team this month. Some lovely individual skills and free kicks! Well done, young lads."
3rd Oct 2013 3:56
"It's good that they make the top goals videos available for free now so that everyone has a chance to be judged fairly. The ladies had some stunning goals previously though but didn't get a look in. "
3rd Oct 2013 8:41
"why are the stats include the reserves...might as well include our le winning ladies as well.."
3rd Oct 2013 8:45
"I agree, some beautiful goals here (and Hendo's run was probably the most important bit of Suarez' second goal) Hendo's alot quicker than i thought!"
3rd Oct 2013 9:51
"marty 1990, where i am we cannot see the vids. same boat as willem52. so i vote for vm goal vs swans cos i saw that on live telecast. why can't the videos be available everywhere. racism ?? not. ynwa. "