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Skrtel you have been fantastic this season, showing form of 2 seasons ago
30th Sep 2013 12:38
30th Sep 2013 12:40
"wonderful combo so far from Skrtel and Sakho. Agger should take all the time he needs to recover 100%. Johnson so far, one players we are missing! For SAS, I have no doubt, they are super Combo! YNWA Reds! "
30th Sep 2013 13:58
"agree both with skrtel ad binominal martin has been brilliant for us upto now keep it up reds lets show no mercy YNWA"
30th Sep 2013 14:58
"Great Skrtl this season! Hope he stays in the starting XI, cos he really deserves it. In BR 3-4-1-2 I can't wait to see AGGER-SKRTL- KOLO in defense GERRARD/HENDO-LUCAS then ENRIQUE & JOHNSON on sides - COUTINHO as N'10 Then STURRIDGE-SUAREZ upfront"
30th Sep 2013 15:19
"Skrtel, you are finally back...Keep up your good work...we had good faith in you...YNWA"
30th Sep 2013 16:19
"Good partnership, but we still need 2 inproove on midfield."
30th Sep 2013 16:32
"Loved that forward push he made to draw a yellow and a free kick. Skrtel looked comfortable with the ball at his feet and very active overall. Great to see him back to form."
30th Sep 2013 16:47
"skrtels a major part of the team and will get us goals would love to see toure in midfield,looked as beasty as ever and a cracking shot on him"
30th Sep 2013 16:50
"unlucky with the disallowed goal yesterday u have been a class act keep up the gud work mr skrtel YNWA"
30th Sep 2013 16:56
"Can't believe how many papers are saying mackems deserved a point. People just love to hate this club and city."
30th Sep 2013 17:09
"Martin, just keep going and you might win the Standard Chartered Player of the Month. YNWA. "
30th Sep 2013 17:22
"All 4 cb should play against palace with lucas out put kolo at dm nd agger at the back"
30th Sep 2013 17:26
"LFCMANAGER-You can't put 12 players on the pitch-you want us to play without a keeper?"
30th Sep 2013 18:20
"totokia - erm, there's a Gerrard/(as in slash, for either/or)Hendo in there..."
Dede 7
30th Sep 2013 18:28
"Skrtel and Sakho make a good combination IMO. i hope Coutinho & Johnson recover sooner. Good luck against Crystal Palace. YNWA."
30th Sep 2013 19:02
"fantastic defender one of the best in prem, lots of so called fans wanted him sold,should be one of the first names on team sheet, well done br for telling him how good he was v utd,"
Buckie LFC Supporter
30th Sep 2013 19:22
"it is good to get team playing for each other, we are NOT going to be a 2 man team of LS & DS, they have to balance with other team members too. 3rd goal was all down to Hendo movement to take CB away & provide the space for LS. 2nd goal I wonder if DS would have passed if it was Aspas instead of LS? He hadn't in all previous games!"
30th Sep 2013 19:48
"Suarez and sturridge has to be the best combo we have had in a long time probably since collymore and fowler. Sturridge has the pace of collymore and suarez has the killer instinct of fowler."
30th Sep 2013 19:57
"TOKOBIA Mignolet is intouchable he's the 11st playe. Gerrard/Hendo means gerrard or Hendo. With all due respect to Gerrard who i think is the best ever complete midfielder in soccer's history needs competition. He's been so poor, he has to sit on the bench watching 2 or 3games and coming in as sub to find his mastermind "
30th Sep 2013 20:14
"hendo,gerrard,henderson, 2 of the 3 need to be replaced in the first 11,but not till jan,i think it was only rodgers who didnt want eriksen,could cost us that 1"
30th Sep 2013 21:23
"said all along we shouldn't sell skrtel and hes proved what a great player he is, and even looks comfortable on the ball at all times now! "
30th Sep 2013 21:45
"pughy99: 'hendo,gerrard,henderson, 2 of the 3 need to be replaced' - er, Hendo IS Henderson, so 'hendo,gerrard,henderson' is only two people, not three. One of them needs to be dropped when Coutinho is back from injury, until then maybe swap Hendo for Sterling?"
1st Oct 2013 0:10
"sterling should start instead of moses.. do we have an agreement to put him first eleven for every match? "
1st Oct 2013 3:44
"guys, everyone goes on about SAS leading the forward line.. and yes against sunderland they were very good. but we should also recognise the work of SAS (skrtel and sakho) in defence. I think if all our SAS's can put in good performances this season we can have a real go at the le. i would move either toure or agger into DM position but hey im not the manager. we've been good so far though.. "
1st Oct 2013 5:29
"waiting for Glen and Dagger back in the team..then skrtel can sit on the bench ."
1st Oct 2013 7:35
"Skrtel u r doing well too, i could see BR bring out the best from u! U r a warrior, that's why u still in the team. The next few signing will be very very crucial! We need to beware flop players, look at those players that we're keen... william as a good example! "
1st Oct 2013 8:34
"We have very decent team , but its about selection, and if we are real, Henderson should only be used as a late sub,Srerling should never geta minute until he matures, otherwise I would give IBE more playing time as he has showed good ability and start AGGER ahead of SAhko"
1st Oct 2013 23:45
"Skrtel's been fantastic this season. His form is rubbing off on Sakho. I like the competition at defenders. It's made them better."