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Still think Gerrard is a better option than Henderson as an Attacking Mid .. we need to replace & Lucas ... I feel Lucas after the injury has never really been at his best & against other teams we may struggle. Buzzing thooo 3-1
30th Sep 2013 11:25
30th Sep 2013 11:40
"Who puts the sixpence on the pitch for Steve to land the ball on ?!!"
30th Sep 2013 12:50
"RaymondT, you obviously haven't got a clue about football. Henderson wasn't playing attacking midfield, he was playing wing back and played well. Lucas has been one of the best and most consistent players in the team, hence why he has been recalled back into the Brazil squad. Can't believe the comments of some fans. Ridiculous comment Raymond!!!"
30th Sep 2013 13:03
"I'm just hoping that this Performance Will get off Stevie's Back because He's been getting a few Snipes aimed at him recently. YNWA REDS"
Liverpool NY
30th Sep 2013 14:08
"Lucas was brilliant, Henderson to me is more defensive minded midfield than a creative tricky winger..great win and it seems that in the back and upfront we are forming strong partnership "
30th Sep 2013 14:35
"To me Gerrard hasn´t been great in a few matches, but I Think we are spoilt with him constantly having man of the match performances. looking back on this match, he was better than it felt. He has a different role in the team I Think people forget that "
30th Sep 2013 14:36
"Lucas will Always get critism from fans who can´t see his defensive work, however it wouldn´t hurt to get competition for him! I´m sure Brendan will in January."
30th Sep 2013 14:44
"Sunderland only goal was at Lucas' fault, he didn't press enough leaving plenty of space for Ki to have a go . I prefer Agger/Ilori as a CDM!"
30th Sep 2013 14:48
"Our squad are short in depth. Am still of the opinion that gerrard need to rest and fasten his belt. The midfield against the least team in the league was porous and we were happy. its a lot of concern to me because Brendan signing of luis and aspas are not good enough for the team. Thank God for the win with determination."
30th Sep 2013 14:59
"How can you say two players who has never played dm for Liverpool would do a better job (Even if Agger may have done it at Liverpool like an odd game, u can´t possible know this)"
30th Sep 2013 15:00
"Aspas may not be a success, but he has been here 5 minutes give the lad a break."
30th Sep 2013 15:17
"BR, I believe we need to still improve our intensity and passion!!! Sunderland were pressing and almost scored around 21 mins, the lads MUST do better against tougher position, as a whole to lower teams, we need to have killer instinct !"
30th Sep 2013 15:33
"do better against better oposition ? u mean when we beat Man U in the League like ? "
30th Sep 2013 15:41
" Yes, we need more concentration !!!!!!! "
30th Sep 2013 15:59
"Sunderland's was sloppy defending again, BR, who was marking Giacherrini ? Yup, need to improve concentration, Skrtel needs to better than to let Giacherrini have an east tap in like that !"
30th Sep 2013 18:42
"Did we win the best-dressed team ? - lot's of criticisms of the third shirt !"
30th Sep 2013 20:07
"A good win away and some are still criticising the team, sg and lucas both had good games and we are looking stronger now that suarez is back. In 6 games we have only lost one, repeat that for the rest of the season and we will be top four or even better."
30th Sep 2013 22:02
"totally agree with Simmy73 what a bell Raymond is, definately a blue nose on the wind up"
1st Oct 2013 2:37
"i think many of us are comparing present day sg with sg of say 5 to 6 years ago and before. i am. he has grown up since and that is why he seems to be a bit slower. we must accept that this is the new gerrard who has adjusted his game to suit his current physical condition. but he's still brilliant. br know what he's doing and thats why sg is still first choice and capt. believe. ynwa. "
1st Oct 2013 5:27
"Lucas was crap as usual speed , bad tackles , caused the goal and always gives away freekick near the box..."
1st Oct 2013 7:41
"i believed Gerrard will retired no more than 35 yr old! If u take noticed what he's doing on the field now, u could see he's handing over his role of passing, taking free kicks, attacking, to the other players! "
1st Oct 2013 8:17
"dahlamared theres no denying that we have to accept the "new gerard" but he is still 1st choice because we havent been great at finding a quality mid in the last transfer, the manager maybe reluctant to drop him and his legend status... i would rather he play less or use as a sub and find a quality option in jan that could boost the team more. "
1st Oct 2013 8:19
"he has been poor often but still played 90mins ....Performance of the team/on the pitch should be priority"