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Suso has been brillian for almeria
30th Sep 2013 10:15
30th Sep 2013 10:22
"Good to see suso playing against barca he will be a much better player when he returns"
30th Sep 2013 10:32
"Robinson can really push Enrique next year and Suso is the perfect cover for Countinho."
30th Sep 2013 11:04
"Bring back Suso, he deserves to be in LFC first team. We lack the creative play since Phillipe's been out. Hendo is turning out to be a good player, but has no creative aspect to his game and does not have the confidence to take on players when he slots in on the wing. Where is Samed Yesil? "
30th Sep 2013 11:10
"Come on Brendan if their not playing bring them home, instead of watching their teams losng warming the bench? They all need talking to they should never, never be happy to sit on the bench?"
30th Sep 2013 11:19
"Please can someone update us on the injuries to both Marc Pelosi and Samid Yesil. YNWA at Liverpool"
30th Sep 2013 11:30
"So much for most our on - loan players getting match experience sat on the bench... "
30th Sep 2013 12:28
"Pretty much all bar the usuals were unused subs.... They need game time but suso is a joy to watch every single time"
30th Sep 2013 12:53
"Way to go pepe! Hoping for a champions league medal in your future."
30th Sep 2013 13:33
"Bring suso back, send sterling, his head is not right, bring suso, bring suso!!"
Vosta Lee
30th Sep 2013 15:29
"Suso playing against Barcelona is like Champions League experience, maybe it is better than if he had gone to the Championship."
Buckie LFC Supporter
30th Sep 2013 21:28
"Worrying that many ain't breaking into lower teams 1st team. You get the impression if they were good enough then they would get into the team. I think it might good to put Sterling (who I don't rate) Ibe, Wisdom & Flanno on loan. No point them sitting on the bench if they are never going to play, may as well put kids on the bench"
Buckie LFC Supporter
30th Sep 2013 21:31
"I'm glad Suso is on loan & don't want him brought back early. This guy needs experience, playing week in week out will do him & us the world of good in the long run. Suso isn't for now he's for 2 years time. When he'll be better than PC"
Buckie LFC Supporter
30th Sep 2013 21:34
"For those asking about Yesil & Pelosi. Look up News Archive 21/2/13. They had just had there operations (as did Brad Smith). Major long term casualties, I would guess you won't see them playing until at least Jan 2014 & even then, with missing a year they'll take a while to develop"
1st Oct 2013 17:17
"would have liked it if suso remained anfied, least i wouldnt have 2 endure d pain of watchin hendo every week, dat guy is terrible, yet people keep saying he's improvin???? How???? Is it because he's English???"