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Like all of us I am delighted with the win, particularly when the others around us dropped points - that wouldn't have happened last season but I'm tired of the phrase 'we took our foot off the gas' Brendan it's up to you to make sure they DON'T!!
30th Sep 2013 9:58
30th Sep 2013 12:15
"Mar77 Each match has its own atmosphere. Teams hardly "take their feet of the gas" in tight matches. I agree we need to be more ruthless."
30th Sep 2013 16:24
"In the past we would have squandered that lead. Fantastic job from the lads so far in fighting for those three points till the final whistle. Keep going lads, we looking better in every game we play! "
30th Sep 2013 17:00
"I pray we continue this way- "The Winning Way" all through to May 2014. Brendan, we need to keep going all through 90mins, please. YNWA."
1st Oct 2013 16:45
"We are still not yet a well oiled machine, but our rivals are much the same at present. A couple of experienced signings in January, and we really could have a very promising season indeed. I am excited at the prospect of things to come. Progress is visibly being made. YNWA"
2nd Oct 2013 12:29
"They played very well,they just have to be consistent in other not to lose point again.come on u reds we are solidly behind u......YNWA"
RedNeve 2
2nd Oct 2013 22:17
"I have to agree with all posts. Yes it would be nice to keep it going for 90 mins and yes we're not playing the silky football of the end of last season and I may be alone here but, I'd rather win than be a very unlucky second? The flowing football will come but, until it does let's keep the 3 points going. "