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was good to have Suarez back, but Daniel you played another blinder. MOTM well played son. YNWA
29th Sep 2013 19:10
29th Sep 2013 19:13
"Well played guys but we still lack that consistency .l think we need a defensive midfielder and move Stevie G upfront"
29th Sep 2013 19:16
"team work pays; pls wat role is raheem playing now?"
29th Sep 2013 19:17
"Daniel has developed into a more mature player. good for us and good for England. "
29th Sep 2013 19:18
"Great win today lads keep it going against Palace. YNWA"
29th Sep 2013 19:18
"Great partnership love it well done lads "
29th Sep 2013 19:19
29th Sep 2013 19:19
"Thaks, now u know that team work is most times better than individual effort."
29th Sep 2013 19:20
"Well done Daniel, great play and vision for the two assists. And by the way, you talk a little sense as well - no point in thinking top-4 yet. Stay injury-free and it could help a lot. Well done."
29th Sep 2013 19:21
"Wise words from our Man of the Match ."
29th Sep 2013 19:22
"the only reason DS pass to LS is because of the respect he has for him....he would have shoot if Suarez wasn't on the field It's good to know they trust each other and can link.4 the rest of the league..B aware when PC comes back..(throwing a brick at williams when ever i see him)"
29th Sep 2013 19:25
"No doubt its the best partnership in PL, but we need Coutinho back in place for Henderson as No 10 and Luis playing as right winger. NO IDEA Y BR does not take advantage of subsutions, as it not only waste time but also keeps players from getting tired for the next game. At the end of the day only seconds can make a difference so he has to use subsutions. YNWA"
29th Sep 2013 19:27
"well played DS. As long as team's winning.. that's d kind of great atude we need.. :)) YNWA.."
29th Sep 2013 19:32
"Well done daniel partnership looking good"
29th Sep 2013 19:37
"good, now beat crystal palace so we can keep near the top of the table. we've dropped 6 points against "lesser" teams already this season. We can't afford another 2 or 3 next week."
29th Sep 2013 19:40
"Today was an ugly win. We can and must play better. Passing and first touch needs improvement. We gave up too many balls. Their goal should never have been scored if we had control. S "
29th Sep 2013 19:41
"Daniel so happy you are part of LFC. We can depend on you in every match! YNWA"
29th Sep 2013 19:42
"StevieG cant play upfront...he wouldnt play three matches per week in his age...then he perfectly suits for present position."
29th Sep 2013 19:44
"Rushjob, continuing from last week, is there many midfielders in the premier league that can play the ball Gerrard played for the second goal...I think not. Captain Fantastic...take a bow"
29th Sep 2013 19:46
"Good play Sturridge. Win us the next game please"
29th Sep 2013 19:46
"Sturridge was at his best as a team player today, scored one and made two goals for Suarez, you cannot ask for more. Hope that continues. Suarez's return has given a big boost to the team and hopefully the SAS will shoot us to the top four this season. Well done to the team and hoping the midfield will raise their game to match the defence and attack."
29th Sep 2013 19:47
"If I had the time I would go back to the old article and name & shame the guy who said drop Sturridge. The performance actually wasn't amazing - but happy with another 3 points. We are still in the conversation"
29th Sep 2013 19:47
"Good win and we are happy for the 3 points and goals but worrying signs defensively -the midfield are not providing the cover in front of the defence and we look way too easy to open up. Defensive mid is a must buy.Best player on the park for me was Vic Moses he was upp and down the pitch like SG at his best and made a telling contribution."
29th Sep 2013 19:48
"Anyone who ever said Sturridge and Suarez can't play in the same team don't know what they're on about. Proof is in the pudding!"
29th Sep 2013 19:50
"Sterling helped us take control of the game with his threat and possession....worry about Moses...ran up too many blind alleys today..."
29th Sep 2013 19:54
"Well done Sturridge, you played great today as compared with ManU game where you look tired."
29th Sep 2013 19:57
"Very much needed win achieved by the great partnership between Sturridge and Suarez. Otherwise the game may go to draw. We need to activate the midfield players who looks less than average especially Henderson."
29th Sep 2013 19:59
"Sturridge today you have done what i've begged you to do all the time, Being a Team Player and thank you, Long may it continue. Strange performance but a good win."
29th Sep 2013 19:59
"About time Sturridge gets his HAND OF GOD YNWA hehe"
29th Sep 2013 20:02
"Was really beginning to worry that sturridge wud go off the boil based on last 2 games he played.But he has picked himself up.Once Coutinho and Glenn come back,it will set us up perfectly against the top guns tht we play in November."
29th Sep 2013 20:08
"I think toure was a man of the match candidate for me. great player and great fight in him. not well controlled today but a win. I will take that."
29th Sep 2013 20:11
"GK,DEF and STRIKERS top 3quality, midfield is top 8 quality,would love to see them 2 nice chaps from the ukraine in red,then were talking business,would love 3 midfielders in jan, thats it"
29th Sep 2013 20:13
"Dreday - couldn't agree more. Moses needs to learn how to share the ball. So many times he took it a yard or 10 to far when he could have played someone in. "
Vosta Lee
29th Sep 2013 20:19
"Well done Sturridge. If that's Sturridge being selfish long may it continue."
29th Sep 2013 20:35
"just need allen cissokho coutinho and johnson back fit so we can have full squad to choose from"
29th Sep 2013 20:37
"OOoh Danny Boy his irish eyes are smiling. What a great performance up front, what a partnership, thanks too to tyhe fans who sung life in to our game, hard to tell we were away at times! NZ Scouser"
29th Sep 2013 21:09
"Stu deserved a MOTM but Kolo got my vote, hes rock at the back and also linked up attack as well"
29th Sep 2013 21:16
"Well said DS. Nice to have Luis back to take some of the pressure off of you. Spacing up front was really good today. Defense still scares me, middle was better but could be stronger. Loved the effort from Henderson today. His run through the middle on the third goal was awesome. Drew a lot of attention away from Suarez."
29th Sep 2013 22:43
"we need a song for danny sturridge any ideas everyone. YNWA"
29th Sep 2013 23:30
"Sturridge MOTM and now top goal scorer in the EPL. Saurez is only 3 behind! Keep this up and top 4 should be realistic. Looking forward to the return of PC and GJ. "
Ben #JFT96
29th Sep 2013 23:47
"When Johnson and Coutinho are back am looking forward to challenging for the top 5 City Chelsea Arsenal Spurs Liverpool United You heard it here first"
30th Sep 2013 0:01
"baceg... i would put kolo toure there.. hes a beast.. would you?"
30th Sep 2013 0:38
"Great played by the MOTM. Enrique's back passes were really breathtaking"
Dede 7
30th Sep 2013 1:32
"Personally i was pleased with the creativity. its great of you. We can get even better. All the best against Crystal Palace. YNWA."
30th Sep 2013 2:04
30th Sep 2013 2:44
"very proud with the play and the result, well done Team.. YNWA!!"
30th Sep 2013 3:05
"yes danny. improved game from you. good team performance should be the priority. look up and pass more. so what if someone else score more than you. at the end of the day it is the team you'll be ok. keep up the good work. ynwa."
30th Sep 2013 3:37
"Suarez is the best,but Daniel is same level if he continue like that. Does he look like John Barnes ????"
30th Sep 2013 3:37
"So why exactly doesn't Sturridge have a song yet?"
30th Sep 2013 3:42
"Super performance Daniel! If you and Luis keep helping each other out then you will both prosper. Full credit to you both. Keep bonding!"
30th Sep 2013 5:08
"definitely needs a song, good on the players and Brendan Rodgers. Now to keep improving YNWA"
30th Sep 2013 7:59
"nice game DS,keep it up and stop being selfish "
30th Sep 2013 8:15
"A bit unimaginative, but in the lack of other options, I'll kick things off with: (to the tune of Skip to My Lou) Super, Super Dan, Super, Super Dan, Super, Super Dan, Super Danny Sturridge... (I don't claim to be a genius!)"
30th Sep 2013 9:58
"The beauty of DS goal was the sweet revenge for the beach-ball goal a few seasons ago. Sunderland can't cry foul!!!"