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Congrats Ladies in made us proud.... Enjoy the precious moment
29th Sep 2013 19:22
29th Sep 2013 19:25
"Well done ladies ynwa"
29th Sep 2013 19:26
"Yes, very proud of LFC Ladies, very very well done, watched some bits of second half - well deserved!! First le and lets hope not last :) YNWA!!"
29th Sep 2013 19:30
"Congratulations ladies"
29th Sep 2013 19:34
"Big big congratulations ladies! Great effort =) YNWA!"
29th Sep 2013 19:41
"Very proud of the girls, very well done, good luck in the champions league and try win both next season !! :) YNWA also congrats to matt and the owners for investing in the women's team"
jimmy liddel
29th Sep 2013 19:43
"congratulations ladies, if the boys could do the same it would be a marriage made in heaven.thought both teams deserved a better playing surfdace."
29th Sep 2013 19:43
"well done ladies you done the club and yourselves proud."
29th Sep 2013 19:44
"Thank you ladies for the joy. You have done all of us proud. Enjoy your moment and keep the hunger to win more. "You'll Never Walk Alone""
29th Sep 2013 19:48
"well done ladies youll never walk alone"
Red heat
29th Sep 2013 19:50
"look at the smiles and joy on their faces. priceless!!! congrats ladies n matt beard n thanks fsg for investing in their team"
29th Sep 2013 19:56
"watched the match, thought the ladies did the club really proud, thats how to do it 1st team, so, so proud of them, excellent all season, well done"
29th Sep 2013 19:59
"Congratulations and well done! Proud of LFC Ladies"
29th Sep 2013 20:00
"Congratulations to Liverpool Ladies. What a great achievement. Lets Hope The First team do as well.YNWA"
29th Sep 2013 20:02
"Amazing! Well done LFC Ladies! Really proud of you! One Club, One Family!!! YNWA! JFT96!"
29th Sep 2013 20:02
"Congratulations and well done; I hope Liverpool men on similar track! "
29th Sep 2013 20:06
"Congragulations ladies, you did us LFC proud, LFC TILL I DIE"
29th Sep 2013 20:20
"Well done Ladies!! You'll Never Walk Alone"
29th Sep 2013 20:39
"Well done Ladies congrats on winning the league and proving 2 the men the under dogs can win things god bless u all and enjoy tonight u deserve it YNWA "
29th Sep 2013 20:52
"Congrats Red Ladies ynwa Til hamingju Katrín"
29th Sep 2013 21:09
29th Sep 2013 21:20
"Congrats to the ladies, done the shirt proud , YNWA, hoping for a repeat , enjoy the moment, I chuffed. "
randfield rap88
29th Sep 2013 21:29
"Well done LFC ladies. Lets hope this inspires the LFC 1st team male team to challenge for the big trophies now."
29th Sep 2013 21:41
"Get in there, you beauties. Well done, girls. Can we dare hope for a double?"
29th Sep 2013 21:42
"Congratulations. "
29th Sep 2013 22:06
"Well done to all our Ladies in Red. Great achievement. Keep it going."
29th Sep 2013 22:16
"CHAMPIONS!!!! Well Done You Set THE MEN a Test To FOLLOW In Your Footstep and BE PL CHAMPIONS 2013-2014!"
29th Sep 2013 22:19
"Well done ladies, let's hope your male colleagues can emulate your success!!"
29th Sep 2013 22:31
"Fantastic news! Amazing progress, keep it up."
Yungbobby LFC
29th Sep 2013 22:32
"This ladies are trying to tell the world what LFC will do this season. YNWA. Follow me on twitter yungbobby2 amma follow back. Just tell me you LFC fan. "
29th Sep 2013 22:37
"Well done girls. Shows what you can do when you put the best players together in a team. Good enough for the ladies but for the men?? Bargain basement has to do."
29th Sep 2013 23:04
"Wonderful. Huge congratulations girls. You have done the football club and yourselves extremely proud. A great day to be a red. Fantastic. "
29th Sep 2013 23:11
"Good Jod Ladies! I'm gonna start watching the LFC Ladies matches, YNWA :)"
29th Sep 2013 23:22
"Congrats Ladies very well done you deserve it! YNWA"
29th Sep 2013 23:42
"Great effort throughout the season. Congradulations. Forget the Ladies/Mens team divide. Now they are fully integrated into the club and getting proper support, they are truly Liverpool FC and truly will never walk alone. They will only add to the Liverpool brand. Don't underestimate the value of having these girls in Europe next year. Brilliant added exposure for our great club."
29th Sep 2013 23:49
"Nobody gave you a chance of winning the league at the start of the season but you all sure showed them what you could do! Well done ladies. Enjoy it and then win it again next year. "
Assassins Creed YNWA
30th Sep 2013 0:06
"Superb, well done ladies! You have given the whole club a lift. YNWA :)"
30th Sep 2013 1:13
"wow. show the boys how its done"
30th Sep 2013 1:39
"Oh, and not forgetting a word of thanks to Matt Beard and his staff for doing a superb job. "
30th Sep 2013 1:56
"Congratulations from the Colonies! Fantastic match, fantastic result, fantastic trophy! Well done!!! I hope the squad are honored at Anfield. The support of the 2,000+ at Halton was great, but they deserved to hear the cheers of 20 times that."
30th Sep 2013 2:35
"Congrats, Ladies, may it be followed by lads in PL.. YNWA"
southbrook scouse
30th Sep 2013 6:28
"Be great to see the girls parade the trophy at the next home game at Anfield ! "
Hend of
30th Sep 2013 7:02
"Great work women"
30th Sep 2013 7:23
"Well done The Reds.....YNWA..."
30th Sep 2013 8:16
"well done! you all played excellently!"
30th Sep 2013 8:29
"Good but its the senior side that makes the money"