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our marquee signing is definitely Kolo Toure. Well done boys.. 3 points is all we needed.. Tap ins \m/
29th Sep 2013 18:00
29th Sep 2013 18:00
"well played all round. sturridge well done. selfishness? pls. suarez well done. congrats on the new born. also sterling when he came on...fantastic. your maturing, kept ball well, did the job. Lucas had his best game so far this season. Well played."
29th Sep 2013 18:00
"well played all round. sturridge well done. selfishness? pls. suarez well done. congrats on the new born. also sterling when he came on...fantastic. your maturing, kept ball well, did the job. Lucas had his best game so far this season. Well played."
29th Sep 2013 18:01
"Ahhh, that Mignolet-Sturridge-Suarez combination at the third goal"
29th Sep 2013 18:01
"Congrats, please keep the same form."
29th Sep 2013 18:02
"well done liverpool, still need a creative ACM to be honest. Enjoy the victory for now, YNWA."
29th Sep 2013 18:03
"fantastic performance especially the 2nd half. well done reds YNWA"
29th Sep 2013 18:03
"Wonderful to have collected the 3 points...which places us in 2nd place for the week! Performance was a bit shaky at times, but disciplined and controlled, that's the way it goes...a win is a win! YNWA boys."
29th Sep 2013 18:05
"Good win. Keep it up red men.YNWA KLang Malaysia"
whacko jacko
29th Sep 2013 18:05
"a win is a win 3 points n up to second. Midfield is very disappointing last 2 league games, standing off teams and conceding too much ground. sorry to say but hendo ,stevie g n lucus just dont look energetic and our passing game has gone to pot ."
29th Sep 2013 18:06
"where are the so called 'fans' that are always on here berating the team when they lose? At least have the conjones to congratulate when the team does well."
29th Sep 2013 18:06
"where are the so called 'fans' that are always on here berating the team when they lose? At least have the conjones to congratulate when the team does well."
29th Sep 2013 18:06
"Great result, but without 3 cm's we lack fluidity. Hendo in the middle & Suarez out right would give us a better balance whilst allowing Suarez more room to weave his magic. Can't wait for Coutinho's return. Well done both Lad's and Ladies."
29th Sep 2013 18:07
"Well done Mighty Reds! Lets go get the next opponent! YNWA =)"
29th Sep 2013 18:08
"Good win, so important to win games even though we dont have one of our better games. Keep working hard! YNWA!"
Gerrard 08
29th Sep 2013 18:08
"Super Luis is back! Performance wasn't the best but we got the 3 points! Let's keep it up n finish challenging for the le ! We can do YNWA!!!!"
29th Sep 2013 18:09
"we made tough work of that,tiki taka seems to of gone out the window.We need to improve our play but we've made a good start and are up to 2nd!Brendan needs to start using the bench more,if he doesn't rate aspas & Alberto why buy them?"
29th Sep 2013 18:09
"Super. Well done guys. We finally scored a goal in the second half. LFC - YNWA!!!!! From Belgrade, Serbia!!!!!"
29th Sep 2013 18:09
29th Sep 2013 18:10
"Congrats with first 3 goals/game this seazon. Suarez and sturrige clinical in the attack. Can't wait to have back the suarez-sturrige-coutinhio trio. "
29th Sep 2013 18:10
"Wonderful win. Kept to the task. Sunderland tried there best but we kept solid and caught them on the counter. Sturridge you beauty. Hope Toure stays. All looks good. Bring on Crystal Palace. "
29th Sep 2013 18:10
"Entertaining game especially for the neutral, end to end stuff. Toure excellent in defence and going forward. One of my contenders for MOTM but have to give it to Suarez."
29th Sep 2013 18:10
"Credit to the lads, Studge and Suarez made the difference. Kolo, Skrtel and Sakho also good. Central midfield needs to get on the front foot. Well done. "
29th Sep 2013 18:11
"..saw the Reds rise to third in the league.. ?? We are 2nd in the League Table. Equal in both points & goal diff with Spurs. Btw, great game by Suarez, Sturridge, Mignolet & Toure. Hendo & Gerrard seemed to lack a bit of sharpnes. Nevertheless, 3 points away from home is a great result! YNWA!"
29th Sep 2013 18:11
"Awesome win lads well done what fans don't realise on here is this le is extremely compeive any one can beat anyone yesterday proved that. This was a great win considering sunderland were basically in new manager syndrome "
29th Sep 2013 18:11
"Toure my man of the match!"
29th Sep 2013 18:11
"strange game today sunderland not beaten until our 3rd goal sturidge learned from mistakes in last game was good today, skrtel brill again, suarez andsturidge made the difference, great 3pts,up to 2nd, also congrats to the ladies as champs great day to be a red, "
29th Sep 2013 18:12
"Well done lads. Toure is looking like the bargain of the season. Still disappointed with Henderson though, his final ball isn't good enough. Lucas suspended for the next match is a blow, maybe Agger as his replacement ?"
29th Sep 2013 18:13
"Players battling to catch the eye of a new manager was always going to make that tough. Thought the lads handled some extreme pressure really well - a lot of teams would have buckled there. Great partnership between Studge and Suarez and no words to describe Kolo Toure."
29th Sep 2013 18:16
"SAS different class as was defence but midfield was poor Hendo didn't put in one decent cross again lot of energy but very little end product defensively offensively were fine but midfield is wear we lack pace n bite which shows with Lucas geting 5 yellow cards already which proves my point that he has lost a yard of pace n bite n that's why them are passengers at the moment "
29th Sep 2013 18:17
"the midfield did well considering the high pressure game sunderland was playing, sunderland looked the better team throughout we just sat and passed with the counter attack, quality won in the end "
29th Sep 2013 18:20
"If we get a offensive midfield and defensive midfielder of class with pace in January then we can get fourth but not with Lucas n Hendo "
29th Sep 2013 18:20
"Well done red men.... fantastic performance from the entire team over a spirited sunderland.... YNWA!!! "
29th Sep 2013 18:21
"KidofKop88. Totally agreed. and how much he cost? Just his wages and he earned them totally."
29th Sep 2013 18:23
"Well done lads! 3 points and a good performance too. Suarez and Sturidge were the difference. Very good unselfish play by Sturidge - and good to see him play to the whistle 2nd half. Good partnership which will hopefully get better. I thought Moses had a good second half too ..."
29th Sep 2013 18:23
"vin-Lfc, we already have the ACM. After his shoulder injury, he will only be back in end oct. But that a backup to him would be require."
29th Sep 2013 18:24
"... But my main concern with this formation is lack of flexibility/options - especially in terms of subsutions. Having said that, Sterling played well as wing back when he came on. ynwa"
29th Sep 2013 18:27
"Well done RedS , fans lets not cry about performance of some players you should remember Black Cats are wounded dogs they wanted to show a lot today and they were at home ,YNWA "
29th Sep 2013 18:27
"Kolo the man. Sakho the beast. Suarez super man!!!"
29th Sep 2013 18:28
"Great win today lads. 3 points is all that was needed and we acheived that. No more can be asked. Forwards linked up well, and we still have players to come back in. All bodes well. YNWA"
29th Sep 2013 18:30
"Well done lads! We look a bit short on the bench though. That lack of creativity will cost us some points this season. Keep it up, good to have a week without a game. "
29th Sep 2013 18:31
"Good to see the SAS partnership really click today, real class. With Coutinho coming back to link up with them and Moses in the mix too, it is looking really positive. Good win. Lets keep this up. YNWA "
29th Sep 2013 18:31
"well done BR and Lads!!! we got the 3points what was important but we have to improve our game and play with determinationto dominate and win games especially small teams. we have to play with confidence"
29th Sep 2013 18:31
"3 points, got the job done well done lads. No more slip ups like at Southampton & Swansea."
29th Sep 2013 18:31
"5STARKOP - Lucas has 5 yellows cause he's doing all the work defensively. he's the one putting in the tackles in mid. though Gerrard is there with him how many tackles has he won? i wish ppl would realise the value of this play. DM's are never appreciated. He was a BOSS today."
29th Sep 2013 18:32
"5STARKOP - Lucas has 5 yellows cause he's doing all the work defensively. he's the one putting in the tackles in mid. though Gerrard is there with him how many tackles has he won? i wish ppl would realise the value of this play. DM's are never appreciated. He was a BOSS today."
29th Sep 2013 18:32
"Not our best game but on the other hand not our worst game a win is a win u can only beat the team that is put out in front of u and we scored a goal in the 2nd half and also i can go 2 work a tell UTD fans that they r 10 places below use thank u "
29th Sep 2013 18:32
"Because of Hendo, Lucas got a yellow card. Victor Moses played better and in my opinion, Hendo should have been replaced instead of V.moses"
29th Sep 2013 18:33
"Well done.Very good display.Promising perfomance against weak sides...Keep momentum,boys!Luis,congrats newborn!SAS works in early stage.YNWA>"
29th Sep 2013 18:33
"Man of the match: Daniel Sturridge - 1 goal + 2 assists! Welcome back Luis too. YNWA"
29th Sep 2013 18:33
"great game by Sahko.. looked good and dominant"
29th Sep 2013 18:34
"The ideal midfield combi would be Coutinho, Moses, Gerrard and Lucas. Just Wonder if we really got Christian Eriksson, who should be benched?? seem like is between Gerrard and Lucas. Just a thought. So enjoy what we have, who knows what happen in the end."
29th Sep 2013 18:35
"great defence, sharp attackers. We can improve in centre midfield but theres more to come from the. Henderson is needed for the shape of the team, when coutinho comes back, dont be surprised if moses gets benched. Toure is immense! and skrtl looks improved. Sakho was good today, first time I felt relaxed when he was on the ball"
29th Sep 2013 18:35
Red heat
29th Sep 2013 18:36
"kolo is a great aquisition kidofkop im so happy with him. motm for me is defo sturr. and i have to say the SAS partnership is working. it worked before the ban n its gonna work now. the rest of the players....mmm. so much to improve. moses will do well on the wing"
29th Sep 2013 18:37
"Toure is a man! YNWA!"
29th Sep 2013 19:06
"buzzing we won! gerrard and hendo didn't have the best of games today, tbh gerrard hasn't had a good game all season yet so hopefully he ups his performances! and sterling done well when he came on, hope hes getting his confidence back cause that's his problem as of late"
29th Sep 2013 19:07
"but imagine this formation when we have Johnson and coutinho back, that would be a great team !!!!"
29th Sep 2013 19:08
"LFC oyeeee (Well done) Prove the doubters wrong. One game at a time, we will be there. YNWA "
29th Sep 2013 19:09
"Awesome sight Suarez and Sturridge our SAS bearing down on the opposition's goalmouth. Can see these two scoring loads of goals and firing us to the champions leagues next season. Still need to re-enforce the midfield in January to guarantee that though ."
29th Sep 2013 19:17
"More than happy with the win - and winning is what it's all about. Some very good performances but at times it was too lack-lustre for my liking but overall it was much better than last Saturday. Because of Sunderland's problems, this was a potential bana-skin, so well done. YNWA"
29th Sep 2013 19:19
"Why do we persist with hendo? At least 3 clear chsnces to shoot and he took wrong option on all 3 which came to nothing. Other than that excellent day all round for LFC. Bottom to top for ladies - well done girls. Up to 2nd (should be top if we had turned up for Southampton) for the lads, but hurry back Mr Coutinho and Agger "
29th Sep 2013 19:24
"It high time Stevie G came to the party when it comes to defending Lucas has to do all by himself thts why he now has 5 yellow cards"
29th Sep 2013 19:25
"Defence quite solid, great upfront but we need to improve the midfield area - realy missing coutinho and johnson-the current formation is forced upon us threw injuries, so over all a great start so far,but we need to improve midfield- well done redmen- home to c palace next- no mess up lads - ynwa"
29th Sep 2013 19:29
"Good job boys.Let us keep the momentum.Our marquee signing for the signing is Suarez."
29th Sep 2013 19:30
"just i want to say thanks for victory and thank you Brendan luiz daniel and all players."
29th Sep 2013 19:31
"Happy to see Liverpool win. As a few commented, before Coutinho returns, our midfielders; Lucas and Henderson are slow. Henderson could have murdered Sunderland with the space and time he has on the right hand side. Lucas getting slower and slower. We may to start with Sterling, Alberto or Aspas. Hopefully, Allen will come back soon."
29th Sep 2013 19:43
"Much needed 3 points. Good job team. Onto the next one"
29th Sep 2013 19:44
"a great win but the performance worries me,brendan should do something about it and the second half thing changing a little bit and thats a good thing.and i think BR should try to give an opportunity for luis alberto after 70 minute. i'm really happy with the win and the leguea position. YNWA"
29th Sep 2013 19:47
"Well, lucasthebeastleiva, the team did not play very well, yes they did win but it was ugly at best. We can and must control better and first touch was poor. Congrts for the win but we will suffer against teams like Arsenal, Tot'ham, Chelsea, ManC. "
29th Sep 2013 19:54
"Finally we score in the 2nd half..Not a good performance but i will take the result. We dnt have a midfield.Hendo doesnt cut at RM.Pls play him CM or in the hole or bench him. If Toure was CB we wouldnt have conceded the goal.Toure-Agger shd be our CBs."
29th Sep 2013 19:57
"not very comments today one wonders why?"
Red Yank 1969
29th Sep 2013 19:57
"Great game..kept composure throughout...this was a must win game...took care of lets get 3 more next weekend"
29th Sep 2013 19:58
"Should have given Irbe and Alberto some game time. Hendo too slow. Not a good player at all, arrogant, I am the man, watch his walk, very show-off type. "
29th Sep 2013 20:09
"Good win well played lucas needs to stop getting silly yellows. well played sturridge and suarez."
29th Sep 2013 20:11
"GHS50 29th Sep 2013 19:47 we may suffer against some so called top teams but we may not as many people said we wouldn't stand a change against UTD but we won "
Vosta Lee
29th Sep 2013 20:21
"Good one TheAnalyst."
29th Sep 2013 20:29
"I'm so delighted and proud of my club! Thanks, guys! It was awesome obviously!"
29th Sep 2013 20:35
"Good win for the red men today, I have only one problem with the performance today Mignolet I thought did not look comfortable going out to collect ball from sunderland players when they had corners. Other than that good team performance all round. Great to see surez get on the score sheet. Keep this up lfc."
29th Sep 2013 20:42
"Looked a bit ragged at times today, but needed that win to get some momentum going again. Suarez and Sturridge going to be immense together. Can't wait for coutinho to come back! Toure man of the match today. Brilliant signing for us!"
29th Sep 2013 20:49
"i think we we're only one player away from a le challenging team.TBH hendo, was given much space on the ball on the right but failed to deliver a cross or defence splitting pass.waiting for coutnho to return.he will def replace hendo on today's team"
29th Sep 2013 21:03
"Kolo kolo kolo kolo!"
29th Sep 2013 21:18
"after the game, the talk was all about kolo and sakho. getting kolo was very good business. and mignolet just let me with alot of confidence when it comes to corners and great saves. well done br, not just because we are winning, but for the way you make lfc play..."
29th Sep 2013 21:28
"Great result.... Oppositions now have a lot more to think about when they want to park the bus- we are no longer predictable and one dimensional- last season was tough but the the fruits are starting to show and we are showing the signs of a dynamic force that can cause problems to any opposition. Johnson will perform at another level as a wingback in this system."
29th Sep 2013 21:31
"Oh look... BR is now the best manager in the world again and shouldn't be sacked, despite last weeks result.... Would love to see an apology from one of these 'fans' who voices displeasure at the team and manger when we lose..."
29th Sep 2013 21:49
"Kolo was outstanding today in what I would describe as a laboured victory. We are really missing Glen Johnno down that right side, Henderson was poor there today. He can't beat a man and put a good ball in. It's good when we win like this, though. Win Ugly, they call it."
29th Sep 2013 22:05
"woooow!! congrs leds 3 points in the account we need to keep the same mentality winning is the way of our communications ..... "
29th Sep 2013 22:06
"YNWA for ever"
29th Sep 2013 22:14
"Nice to see us back where we belong! Lets not get carried away just yet though as SFC are the worst team in the EPL atm. My only concern is we are not scoring from midfield, which leaves us vulnerable. We need a different type of striker like Lukaku, or Benteke for when the time calls. Nice young back up options!!"
Afrika Kop
29th Sep 2013 22:24
"Well done boys. 3 points in the bag and happy to see the S&S combination. Stevie G's pass and Suarez control were text book stuff. Sakho's passing, energy and presence is really a wonderful addtion to the team. "
29th Sep 2013 22:28
"Great improvement from Sakho!!!"
29th Sep 2013 23:06
"Glad to have gotten that third goal. 2-1 wouldn't have been as convincing especially because Dan got a bit lucky on the first. But anyway, an important 3 pts. Gerrard hasn't been too sharp these past few games, though his pass leading to the 2nd goal was exquisite. Hendo did okay as a wing-back. Odd decision by BR though."
29th Sep 2013 23:09
"Also, I think Lucas will be out next game because of that yellow? In that case perhaps Kolo will be DM and we'll get a look at Ilori?"
29th Sep 2013 23:17
"Hendo is struggling and like kk Was brave enough to drop carall downing n Adam Hendo shud be dropped also mistake to sell shelvey n downing so cheaply would have been valuable squad additions "
29th Sep 2013 23:53
"Kolo has been brilliant for us so far. Still don't understand why City never gave him a new contract or Arsenal selling him to them in the first place. I guess it's their loss and our gain. Kolo was fantastic against Sunderland today."
30th Sep 2013 0:57
"We should play 433. We dont have very good wingers, suarez sturidge can do winger job as well. We can have solid 3 mid, gerrard as deep playmaker, lucas as dm, and hendo/allen as box 2 box. Coutinho at no 10. Hope we can get Alonso in jan, would be perfect! "
Dede 7
30th Sep 2013 1:29
"Welcome back Suarez. We can make a good run this season. Analysis; i think Sakho is a fantastic defender. YNWA."
30th Sep 2013 1:51
"Excellent 3 pts but not solid display. Got owned by lowest ranked team in the center of the park. Moses played well but not a 10. Happy Suarez and Sturridge complementing each other.. Back 3 played well esp Toure who played superbly. Hendo was poor. Why is Gerrard not chasing and tackling any more?"
30th Sep 2013 2:29
"Suarez and Sturridge had a great understanding. I hope their play will win us many more games to come. Well played to all players today. A great 3 pts and from tricky away game. Well played lads!"
30th Sep 2013 9:47
"When we get 3 points away from home, to a team with an extra spring in their step due to manager change, AND we can all see that the performance was not perfect AND we have key players out injured, it's a definite improvement. 13 from 6, last year 12 from 11! Keep working, keep improving!"
30th Sep 2013 12:41
"We are lucky we didn´t play better and win, coz then i would be even less comments on here. it seems the worse we play the more trolls come out. hell even if we play great and win the League, there will Always be trolls who will say we were lucky etc... why am I tortureing myself Reading these boards !? LOL"
1st Oct 2013 19:41
"Well done mighty Reds!!! Sturridge deserves his MOTM award! Blessed unselfishness in front of goal! Luiz was flawlessly clinical! StevieG is out of this world; amazing long pass!! I take back my words; SteveG is here to stay and long may it be!! I like the warrior in Toure too! Everyone played well. Congrats, congrats! Onwards and up!! Yeah!!!"