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So far so good. Let's get at them in the second half too. Come on Liverpool! YNWA
29th Sep 2013 16:59
29th Sep 2013 17:03
"Ditto "
29th Sep 2013 17:05
"Come On Redmen.....YNWA"
29th Sep 2013 17:11
"was a handball to me but I'll still take it,,,,dunno why we let them score such a goal "
Norfolk in Chance
29th Sep 2013 17:18
"As is usual this season, we started well, but then sat back once we scored. Sunderland are taking us apart at the moment. We need another goal to settle down and go back to 2nd on goal difference. "
29th Sep 2013 17:42
"Why he is so fancy the gel boy Hendo??? Terrible DM, Lucas & Gerrard but Henderson is the worst I've ever seen!!!! "
29th Sep 2013 17:48
"Welcome back SUAREZ.......This is the kind of winning spirit and mentality we have missed for a while...We are doing it REDMEN.....YNWA"
29th Sep 2013 17:51
"Thank you Suarez, you saved our game!!! "
29th Sep 2013 17:53
"well played all round. sturridge well done. selfishness? pls. suarez well done. congrats on the new born. also sterling when he came on...fantastic. your maturing, kept ball well, did the job. Lucas had his best game so far this season. Well played."
29th Sep 2013 17:54
"3-1 I'll take all day. Well done lads away from home against a fired up Sunderland. Sweet! YNWA"
29th Sep 2013 17:55
"Good win up to 2nd in the lge well done guys "
29th Sep 2013 17:56
"Good one guys now back 2 winning ways."
29th Sep 2013 17:56
"good game, a bit shaky but good game overall. Now keep the momentum up!"
29th Sep 2013 17:56
"Well done Boys YNWA"
29th Sep 2013 17:57
"Well done Liverpool! Tough job on today with how Sunderland fought. I feel that's yet more points we might have dropped last year, like most of those we've got so far. 2nd, 6 games in is a fine start"
29th Sep 2013 17:58
"Fantastic result, whole team looked really good. Moses look really composed at times."
29th Sep 2013 17:59
"Very good performance by the boys. A brace by Suarez to announce himself back in the goals race and most importantly we finally score a goal in the second half. Well done all round boys."
29th Sep 2013 18:00
"WELL DONE LADS,3 points are the main thing."
Norfolk in Chance
29th Sep 2013 18:00
"bocap8x: lol.. Silly comment. But why spend your time giving out abuse to Liverpool players on our own website?! It just doesn't make any sense ... You probably tell yourself you're a red (when we win). FYI you're not. Scousers don't behave or think like that.."
29th Sep 2013 18:03
"Welcome back Luis!! And congrats for your baby boy Benjamin!!"
29th Sep 2013 18:08
"Super. Well done guys. We finally scored a goal in the second half. LFC - YNWA!!!!! From Belgrade, Serbia!!!!!"
29th Sep 2013 18:10
"Brendan happy as he did not think early :DD I like Suarez picture from match."
29th Sep 2013 18:11
"Norfolk in chance: what do u mean? Sink in the win and ignore the worst player like Hendo? No point!"
29th Sep 2013 18:12
"Glad Rodgers kept the same team that played vs Utd as we looked alot more balanced. Good result, great 3 points."
29th Sep 2013 18:12
"Congrats everyone for the great win specially to LS for his new born baby... YNWA Benja! =)"
29th Sep 2013 18:13
"Henderson is getting better and better. Moses and him hold the ball well to prevent rain after rain of Sunderland attacks, bringing from defence to attack. Something we miss from Coutinho. Only the final pass need to improve."
29th Sep 2013 18:14
"good result but not good football tommy from malta"
29th Sep 2013 18:16
"Can we please stop the negativity and enjoy the win??? =)"
29th Sep 2013 18:17
"great sturrige "
29th Sep 2013 18:19
"Kolo is the man. He keep Mignolet much less busy and more influential in defence. Headache comes when Agger and Johnson is Back. More Serious headache when Coutinho is back. Henderson is getting better but likely he will be bench in favour of Coutihno."
LIVERPOOL ghal dejjem
29th Sep 2013 18:28
"Well done lads and welcome back Luis. Let's keep up this momentum.I think Liverpool and sunderland are dying to play a beach volley match. Darren bent scored thanks to the beach ball and Sturridge with a hand. :-)Jeremy from Malta."
29th Sep 2013 18:29
"He's back!!! Love the picture of Suarez celebrating his goals showing off his new son Benjamin! With Agger and Coutinho back in the team....the le is not impossible! YNWA!"
29th Sep 2013 18:35
"sakho motm, kolo close contender, sas running riot with allen coutinho cissokho and johnno to come back"
29th Sep 2013 18:35
"henderson is one of the biggest problem that we have, he isnt a creative player"
29th Sep 2013 19:18
"Really liking the look of Sakho...he's improved by the game and even now is looking very efficient...Midfield is a worry....we look so slow and bereft of ideas....need someone who can drive forward with the ball not just square pass"
29th Sep 2013 19:23
"Sterling also played with great us full control of the game from the time he was on...Henderson wasn't great going forward (dwelled on the ball a few times) but his defensive cover on the right side cannot be overlooked..with Philippe back and hopefully a more dynamic midfield player coming in in January, we look quite good"
29th Sep 2013 19:46
"Well done lads. Suarez is back."
29th Sep 2013 20:24
"Good result. We will be fine when Coutinho is back, and hopefully in january we can get a midfielder who plays like Coutinho. This way we will have a team that can push the ball forward because that's the only thing we lack. Anyway, Good work Red men....YNWA "
29th Sep 2013 20:48
"great win!not the best performance but a difficult game against a determined side! Well done "
29th Sep 2013 20:55
"the comments on here regarding Henderson are complete s!£$e!!! the lad has works hard in every game.the work he does allows other more creative players the time and space they need!! "
29th Sep 2013 22:23
"GREAT TO HAVE OUR #7 BACK- Doing what HE does BEST!!! "
29th Sep 2013 22:29
" (Dreday) - Your 1st comment, EVEN when WE Win U R Still Complaining??? You THINK U Can Do BETTER?"
29th Sep 2013 22:32
"Thought Suarez is getting fitter and the chemistry is slowly coming back. Sakho and Kolo were awesome. Enrique ran his little heart out. Everyone gave 100%! Excellent team work all round!"
29th Sep 2013 23:08
"good win 3 points always good.but seriously.... the effin kit.and the one on tuesday.makes us looks soooooo daft. maybe it putting teams off."
29th Sep 2013 23:48
"I am so so happy. Great team play by the players and we the fans."
30th Sep 2013 1:01
"I really cant believe ppl bashing henderson after today, that was 100 per cent effort from him there and if you havent noticed he took two of their players out of his unselfish run for the third goal, seriously grow up and stop thinking you know it all, look a little more at the match and he wasnt playing defensive midfield either he was right wing back, good win."
30th Sep 2013 2:51
"Agree with you lfcfootballsuits me. Henderson plays his heart out every time he walks on the pitch. That run he made drew the defense into the middle allowing Luis to go with no pressure on him. He was physical, played good defense, made some hard fouls that sent a message, good all around. "
30th Sep 2013 2:55
"Is he the best player on the squad? No. But he gives more effort than just about anyone. If you people can't say anything good about this performance today, then you aren't a real fan. Sunderland were playing for pride today because of the abuse they've endured since the start of the season. Was a tough game for sure."
30th Sep 2013 5:35
"I love the 3-5-2 formation!! "
30th Sep 2013 7:18
"(JC316)..I'm not a professional footballer, I'm a fan an have the right to see positives as well as areas of improvement regardless of whether we win or lose...even the manager says such. If you cannot see areas we need work and speak/opine, then that's your problem."
30th Sep 2013 7:28
"Delighted, well done you red men, march on, YNWA"